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“Working with the team at BnBFinder was a pleasure. The onboarding process was easy and seamless and my properties were live quickly on their platform. Their business model of allowing the host to control the guest relationship is refreshing and builds immediate trust. I look forward to our mutual success!”

Jeff Harris

Casago Heber

9 Properties

“The onboarding took literally 10 minutes.”

Steven Taormina

Greenday Vacation Rentals

35 Properties

“For folks who are over high fees on vacation rental bookings bnbfinder is a great solution. No extra cost for the traveler, super sweet! And for hosts... are you getting as much exposure to a saturated market as you could be? bnbfinder will help you get your brand noticed, not to mention the host fees you save will feel like sprinkles on top! Thank you, bnbfinder!”

Nancy Aurand

Awesome Vacation Homes, Inc.

18 Properties

“As someone that helps manage 20+ properties and growing, it is great to know that there are places like bnbfinder out there to help us get the exposure we need.”

Jason Huber

Purple Munky Property Company

33 Properties

“The bnbfinder team is blowing me away with their ability to sign new PMs and delivering on everything they had promised. They have become our top case study for thriving in our partner marketplace. They have used a combination of hard work, strong marketing and sales, and the opportunities we provide in the marketplace to set a new standard for our partners. This is an amazing team to work with!”

“We got our first booking from [bnbfinder] on a last minute booking for NYE last week. I was really excited to see that, as we couldn't get it booked on the other bigger platforms!”

John Clanton

King Rentals Property Management

102 Properties

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade and/or downgrade my listing level at any time?

You can upgrade your listing level at any time and the cost of the upgrade will be prorated through the end of your current membership term. If you would like to downgrade you can do so at the time of renewal.

How do I build my listings?

We partner with and connect to many property management systems. If we connect to your PMS, you simply enter your credentials, and our site will load your listings. If we do not partner with your PMS, we have an easy-to-use CSV upload tool which builds your listings using the CSV export from your PMS.

How is the sort order determined within levels and will it randomly rotate?

The sort order will be based on listing level first followed by our system’s prediction as to the most useful results for that individual traveler.

Do you have discounts for multi-property listings?

Please contact our sales team at sales@bnbfinder.com for more information on multiple property listing savings options.

Can I cancel my listing at any time?

Yes. bnbfinder listings no longer require a one-year annual contract. We now work with members on a month-to-month basis meaning you can cancel at any time.