Santa Cruz, California Vacation Rentals: Beach Houses, Condos, & Luxury Homes

Santa Cruz, California Vacation Rentals: Beach Houses, Condos, & Luxury Homes

Santa Cruz, California Vacation Rentals: Beach Houses, Condos, & Luxury Homes

Find the perfect match for your stay in Santa Cruz by choosing one of the many homes, beach houses, and an array of other types of Santa Cruz vacation rentals. Whether you're seeking luxury oceanfront views for a quiet retreat or spacious homes big enough for the whole family, our comprehensive portfolio of vacation rentals in Santa Cruz, California, offers something for every traveler's needs. Browse our excellent collection of Santa Cruz houses for rent and enjoy exclusive amenities like WiFi, private pools, equipped kitchens, and stunning views. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and splendor that Santa Cruz has to offer by securing your next vacation with us.

Explore Vacation Rentals in Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz, CA boasts a diverse array of vacation properties, each distinguished by their unique features and coveted amenities designed to delight guests. Many of these Santa Cruz beach rentals are grand luxury vacation homes perched on cliffsides, offering breathtaking ocean vistas. Start your day at your Santa Cruz beach house rental with an early morning beachcombing adventure, all while savoring the stunning coastal sunrise. Our Santa Cruz beachfront rentals come in all shapes and sizes, with space to accommodate large groups as well as cozy spots for a romantic seaside getaway. Don't miss the chance to stay in one of our charming Santa Cruz vacation rentals, providing an authentic Monterey Bay living experience just beyond the bustling town. With such a wealth of options for distinctive and captivating vacation rentals in Santa Cruz, rest assured that any choice you make will lead to a rewarding stay, ensuring a memorable West Coast experience.

Your Guide to Santa Cruz

    What to Do in Santa Cruz

  • Home to almost 30 miles of pristine and rugged coastline, Santa Cruz abounds with year-round beach activities. But the fun doesn't stop there at the shore. Along with the boardwalk and beach to-dos, the area is home to over 14 state parks, loads of wineries, museums, great shopping, bountiful farmer's markets, and more. There truly is something for every age and preference, whether you're traveling with the whole family, a group of friends, or it's just you and your partner. And with so many comfortable homes and beach rentals, Santa Cruz is easy to explore. Check out a few top things to do on your Santa Cruz vacation. Learn to surf - Surf culture is alive and well in Santa Cruz, and there's no better place to learn. Club-Ed International Surf School offers camps, private and group lessons, and even rentals if you're already a pro. Hike amongst the sequoias - Within just a 20-mile drive from the beach, the landscape changes into some of the most impressive forests in the country. Hike amongst the massive 300-foot redwood trees in Big Basin Redwoods State Park and marvel at these ancient giants. Tour the Annieglass factory- This glass factory produces over 200 pieces daily for some of the finest shops and restaurants all over the world. Free studio tours are offered every Friday and Saturday, and you can even enjoy a glass of local wine or beer at their studio wine bar beforehand. Just make sure to book ahead and reserve your spot.

  • The best time to visit Santa Cruz

  • Santa Cruz is the perfect year-round vacation spot. With a mild Mediterranean climate, each season has something to offer everyone. Summer is the high season in the area and the perfect time to spend the day soaking up the sun in your Santa Cruz beach rental. Fall is an ideal time to visit with fewer crowds, and you can still catch rays of sunshine and enjoy loads of seasonal festivals. Winters are mild and marked by the popular monarch butterfly migration. Visitors come from around the country to see the spectacle and escape harsh temperatures in chillier areas. Head to Santa Cruz in the spring, and you'll be greeted by daffodils, sunny skies, and all sorts of festivals and activities.

  • The Weather in Santa Cruz

  • Summer in Santa Cruz is delightfully warm, with temperatures between the 50sºF (10ºC) and 70sºF (21ºC). Fall temperatures usually range from lows in the 40ºsF (4ºC) and highs in the 70ºsF (21ºC), and you may start to see a little rain, so bring along a light rain jacket when venturing out just in case. In the winter, the average lows drop to around 39ºF (4ºC) and the highs around 69ºF (20ºC). Winter is more of a rainy season, which gives the area its bright green hue! In spring, the skies clear, and you'll experience lows in the 40sºF (4ºC) and highs in the 70sºF 21(ºC).

Santa Cruz California Vacation Rental FAQs

    What are the different types of Santa Cruz vacation rentals?

  • You'll have an expansive list of accommodations to choose from when searching for Santa Cruz vacation rental homes. When it comes to finding beach house rentals or spots on the water, Santa Cruz has so much to offer beachgoers, along with fantastic homes settled more inland— nestled into a secluded sanctuary of the woods or closer into town. You'll discover luxury homes with unique architecture and design and space for multiple families to sleep comfortably. Bnbfinder also offers a wide range of smaller beach houses for couples looking for that romantic coastal getaway or a family hoping to soak in the California sunshine. Each Santa Cruz vacation home rental ensures access to the best of the area, whether you're looking to spend your time catching some serious waves, hiking through the region's beautiful state parks, or enjoying the arts and culture of the city. Many Santa Cruz vacation homes for rent feature luxurious amenities like fireplaces, saunas, private swimming pools, and hot tubs, so you're never far from total relaxation on vacation. Regardless of your unique preferences or group size, there's no doubt you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for. Browse our extensive selection of Santa Cruz vacation rentals, and we're certain you'll discover the ideal vacation home.

  • What types of amenities should I expect when booking a Vacation in Santa Cruz?

  • Many of our Santa Cruz houses for rent feature amenities like WiFi, kitchens, swimming pools, and ocean views.

  • What is the best area to stay in when traveling to Santa Cruz?

  • The most popular area to stay in Santa Cruz is near the coast. You can also find amazing homes tucked into the lush forests or spots in town.

  • How can I get around Santa Cruz?

  • For those driving, Santa Cruz is accessible via Highway 17 through the mountains or via Highway 1 along the scenic coast. If you're flying in, Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), about 30 miles away, is the closest airport to the Santa Cruz area. You can also fly into the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) if that presents a more convenient option for your travel plans. Once you arrive, it's best to rent a car. That way, you'll have total freedom to access all the area has to offer. Most of bnbfinder's Santa Cruz vacation rentals offer free on-site parking, so you won't have to worry about finding a spot for your vehicle.

  • Are there pet-friendly houses for rent in Santa Cruz, California?

  • Yes. Many of our Santa Cruz vacation rentals allow guests to bring their furry friends. Just be sure to check with each property for specific policies.

  • Are there Santa Cruz rentals suitable for groups?

  • When it comes to homes and beachfront rentals, Santa Cruz has tons of options for groups. Bnbfinder offers plenty of spots so your group can stay comfortably, be it a big family gathering or a group of friends. Always check with your preferred property for guidelines.

  • How much do Santa Cruz vacation rentals cost?

  • The average price range varies considerably based on size, accommodation, and seasonality. Smaller homes start around $300 per night, while the larger Santa Cruz vacation rentals can exceed $700 per night.

  • How many Santa Cruz beach rentals are available?

  • While supply changes seasonally, numerous Santa Cruz rental options are typically available, ensuring every traveler can find precisely what they need any time of year.