We are a team of travel industry professionals with decades of experience in the hospitality, boutique lodging, and vacation rental industries including owning, managing, and promoting vacation rentals.

  1. Eric Goldreyer

    Eric Goldreyer

    1. - Founded BedandBreakfast.com in 1995 and sold to HomeAway in 2010

    2. - Co-Founded Turnkey Vacation rentals in 2012 and sold to Vacasa in 2021

    3. - Founder & Acting CEO of FunAir

    4. - Co-founder, Bulb Digital Portfolios

    5. - Co-Owner, Sage Hill Inn B&B (10 yrs.)

    6. - Owner, vacation rentals in Austin & Breckenridge

  2. Todd Lewis

    Todd Lewis

    1. - Oversees the leadership team to ensure the company executes on the business and financial plan

    2. - 25+ years experience building and managing high performing teams

    3. - Past Experiences include Dell, FunAir, Formaspace, Austin Christian Fellowship

    4. - Current COO of finderco and FunAir

  3. Janice Hurley

    Janice Hurley

    Head of Business Development

    1. - Product development for the various finderco brands

    2. - 30+ years of leadership experience in the travel industry

    3. - Previous roles at BedandBreakfast.com, HomeAway, & Expedia

  4. Michelle Gilliland

    Michelle Gilliland

    Head of Sales

    1. - Responsible for sales team and delivering the finderco revenue plan

    2. - 20+ years running sales organizations that deliver results in the Hospitality, Technology and Online Travel industries

    3. - Previous roles at Clubessential, HomeAway, Vrbo, & Expedia Group

  5. Armando Samaniego

    Armando Samaniego

    Head of Customer Success

    1. - Responsible for the Customer Care and Onboarding organization

    2. - 12+ years experience in leading and scaling customer success teams

    3. - Previous roles at Tiff’s Treats, Gulf States Toyota & Chrysler Financial

  6. Pierce Harmon

    Pierce Harmon

    Head of Engineering

    1. - Responsible for the engineering team that designs and builds the software for the finderco brands

    2. - 10+ years of experience leading teams and building software in start-up, enterprise, and nonprofit organizations