Kennebunk Bed and Breakfast

Kennebunk Bed and Breakfast

Kennebunk Bed and Breakfast

Did you know that Kennebunk is a small city in Maine with a population of about 10,000 people? The city is located in the famous York County of Maine and has plenty of stunning beaches that attract tourists from all over the country.

Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Kennebunk, Maine

It is worth noting that Kennebunk and its neighbor, Kennebunkport, are 2 of Maine’s most popular destinations.With many beautiful beaches, such as Kennebunk Beach, and the best restaurants to choose from, it is one of the perennial favorites. For example, you will like the string of amazing beaches located along Beach Avenue. These beaches along Beach Aveboast scenic vistas. There are many museums in the city, such as the Brick Store MuseumandSeashore Trolley Museum. You will enjoy visiting Maine Coastand Lower Villageandshops along Summer St.You should know that Kennebunkport is your typical and pretty coastal New England town where fun water activities and sports reign supreme. From boutique shopping and boat tours to some of the best lobster rolls in the country, Kennebunk has now become a popular year-round tourist destination.You can hang out by the gorgeous shore to enjoy local water sports – such as sailing, fishing, and sunbathing. Or, you can head to Dock Square in order to sample the area's tasty and fresh seafood.If you are visiting Kennebunk, you will be glad to know that it is home to a variety of luxurious inns. You will find beautiful and historical mansions on Ocean Avenue. Kennebunk Bed and Breakfastprovides lodging in elegant and gracious guestrooms as well as suites with 4 poster beds, spa tubs, and fireplaces that you will love. More romantic and luxurious Bed and Breakfasts in Kennebunk, Maine have lovely and lavish rooms. Some of these are The Inn at English Meadowsand Waldo Emerson Inn.


  • Did you know that the name Kennebunk means a long cut bank? This is probably used in reference to Great Hill present at the mouth of the famous Mousam River. It was an important landmark for Native Americans who visited the coast in their canoes.You should know that the town first settled in 1621, developing as an important trading and, later, shipping and shipbuilding center with moderate manufacturing. Kennebunk was part of Wells town until 1820, when it was finally incorporated as a separate town.In 1717, the town was reincorporated as Arundel and was renamed Kennebunkport officially in 1821.

  • Activities

  • Did you know that Dock Square is the heart of Kennebunkport and is filled with book stores, boutiques, artisan ice cream parlors as well as candy shops? You can spend an afternoon strolling this town center. You will be happy as it is full of bric-a-brac stores, high-end retailers, and fabulous restaurants. Note that you will also find an excellent hub for boat tours and fun whale watching trips. And don’t forget to indulge in a delicious lobster roll at The Clam Shack.Another great way you can explore Kennebunk is from the sea. It is worth noting that sailing along the rocky and rugged coastline of Southern Maine, especially on the Pineapple Ketch, is a memorable experience for most people.If you want to sample beer, you can go to Kennebunkport Brewing Company. You can take a comprehensive tour of the facilities, and also choose the sampler where you’ll be tasting beers.Another excellent activity is exploring the Eastern Trail. You can bring your own bicycles to Kennebunkport or easily rent them to explore the 65-mile Eastern Trail. You will love the fact that this trail includes idyllic country roads and off-road trails, making it ideal for cyclists of all skill levels and ages.

  • Natural Features

  • If you are visiting Kennebunk, you should explore Gooch’s Beach. This is because it is one of Kennebunk’s many serene and beautiful beaches, offering splendid and breathtaking views regardless of the season.For example, in the summer, you may come here in order to get a tan and also enjoy a refreshing and fun swim. In contrast, during the other seasons, it is an ideal place to go out for a walk with your family and friends. Keep in mind that the conditions are excellent for surfers. This is why you will see them hitting the waves.Although Maine's epically scenic and pretty coast is usually noted for its rock-strewn and craggy shores, Kennebunkport has several stretches of soft and white sand that you will like. You can visit Goose Rocks Beach. It is a nearly three-mile stretch of shore. You will find families relaxing and having fun in beach chairs as well as on comfy blankets under umbrellas.You can also head to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge if you are a nature lover. Did you know that this popular refuge was created in order to protect salt marshes as well as estuaries for migratory birds? Now, you can easily enjoy them throughout the year. Note that this place is excellent for getting back to nature while admiring wildlife at its finest.

  • Things to do

  • You can admire the famous St. Anthony’s Monastery. It is another gorgeous and historic place in Kennebunk. Did you know that the monastery is located on a huge estate with English gardens and beautiful lawns? Note that the monastery is well built and includes a few lovely sculptures that you will appreciate.You can also explore several lighthouses in the city. You must snap classic shots of the beautiful looming lighthouses that elegantly rise above Maine's coast. You will find five lighthouses within a twenty-mile radius of Kennebunkport.When it comes to some relaxation and fun, The Spa at Rivers Edge is one of the go-to places in Kennebunk. Did you know that the spa offers you a wide variety of incredible services? Some of them are steam baths, massages, a spa, skincare, a hair salon, and much more.

