Mendocino CA Bed and Breakfast

A weekend getaway at a Mendocino, California bed and breakfast is the ultimate bucket list item. Immerse yourself in the romance of an ocean side inn on the outskirts of a Northern California hamlet whose population is less than 1000.

Mendocino CA Bed and Breakfast

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Mendocino, CA

Five-star lodging with captivating Pacific Ocean views, state and national forests nearby, and world-class wineries are just some of the attributes of this culture colony by the sea.

A favorite of artists for decades, downtown Mendocino is a haven for the culturally creative. Since 1987 Mendocino Headlands State Park has hosted the annual Mendocino Music Festival that overlooks the oceanfront cliffs and draws classically-trained but diverse musicians from around the world.

Small  town enclave that surveys the sea? Check. Cool artistic vibe? Check.  First-rate luxury lodging? Check, check, and check. Different people  look for different things when they book a bed and breakfast getaway. One thing’s for sure; rest and relaxation with a slice of cool is tough to beat in Mendocino.

    Things to Do

  • Seeing the small towns to the north that dot the Mendocino coast is worth a drive, if for no other reason than to enjoy the scenic ocean views and dense Redwood forests along Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway. Anderson Valley is a sparsely populated region that makes for another great drive.  Beautiful forest vistas are punctuated by several famous wineries that  will enhance any romantic getaway.

    Stop in and see Point Cabrillo Light State Historic Park. Glass Beach in Fort Bragg is a unique spot that is home to millions of broken glass  pieces washed up on the rocky shore. Seems like there’s a photo op of  the craggy coastline every other mile! Head south if you want a quieter  drive with open vistas where the land meets the sea. Point Arena Lighthouse is another one to check off the list.

    Something  few other destinations offer is kayaking the sea caves. Though this may  not be for everyone, unique scenes inside the caves make for a  memorable visit. You can also go for whale watching and hope the leviathans make an appearance.

    After  all of the sightseeing, check into one of the many excellent health  spas for a pampered workout that will have you tuned up in no time. And  while you’re passing through town, pay a visit to the Art Center to see where it all started with artist Bill Zacha.

    It might seem Mendocino is short on traditional forms of entertainment, but with some  imagination and patience, the captivating scenery and the cultural  attractions will undoubtedly win you over. If big city lights are too  much to resist, San Francisco’s Bay Area and state capitol Sacramento are a 2-3 hour’s drive from Mendocino.

  • Weather

  • Mendocino’s  weather is classified as Maritime Mediterranean. Summers are cool with  highs in the 60s, rarely reaching the mid-70s. Cool ocean breezes bring  ample rainfall year-round except for the drier mid-summer season. Frost  and snow are rare, with wintertime lows remaining in the 40s and 50s.  Proper layering of clothing is advised, though, as even a sunny day in  the 60s with the ocean breeze will have you reaching for a hat and  jacket.

  • Food and Drink

  • This is where the fun really begins. At its foundation, eclectic fare  ranges from classic American cuisine such as burgers, steaks, and  meatloaf dishes to seafood. There is a robust Asian menu available at  many establishments, and Asian seafood dishes are a delight. Pair the  unique and creative menus available with any of the famous wine brands  and you have a memorable combination worthy of a second getaway.

    Mendocino’s  terrain, soil, and weather conditions conspire to create a wide variety  of grapes that vintners fashion into some of the country's choicest  wines. Though the excellent breweries are scattered across the region,  two of them are just 15 minutes up the road in Fort Bragg.

  • Natural Features

  • Beach, cliffs, ocean. A coastline that defiantly bows out into the Pacific Ocean.  If poets describe the seashore as symphony-like with the ebb and flow  of the waves, the underscore of the wind, and the cacophony of the seagulls, then the Mendocino coast would add the clash of cymbal and percussion.

    As the surf rolls toward its inevitable collision with the California coast,  it doesn’t take a stormy day to witness the raw power the sea throws at  the shore. Boulders the size of small houses are the final resting  place for this power as relentless winds unbroken for hundreds of miles  drive the surf to violent, spectacular displays of eruption before  receding in the turbulent surf zone. Mesmerizing.

    As if ensuring  the waves’ tempest advances no farther than the rocky shoreline, cliffs  are the final defense against the oceanic onslaught. Above, though the  wind still cavorts, the village rests easy, fretting only when the often  ferocious Pacific storms bring their havoc inland.

  • Activities

  • When not creating art or making music, residents and visitors will find plenty to enjoy across this intriguing region of Northern California. Beaches backed by cliff side ramparts entice exploration, and the many trails coursing through Headlands State Park keep hikers and bikers busy for hours at a time.

    Jackson State Forest is just to the east, and a bit further out is Mendocino National Forest for those who value a hike or drive through a quiet  forest. Black Butte Lake Recreation Area is an excellent destination for  the day to enjoy boating, camping, hiking, and more inimitable California scenery.

