New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast

New Hampshire is without a doubt one of the United State’s  greatest hidden gems. The “Live Free or Die” state not only has one of  the edgiest mottos out there, it’s also covered with breathtaking beauty  that simply has to be experienced within your lifetime. It’s that  special.

New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast

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Explore New Hampshire Bed and Breakfasts

The people of New Hampshire are warm, hospitable, and love entertaining folks from far & wide. New Hampshire itself is famous for the White Mountains, and dynamic ski towns like Lincoln, Jackson and North Conway.

Although New Hampshire gets its fame from the abundance of outdoor activities and sweeping  landscapes dotting the land, don’t sleep on its more metropolitan areas  like up-and-coming Portsmouth and Manchester. You’ll find trendy coffee shops, buzzing bars, and delicious fresh seafood (especially in Portsmouth).

The bed and breakfast in New Hampshire is hard to beat nationwide. You’ll enjoy home cooked meals, modern  amenities, but most of all some really gorgeous scenery.  Don’t worry  about running out of things to do here, either. Hiking, Rock Climbing,  Biking, Boating, the list is never ending.

New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast Inns are the best place to call home while you explore the Granite  State. Nothing beats the special attention and community you get from a  b&b, and you’ll get the added coziness of being in the historic  atmosphere of New England.

The proximity to Maine and Vermont is also a massive plus for visiting New Hampshire. Vermont is another stunning state with incredible foliage and funky character. Maine has world renowned seafood like buttery lobster rolls and amazing cliffside views of the Atlantic.


  • When it comes to activities, you’ll probably never  run out of things to do in New Hampshire. Because the state is so driveable and not too large, you can easily cover tons of ground by renting a car as you explore.

    First up is Portsmouth, New Hampshire. You’d be excused for thinking that Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a “mini Boston” of sorts. Within minutes of the University of New Hampshire, the state’s flagship university, Portsmouth is a hopping town full of eclectic shops and amazing seafood. Check out Portsmouth Brewery with its unmissable giant pint of golden beer hanging over its facade. Great pub food, great atmosphere, Portsmouth favorite.

    Lincoln is a phenomenal ski town that’s located in the northern part of New Hampshire. Chock full of fun restaurants, breweries and of course, ski slopes, Lincoln should definitely be on your list to consider.  Loon Mountain is right next to Lincoln’s downtown and is a great family friendly ski  resort, with convenient shuttle services all day long. Cannon Mountain  is another good choice (typically for more advanced skiers) , and is  only 10 minutes from Lincoln.

    Conway is another great little spot, located within driving distance of the White Mountains, and the National Forest. Diana’s Baths and the Conway Scenic Railroad are some of the top attractions here.

    For a seriously tiny town full of natural beauty, visit Jackson. The Jackson Falls & Glen Ellis Falls are wonderful and make for a great day outdoors. The Honeymoon Covered Bridge is a super spot to bring your special someone.

  • History

  • New Hampshire has a rich history due to the fact it was one of the original 13 colonies, and the first state in the country with its own constitution.  The state only has a little over 1.3 million folks, so expect a vibrant  proudness and a tight sense of community wherever you travel in New Hampshire.

    The  Granite State was home to one of the most historic and important events  in world history. Yes, world history. In 1944, the Mount Washington  Hotel hosted the Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference, which  established both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, but  more importantly made the United States Dollar the world’s reserve company. This helped turn America into the global superpower it is today.

    New Hampshire is the first state in the country to hold national primaries during  election years, and the results usually have a huge influence on the  rest of the country’s political outlook.

    The hiking trails of New Hampshire have historically drawn in large crowds from more densely populated states like New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

  • Natural Features

  • New Hampshire is world famous for its breathtaking scenery and landscape. Because the  population is so small, much of the natural land is untouched and  covered with beautiful trees, rivers, and mountains.

    Hiking or simply strolling one of the thousands of trails or paths is a great way to explore the wilderness of New Hampshire.  The hiking community is active and there are several Facebook groups  that will gladly help you on your adventures around the trails.

