Bed and Breakfast Illinois

Illinois is a large and diverse state. Exploring the nooks and crannies within  its borders is rife with adventure. You’ll need accommodations while on  any state getaway so why not stay at a bed and breakfast in Illinois?

Bed and Breakfast Illinois

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Illinois

Whether you are staying in the big city of Chicago or you have picked a location to explore in the Midwest or a southern Illinois town, you’ll want to find reasonable lodging and then plan your  activities based on what interests you in the surrounding area.

    Natural Features

  • Illinois is well known for its rich farmland and acres of farming fields that  grow everything from corn to soybeans.  The state also hugs the banks of  Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River.  There is ample forestland, rivers, lakes, and even a diverse cave  system. Towering rock formations, waterfalls, marshland, and even swamp  areas dot the state. The diversity of natural features within the  borders of Illinois are hugely impressive.

  • Food and Drink

  • Illinois is known for its international cuisine choices. You can find foods from  around the world. Farmer markets are also a hit in the state with many  of the farmers selling their farm-fresh produce at the local stands. At  the various functions, you’ll encounter street cuisine. Popular food  choices include classics like pizza and hot dogs. In recent years, craft  beer establishments have started to appear everywhere and are very  trendy for the locals. Many of the microbreweries offer tasting rooms  and tours of their facilities.

  • Things to do

  • When visiting Chicago be sure to check out Millennium Park which is kind of a town square. They often hold concerts and other events at the location.  Animal lovers will enjoy Lincoln Park Zoo.

    If you are staying in the Mississippi River’s shoreside town of Alton then why not take a dinner riverboat tour. You can watch the sunset, dine, and enjoy the fast-moving river via a historic mode of transportation.

    History lovers can visit Springfield, Galen, Oak Park, and small Elsah. Each of the towns features a historic downtown with lovely buildings, shops, and eateries.

    When staying in Carbondale, be sure to check out Honker Hill Winery. They have a tasting room, and you can explore the lovely countryside and manicured grounds.

  • Activities

  • Chicago offers all the activities that you would expect from such a huge city.  You’ll find art museums, parks, fine dining, night clubs, shopping, live  entertainment, and more. Explore the Navy Pier with its large Ferris wheel or head to the Willis Tower for unparalleled city views.

    If you are craving small-town America then head to Galena.  The community is well known for its well-preserved 19th-century  buildings. On the outskirts of town sits the Horseshoe Mound which is  believed to be an ancient ceremonial site. Springfield is the state capital and another town with numerous lovely historic buildings. It is also home to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

    Alton sits on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River You can take a riverboat ride or dine on a river cruise.

    Carbondale is a great place to stay because it is located within driving distance of the major cities of St. Louis and Nashville. It is loaded with craft breweries and unique shopping boutiques.

    In Elsah you can get back to nature with horseback riding and historic sites. Oak Park is another small, charming town in the state. It is home to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio.  

  • History

  • The French explorer Jacques Marquette along with Louis Juliet first explored the area of Illinois in 1673. After the American Revolution, the rugged region was  classified as a territory within the US. It would not attain statehood  until 1818.

    Soon the town of Chicago became a bustling city as it served as a major port. Even the  devastating fire of 1871 could not halt the growth of the metropolis as  it continued to boom. The city not only served as a port but also became  known for its slaughter yards, mills, and rail yards. When Prohibition  emerged, the city was the hub of illegal bootlegging.

  • Weather

  • The average annual weather in Illinois has winter highs in the mid-40s and lows in the teens. During the  summer, the temperature can reach the mid to high 80s with lows at night  in the 60s. Springtime is a great time to visit if you like mild  weather because the high usually overs at around 67 degrees F. during  the days. Moderate fall temperature and the changing of the foliage all  attract tourists.

Bed and Breakfast Illinois FAQ

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  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Illinois?

    When picking a bed and breakfast in Illinois for your weekend getaway,  choose accommodations that meet your needs. Consider the length of your  stay and the things you will be exploring. If you are into history then  you might want to pick a bed and breakfast in Central Illinois that is located next to nearby historic sites.

    If you are planning on embarking on a weekend retreat with your loved one then you will want to pick a romantic bed and breakfast in Illinois that boasts all the amenities that you need to spend quality time together.

  • How can I get around Illinois?

    Illinois is a big and diverse state. If you plan on visiting various locations  within its borders then you’ll need an auto to get from point a to point  b. However, if you are staying in Chicago then you can enjoy public transportation around much of the city. There  is the L-train along with 129 individual bus routes that serve the  city. Most accommodations that are located near the state’s major  airports offer free airport transfers.

  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Illinois?

    Are you planning the perfect weekend getaway where you plan on relaxing and enjoying a little sightseeing If so, then why not stay in Chicago?  You’re sure to find something to do in the huge city. However, for many  people, the big city is not their idea of fun. They prefer a slower  pace of life so why not check out Galen, Springfield, Oak park, Elsah, Carbondale, or Alton?  You can choose lodging right on the banks of the Mississippi for a truly romantic getaway.  If you are planning a family trip then you might want to make  reservations at a vacation rental close to kid-friendly activities.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking an Illinois Bed and Breakfast?

    When picking accommodations, you’ll want to make a list of amenities that are important to you. Do you need in-room Wi-Fi? Do you want guest rooms with private baths? Maybe you need a whirlpool tub or jacuzzi to relax at the end of the day. Older people might want a room with ground floor accessibility. If you are staying in a B&B then you’ll probably be a served delicious breakfasts to start out the day.