Woodstock, Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Woodstock, Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Woodstock, Vermont Bed and Breakfast

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  • Woodstock, Vermont, was founded in 1761, although it wasn’t settled until beginning in 1768. Thanks to regional transportation developments, it’s one of the first major tourist towns in the United States.The Woodstock Railroad was built in 1875 and passed directly through the town. Woodstock became a popular stop along the route. It led to a tourism boom, which remains an integral part of the local economy.The famous Woodstock Inn was built in 1892 by the wealthy Rockefeller Family to support tourism growth. The Rockefeller’s had a significant influence on the town’s infrastructure.While visiting Woodstock, you’ll see many preserved historic homes and buildings.

  • Activities

  • Woodstock has plenty of activities to enjoy during your stay in one of the local bed and breakfast accommodations. Add a few of these activities to your itinerary for a memorable getaway in New England.Take a farm tour to get a glimpse at the local rural life. The Billings Farm and Museum is a working dairy farm that provides museum exhibits and programs for visitors to learn about its operations. Sugarbush Farm is a maple syrup farm that produces delectable Vermont maple syrup. Visitors can hike through the farm forest to see the tapped trees and get taste samples.There are many outdoor attractions surrounding the village of Woodstock. It’s a fun destination for outdoor recreation. The Appalachian Trail runs through the Green Mountains for hiking and biking. During the winter, it’s a popular cross country ski area.The Ottauquechee River runs through town, offering beautiful river views and other viewpoints just outside of town.

  • Natural Features

  • Woodstock is a small town nestled near the Green Mountains. Several nearby natural features add to the region’s scenic beauty. Whether driving through the mountains or recreational activities, get out to enjoy the outdoors in Vermont.Vermont is nicknamed the Green Mountain State. The Green Mountain range is covered in a thick forest that even hides snow on the ground to maintain a consistent “green” appearance. The highest point in Vermont is part of the range at Mount Mansfield, approximately a two-hour drive from Woodstock.The mountain range is a popular tourist and recreational area. The Appalachian Trail is the longest hiking trail in the world and extends through it.The Ottauquechee River also flows through the Green Mountains and into the Quechee Gorge. It’s one of the main rivers in Vermont. The Quechee State Park is located near Woodstock. Visit the park to climb down into the gorge or enjoy the scenic views from above. Also, the Ottauquechee River Trail is excellent for leisure walks.

  • Things to Do

  • Get out and explore the charming village of Woodstock to discover why it’s one of America’s favorite towns. It’s one of the first tourist towns in New England. It still attracts lots of tourists to enjoy the many local things to do.The Billings Farm and Museum is one of the most popular things to do in Woodstock, VT. It’s a working farm that has lots of attractions for visitors. It features exhibits showcased in four barn houses. It includes old farm tools, equipment, and family artifacts. It’s a fun place for all ages to learn about farm life. You can even pet the farm animals.Take a leisure walk on the Ottauquechee River Trail. It’s a three-mile path with scenic views of the river and a view of a preserved section of the old Woodstock Railroad. The route leads to the riverside park where you can have a relaxing picnic outdoors.There are several outdoor recreational things to do nearby Woodstock. The Green Mountains is one of the main mountain ranges in Vermont. The Appalachian Trail passes through it, making it a popular place for hiking and biking.During the winter, go skiing in various ski areas. The Killingtonski area is popular for cross country with designated trails. Also, the Suicide Six ski resort is just north of town. It hosts the Fisk Trophy Race, North America’s longest-running ski race.

  • Weather

  • Woodstock, VT, is a year-round destination. It’s located in New England, so it experiences all four seasons, but each season has something unique to offer for visitors.One of the best times to visit Woodstock is during the fall. September and October are busy travel times with ideal weather averaging between 50°F-60°F and colorful fall foliage. Summer is another popular time to visit. It has the hottest weather with an average between 60°F-70°F. It’s the best time to spend time in the outdoors.Visit during the late spring as the weather begins to warm. It’s great for visiting the maple farms when the sap is freshly harvested.Although cold, winter is an excellent time to visit Woodstock. The heavy snow makes it perfect for skiing and snowboarding. It’s also a decorative Christmas town during the holiday season.