    There are plenty of activities to stay busy within Mendocino.  However, one of the more attractive qualities of this hamlet and its  surrounding area is the tranquility you can tap into without much effort  at all. But then, isn’t that the point of a relaxing getaway to a romantic bed and breakfast?

  • History

  • The unincorporated town was founded in 1852 as a logging community  and named for Antonio de Mendoza, the Viceroy of New Spain. The growing  lumber industry was supported by New Englanders who came west and  populated many Northern California logging towns. Portuguese spurred further population growth from the  Azores and immigrants from the Canton Province in China to the west  coast.

    Mendocino’s  economy slid into decline after 1940 with a shrinking population until  the 1950s when it experienced a revitalization after artist Bill Zacha established the Mendocino Art Center. Almost a ghost town at that time, the art center began to attract artists who treasured the small town’s peaceful environment and seaside beauty.

    The  village maintains its low-key aura to this day despite drawing diverse  yet classically-trained musicians to its annual festival.

Mendocino CA Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Mendocino, CA?

    The height of any visit to Mendocino will be the accommodations. The very best way to experience the region in all its glory is to choose the bed and breakfast inn that best aligns with your taste and sense of style.

    Visitors  know they will be sharing the best in food and drink during their stay.  Just as a fine bottle augments a sumptuous meal, the B&B guest  knows their lodging will add to their overall Northern California experience. Many retreats also offer beautiful gardens and an indoor heated pool to enhance your relaxation.

    Host-friendliness, décor, number of guest rooms, and menu are top considerations when choosing that perfect lodging for your romantic getaway. Victorian-style  or luxury boutique hotel? Rustic and weathered or upscale and sleek?  With so much competition across the region, some of the seemingly small  aspects of hospitality such as evening wine reception, full breakfast  menu, and attentive concierge services at check-in often make all the difference to those accustomed to world-class service.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Mendocino Bed and Breakfast?

    Regardless of whether you choose a charming property that’s been  around for decades or a modern inn with the latest in fashionable decor,  there are certain elements you can count on at any high-end sanctuary.

    Although spacious guest rooms may be somewhat of a subjective term (some like it cozy), items on the  must-have list consist of niceties like a wood or gas-burning fireplace,  perhaps with a hot tub close by for added romance. A private bath on a veranda or at a guest house is always a special surprise.

    Many  guests will base their B&B selection solely on the menu for those  gourmet breakfasts. These days, standard amenities will also include private bathrooms, free wifi, luxurious linens, and all-natural, organic bath products to round out the pampering. Check online or with your host prior to check-in to confirm your favorite creature comforts are well-stocked.

  • How can I get around Mendocino, CA?

    Once you leave the bustling cities by the Bay and cross into Northern California proper, transportation becomes a bit of an adventure. But in a good  way. The mass transit networks pretty much stop at the Bay Bridge, so  getting to your favorite places will be done primarily by bus, train, or  plane.

    Uber and Lyft do brisk business across  the region, as you can imagine, with wine being the primary product of  consumption. Not only is it wise to let someone else do the driving  after a glass or two of your favorite vino, but it’s also an excellent  way to take in the scenery without the distraction of paying attention  to the road.

    Once you’ve landed at your chosen destination, rent a  bike for a few days instead of the car. Or really slow it down and  stretch the legs around to town for a walk. Consider a hot air balloon  excursion to see the country from a bird’s eye view as you toast a  sunset for the ultimate high. Or sunrise – you know, mimosas in the  morning!

  • What are the Different Types of B&Bs in Mendocino, CA?

    Mendocino Farmhouse is the ultimate for romantic seclusion. A private cottage just for two,  it is surrounded by beautiful forest and gardens. After a day’s  exploration and sightseeing, return to your retreat for some solitude.  Centered in downtown, MacCallum House is a boutique hotel that features nineteen rooms and suites and is widely known for its top-rated restaurant.

    Agate Cove Inn has cozy gardens and private cottages to enjoy while anticipating the sunsets. Blue Door Inn is one of several Four Sisters Inns Collection where you can stroll around town or out to the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Plenty of comfort, exceptional charm.

    Headlands Inn is also downtown and just a brief walk to the cliffs. But you may want  to stay put with views of the gardens, the village, and the ocean.  Overlooking Agate Cove, Sea Rock Bed & Breakfast has astonishing views of the sea and its enchanting sunsets. Enjoy fine  dining watching the day’s last vibrant colors dip below the horizon!

    The Sea Gull Inn is one of Northern California’s original B&Bs. Built in 1883, its hospitality has served guests since the 1960s. It is also conveniently located within walking distance to shops, galleries, and fine dining. Guests especially like Mendocino CA bed and breakfasts with indoor heated pools, and many are pet-friendly.