    As mentioned, New Hampshire has 48 “4000fters” that draw in a large crowd from New England and beyond. It’s a huge accomplishment for hikers to cross off all 48  from their list, and these mountains are heavily trafficked. The  Presidential Range (Garfield, Washington, Jackson, Eisenhower, etc..) are probably the most popular of the lot.

    The  Lake Region is stunning and includes 4 main lakes (Winnipesaukee,  Newfound, Squam, Winnisquam). There are so many different activities  around the four lakes that you’ll never be able to tackle everything in  one trip! Winnipesaukee is by far the largest, and includes celebrity homeowners like Mitt Romney, Bill Marriot (of Marriot Hotels), and more!

    New Hampshire surely ranks among the top 5 greatest natural areas in the United States, and simply can’t be missed!

  • Things to do

  • As mentioned, New Hampshire is rich with activities for any type of vacation you’re planning. Are the outdoors your thing? Then hiking or skiing the White Mountains might be right up your alley. The White Mountains feature the “Presidential Range”, which is home to multiple of New Hampshire’s “48”, the famous 4000 foot mountains which see folks come from far & wide to try and conquer.
    Mt. Washington is a must-see. It’s the tallest peak in the Northeastern United States, and well-known for its crazy weather. Wind speeds were once recorded at 231mph way back in 1934.

    If  you’re looking to hop on a boat then you’ll want to check out the Lakes  Region. With 4 large lakes, including Lake Winnipesaukee (home to the  rich & famous), you’ll be able to rent a boat and explore these  gorgeous bodies of water. New Hampshire’s  lakes tend to be more private and secluded than lakes in more populous  states, so it’s another plus point for visiting the Granite State’s  Lakes Region.

    Hampton Beach is another great  spot to consider, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Featuring a  buzzing boardwalk and all of the ice cream stands, arcades, and pizza  parlors you can imagine, this is New Hampshire’s  very own version of the Jersey Shore. There are delightful b&b’s  dotted around the area so you’ve got a wealth of options to choose from,  many just walking distance from the beach!

    Covered Bridges are another unique attraction that draws visitors to New Hampshire.  The reason covered bridges were created in the 19th century was to  protect from the relentless weather that threatened the foundation.

    Laconia  has to be on your list of must sees if you’re a motorcycle geek or a  chopper enthusiast. It’s home to “Bike Week”, one of the largest  gatherings of motorcycle owners in the United States.  The streets rumble to the sound of Harley Davidsons and you’ll find  tons of music, food, and fun during this raucous week in Laconia.

    If you’re looking for a state park to check out then definitely pay a  visit to Franconia Notch State Park. The sweeping views rival some of Europe’s greatest mountain ranges, and remind many folks of the Alps.

    Although New Hampshire only has 18 miles of coastline, the Seacoast area (Portsmouth & Hampton Beach) is really worth checking out. From the beautiful waterfront Prescott Park to Fuller Gardens, there’s  something for everyone in this charming little portion of New Hampshire.

    Honorable mentions: the Kancamangus River and New Hampshire Capitol. The capitol’s famous golden dome can be seen while you’re  driving by on the highway, and the Kancamangus River is a classic New England river.

  • Weather

  • New Hampshire’s  weather is defined as “humid continental”, meaning beautiful warm  summers and chilly cold winters. Most people prefer to visit New Hampshire between June and September/October, when you can experience summer on a lake or take in the picturesque fall foliage that New Hampshire is famous for.

    It  can rain at a moment’s notice so be sure to prepare for all possible  conditions  by bringing some multi-purpose clothing like a light rain  jacket, or warmer clothes (obviously) if you’re planning on coming in  Winter.

    Coming in summer? Bring that stylish new bathing suit you  just got and rock it around the Lakes Region or the Seacoast. The  weather in the summer is beautiful and you can’t go wrong planning a  trip during any of the typical summer months.

  • Food and Drink

  • New Hampshire isn’t usually mentioned for its extraordinary culinary scene, but it  does have more than a few diamonds in the rough if you know where to  look.