  • Food and Drink

  • You can look forward to lots of delicious meals during your visit to Woodstock. With the surrounding farms and New England cuisine, you’ll have great options no matter what meal. A few of the top places to eat in Woodstock are:Mon Vert CaféThe Daily CatchRichardson’s TavernMon Vert Café is a small café on Central St., but a favorite go-to spot for locals. It’s known for the fresh home-baked goods daily. The café sources all ingredients locally. Order a tasty breakfast and coffee to start the day, or go for lunch and mimosas.New England is famous for seafood. The Daily Catch has the best seafood in town. You’ll find all the local favorites, including lobster, oysters, pasta, and more. The intimate dining setting is perfect for a romantic dinner.Go for drinks at Richardson’s Tavern. Located in the famous Woodstock Inn, it’s the best place for a late-night drink. Taste the rich flavors of local craft beer. When the weather is nice, relax on the outdoor porch. Or sit down in the cozy setting next to the fireplace.

Woodstock, Vermont Bed and Breakfast FAQ

    Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Woodstock VT?

  • Planning a vacation to Woodstock, VT? Staying in a bed and breakfast accommodation offers the best experience when visiting this beautiful New England town. The village of Woodstock is full of great vacation rentals to give you local comforts. You’ll have easy access to the best attractions.You’ll be greeted by your innkeeper as you check-in and will provide a guest experience above and beyond. Enjoy a daily breakfast before exploring the town.Visit the popular outdoor destinations like the Green Mountains or the Ottauquechee River. Go biking on the pathways or hike the Appalachian Trail. Also, visit the cross-country ski area during the winter.Famous farms like the Sugarbush Farm or Billings Farm are just a short drive from your accommodation.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Bed and Breakfast Woodstock VT?

  • Bed and breakfastWoodstock VT inns are the perfect getaway for couples or families. The vacation rentals offer upgraded amenities for a modern stay. From the time you check-in to check-out, you’ll feel at home in the charming town.Guest rooms feature stylish furnishing with comfortable beds and modern technology. Enjoy free wifi, air conditioning, and more. Most rooms include a private bath. There are many common spaces to relax like a decorated living room or outdoor patio.The inns provide a full breakfast every morning. Enjoy the gourmet meal in the dining room or your room.Be sure to check for unique features like a heated pool and sauna.

  • How can I get around Woodstock VT?

  • Driving is the best way to get around Woodstock, Vermont. You can arrive at the Burlington International Airport (BTV). It’s the nearest international airport located less than two hours away. Rent a car at the airport and enjoy the scenic drive into town through the Green Mountains.Driving makes it convenient to visit the local sights and regional attractions like the farms. There are several covered bridges that you can see around the Woodstock area. Check with your inn to see if it provides free parking.The town center is a walkable area to see the historical buildings and landmarks. Take a walk down Central Street for many restaurants and boutique shops just a short walk from each other.

  • What are the different types of B&Bs in Woodstock VT?

  • Woodstock, VT, is a famous tourist town with several bed and breakfast options.If you’re traveling as a family, the Blue Horse Inn is very welcoming and centrally located in Woodstock Village. The guestrooms have modern décor. The tranquil setting features outdoor gardens to relax with views of the Ottauquechee River.The Deer Brook Inn is a pet friendly bed and breakfastWoodstock VT accommodation set in a historic farmhouse. Stay in one of the five guestrooms, each newly renovated for modern comforts.One of the best romantic bed and breakfastWoodstock VT inns is the Jackson House Inn. The beautiful property features landscaped gardens and nearby many of the favorite tourist attractions within walking distance. You’ll enjoy the daily breakfast made with locally sourced ingredients.The Woodstock Inn is the most famous accommodation with over 100 guest rooms, restaurants, and more. It’s one of the only bed and breakfast with jacuzzi Woodstock VT has to offer, thanks to the onsite spa.