  • Weather

  • It is worth noting that in Kennebunk, the winters are windy and freezing, the summers are usually warm. Note that it is partly cloudy throughout the year-round. Did you know that the best time to visit Kennebunk is from June to October when the weather is often at its warmest? Note that during the year, the temperature usually varies from about 15°F to 80°F.On the other hand, March through May tends to be a less pricey as well as less crowded time to visit; however, keep in mind that businesses are slow to open, especially after the extreme chill from November to late February.

  • Food and Drink

  • There is no doubt that the picturesque and stunning seaside town of Kennebunk boasts a stellar dining scene where some laidback joints and bars sit comfortably beside high-class and upscale eateries. Did you know that the town’s best local food ranges from legendary lobster dishes to fork fare at some luxury boutique hotels?Bandaloop is a fantastic restaurant with a unique farmhouse chic vibe. The bistro focuses on organic and all-natural Maine products whenever possible as well as mixes up some delicious cocktails to boot. You can also visit the Old Vines Wine Bar located in Lower VillageKennebunk. It has a cozy interior and friendly barkeeps, making this an excellent go-to spot for drinks.

Kennebunk Bed and Breakfast FAQ

    Why stay at a B&B in Kennebunk, Maine?

  • If you are looking for the most personal service, ocean views, and genuine Kennebunk hospitality, you should visit a local Kennebunk bed and breakfast as it is the best getaway. Many bed and breakfasts in Kennebunk offer lavish guest roomsand have friendlyinnkeepers. Some Kennebunk Bed and Breakfasts welcome kids and are also pet friendly. Some historic innsare at a walking distancefrom popular spots like Ocean Avenue. You will also like oceanfront B&Bs that are exclusively reserved for quiet romantic getaways.Many inns have large and tastefully decorated rooms that guests love. Some even have private balconies, with fireplaces and relaxing whirlpool tubs. Some of these bed and breakfasts serve excellent breakfast, including fruit syrups, homemade jams, and bread along with entrées made with fresh and local ingredients.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Kennebunk Maine Bed and Breakfast?

  • While many hotels provide cookie-cutter rooms in humdrum and traditional buildings, Bed & Breakfasts in Kennebunk are unique in their architectural style, amenities, and guest room decor. Some of the amenities you will find at these inns are:Free Wi-FiConciergeContinental breakfastGuest houseB&B styles in the town range from rustic and elegant to everything in between. Whether your Kennebunk B&B serves a family-style breakfast, multi-course breakfast, or breakfast buffet, you can be confident that your innkeepers' attention to taste, ingredients, and presentation will likely result in a mouthwatering and memorable experience.

  • How can I get around Kennebunk, Maine?

  • Did you know that Portland International Jetport is one of the major hubs, and most airlines will certainly fly into it? Note that it is a thirty-minute drive from the airport to Kennebunkport. Therefore, you could easily book a rental car, or you may take an Uber, taxi, or Lyft. There is no doubt that renting a car in Kennebunk is the most effective way to experience the area. If you don’t want to rent a car, note that there are plenty of other options.For example, a popular and straightforward way to get around Kennebunk is with Kennebunkport’s Sightseeing Trolley. You will be happy to know that Kennebunk is also relatively easy to navigate by bicycle or on foot.

  • What are the different types of B&Bs in Kennebunk, Maine?

  • There are many types of B&Bs in Kennebunk, Maine. Scattered along the Maine coast, these B&Bs are an excellent place to call home while you are traveling.One of the best things about the inns along the stunning coast getaway besides stellar accommodations and tasty cuisines is the warm welcome you will get find from hospitable innkeepers excited about hosting you as well as helping with secret hot spots, tips, and tricks for your special Kennebunk day trips or photo opportunities. Some of the famous and top-rated B&Bs in KennebunkMaine, are Waldo Emerson Inn, White Barn Inn,Seaside Inn, and King’s Port Inn.And when the regular date night isn’t enough, you can easily recharge your romance at a romantic and elegant Kennebunk bed and breakfast where doting and warm innkeepers are happy to take on several chores, such as cleaning and cooking.The bnbfinder Diamond Collection is a prestigious and exclusive group of highly-rated or professionally inspected luxury bed and breakfasts and inns.And all members of the bnbfinder Diamond Collection have to pass a professional inspection performed by an industry-recognized inspection agency. Don’t forget to inform the innkeeper you found them through the bnbfinder Diamond Collection!