    Le Maison Navarre is a cute little French bistro located on Congress Street around Downtown Portsmouth.  Count on Crepes with mouthwatering ingredients like nutella and banana,  and homemade French pastries just like you’d devour in Paris.

    Seafood. It’s one of the best parts about New Hampshire,  and look no further than some of the fantastic restaurants in Hampton  Beach. Ron’s Landing is known as the premier spot for fresh catch while  looking out on the oceanside. Boardwalk Cafe & Pub is another  favorite, serving up delicious good ole’ American fare all day &  night.

    On the whole, expect hearty classics when you’re nearby ski  resorts or more inland and seafood when you’re closer to some of the  ocean destinations around the state.

New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in New Hampshire?

    Bed & Breakfasts are exploding in popularity during this insane Covid period, as folks look for small scale romantic getaways or family vacations with less exposure to large crowds. Staying at a boutique Country inn or On lake has never looked so welcoming as it does right now.

    Your innkeeper will be more than happy to provide contactless and expedited check-in so you’ll feel safe & comfortable on your stay away from home. Guest rooms are always charming and incorporate all of the rustic goodness that makes New Hampshire feel so warm. Expect everything from lodges to old victorian homes when you’re selecting the bed & breakfast of your choice.

    As a side note, guest rooms are being sanitized even extra during this pandemic as a precaution.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a bed and breakfast in New Hampshire?

    New Hampshire B&B’s are as cozy as they come, but they’re also fully stocked with  all of the modern amenities you’d expect in a top-tier hotel! Free wifi,  private baths, a private entrance to your very own escape, fireplaces,  crisp linens,  gourmet breakfast, these amenities often don’t exist at a  large chain hotel.

    Most New Hampshire bed and breakfast also offer a Jacuzzi or a Hot Tub on premise (especially great in winter!), or even a private hot tub at some locations. Outdoor pools are little more rare since NH has some volatile weather during a good portion of the calendar year.

    If  you’re traveling with a furry friend be sure to keep an eye out for pet  friendly  B&B’s. They’re a little harder to find but New Hampshire tends to be more pet friendly than most other states!

    If you need extra assistance for accessibility purposes, your innkeepers are always happy to help!

  • How can I get around New Hampshire?

    If you’re visiting New Hampshire,  there’s absolutely no getting around the need to rent a car. The state  has very little public transportation since there are really only a few  major population centers like Manchester, Portsmouth, and the Seacoast area.

    Most of New Hampshire is rural and a car will allow you the freedom to navigate the gorgeous  Granite State on your own terms. With all of the breathtaking overlooks on scenic routes like the Kancamangus Highway, you'll definitely need your own transportation to capture everything.

    As  far as airports go, Manchester Airport (MHT) is a popular regional  entrance point into the state, and really the only option if you’re  trying to fly directly into NH. Boston Logan International (BOS) is the  most common option due to the enormous amount of flights and routes  available. Boston Logan  to New Hampshire is roughly around an hour to an hour & a half drive depending on where exactly you’re headed.

    Don’t  forget to check out RV options if you’re planning on camping or  exploring the parks around the state. There are tons of campgrounds and  great places (and affordable too) if you’re looking to travel on a  budget.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in New Hampshire?

    There are loads of different types of B&B's around NH, and the  best fit for you depends on the kind of holiday you’re trying to have.

    Trying to discover a Lakes region bed and breakfast New Hampshire? The Nutmeg Inn in Meredith,  NH is just minutes from Lake Winnipesaukee and offers 18th century  charm with 21st century amenities. Absolutely perfect for you & your  person to get away.

    The Chesterfield Inn is a great bed and breakfast southern New Hampshire. This little diamond offers views of the Connecticut River Valley in a quaint & private location. Gourmet breakfast and crisp linens means you’ll be eatin’ and sleepin’ well!
    For a cozy stay in an 1800’s farmhouse, one of the best bed and breakfast in New Hampshire is the Mount Washington Bed and Breakfast might  be a good option for your group. Delicious homemade breakfast with  dishes like Cinnamon Stuffed French Toast or Baked Eggs Italian style  might tickle your fancy.