Bed and Breakfast Lancaster PA

Bed and Breakfast Lancaster PA

Bed and Breakfast Lancaster PA

Are you planning on visiting the Amish Country of Pennsylvania? If the answer is yes, the best place to look for accommodation is in Lancaster. The city is the area’s hub with a rich history that goes back to 1729.If you are looking for the best bed and breakfast Lancaster PA offers, you can try the Australian Walkabout Inn. It’s inviting and comfortable accommodation with five beautifully-decorated suites.

Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Lancaster PA

Those looking for luxurious accommodation can consider the King’s Cottage Bed & Breakfast. The facility is a renovated Spanish mansion that’s not only a Lancaster bed and breakfast but also one of the properties that entered the National Register of Historic Places.Lovelace Manor might be the most attractive Amish bed and breakfast Lancaster PA has close to the city. You won’t be able to resist the charm of the facility, and you will appreciate the convenient location. Those who prefer romantic surroundings and need peace will appreciate Silverstone Inn and Suites. While it’s not far from downtown Lancaster, this facility is a real retreat from city crowds.If you would like to meet Amish culture and enjoy wonderful nature and fantastic sights, you can’t go wrong with visiting Pennsylvania. Make sure to find the most suitable Lancaster bed and breakfast, and your adventure can begin!


  • Did you know there are over 20 cities, counties, and townships named Lancaster? However, Lancaster in Pennsylvania is unique because it's among the first inland towns established in the entire USA. Its history goes back to 1729, and its old name was Hickory Town. However, John Wright renamed it to Lancaster after moving there from England.A fun historical fact is that Lancaster was the US capital for a whole day in 1777. After the Continental Congress had to leave for Philadelphia, they moved here. However, they didn’t stay long since they had to move away from the British, which led them to head to York. Lancaster officially became a city in 1818.Today, it has a population of 59,322, and it’s the eighth biggest city in Pennsylvania.

  • Activities

  • If you are in Lancaster County, we assume you want to meet Amish culture and traditions. Is there a better way to do that than to visit an Amish farm? You can find numerous tours of farm houses, so feel free to pick one based on your preference. For example, some tours allow you to feed the horses; others have visits to Amish schools and talking to teachers. Those who want to learn more about the culture can head to the Mennonite Info Center. It’s a place where you can talk to the staff, check out videos, and see what tours are available to learn more about the local culture.Are you among those who love farmers' markets? If the answer is yes, you will appreciate visiting the Bird-in-hand and other markets. We recommend this location because you will also encounter a local theater of the same name.Those looking for adventure can use Amish buggies and their tours to see the entire area. For example, you can head to the Carriage House or visit the Victorian Mansion owned by the famous painter. Once you get tired from touring the Amish country, you can relax with some outlet shopping in Lancaster County.

  • Weather

  • We can thank the humid continental climate that there are around 200 days of sun in Pennsylvania Dutch Country throughout the year. Although you can expect some rain every month, the temperatures are at pleasant levels during all seasons.If you visit Lancaster during the summer, the average highs are from 81 to 85F, although the temperature can go as high as 100F. However, you still might need a light jacket in the evening. As for the winter, the average temperatures vary from 22 to 28F, with the coldest month being January. Although Lancaster is attractive throughout the year, you will particularly love how Amish farms look from Spring to Autumn.

  • Natural Features

  • Do you like nature and want to focus on exploring it while in Lancaster? If Amish farms aren’t enough for you, here are some other places to visit:·       Lititz Springs Park – it’s a perfect place for dogs and children. Many also go here to relax when they need some tranquility.·       Wolf Sanctuary –  have you ever seen wolves from up close? That’s what you can do in this  sanctuary, and don’t hesitate to sign up for a guided tour to learn  more about these animals.·       Conewago Recreation Trail – you can walk through areas filled with meadows, trees, and creeks. It’s an excellent choice for nature lovers.·       Pinnacle Overlook – whether you want to take a breathtaking photo or enjoy a dazzling view, this is the place to go.

  • Things to Do

  • Do you need some suggestions on how to organize your stay in Lancaster? Here are some insights on what you could do while in Amish country:·       Farmers markets – numerous farmers markets are available but don’t hesitate to visit the Bird-in-Hand for a unique local experience.·       Mennonite Information Center – you can visit it to learn about the culture via guided tours, videos, and books.·       Amish farmhouse –  it’s smart to pick a guided tour because it could secure additional amenities like talking to a real Amish schoolteacher, petting the horses, etc.·       Amish buggies – a buggy ride is a way to secure a memorable experience while in the area.·      Hermansader’s Victorian Mansion and Art Gallery – if you are an art lover, make sure to visit the gallery of this prolific painter.·       Outlet shopping – if you feel like shopping, you will find many stores in Lancaster.The good news is that these options are close to pretty much any farm bed and breakfast Lancaster PA offers. If you want to go a bit further than this city, you can pick The Carriage House at Strasburg.

  • Food and Drink

  • Did you take the children with you? If the answer is yes, they will love Cartoon Kitchen, which serves fantastic food and cartoons on TV.  However, if you go solo or with a partner or friend, you can enjoy a  variety of options to eat and drink.You can visit Isaac’s Downtown Bar and Grill for a quick and delicious bite. If you’d like to try the traditional local food, you should visit the  Plough. It pays homage to the rich heritage that Lancaster has, and it has a convenient downtown location. If you want to enjoy a fine dining option, we suggest the Citronnele or Forklift & Palate Restaurant.Hometown  Kitchen is a traditional PA Dutch location with fantastic food. If you feel like a drink, the Lancaster Brewing Company serves it at a historic working microbrewery. Even if you are staying in Annville Inn, Lancaster is still only a 40-minute drive away. That makes it worth visiting to enjoy fantastic food and drinks.

Bed and Breakfast Lancaster PA FAQ

    Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Lancaster PA?

  • The primary reason why people choose to stay in this city is to meet the Amish culture. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet local traditions, and that’s why people often aim to find the best Amish bed and breakfast Lancaster PA offers.It’s not easy to find a pet-friendly bed and breakfast Lancaster PA offers, but it will be worth the effort if you want to take your pet with you. If you plan a trip with your partner, you can also look for the most romantic bed, and breakfast Lancaster PA offers. That’s where you could spice up the romantic getaway with bed and breakfast Lancaster PA jacuzzi option or similar amenities.Finally, if you want a unique local experience, we suggest a farm bed and breakfast Lancaster PA has. It will allow you to meet the dazzling nature, and you will love the charming interior of these traditional accommodations.

  • What Type of Amenities Can I Expect When Booking a Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster PA?

  • Although the surroundings might be somewhat rural, many B&Bs in Lancaster offer modern amenities. That means you can expect fast and reliable Wi-Fi internet throughout the properties. The standard list of amenities also includes cable TV if it’s rainy outside or you prefer to relax in your room.Depending on the guest rooms chosen, you can expect a queen bed or larger. Some suites might even have a dining room, and most facilities offer gourmet breakfasts that will give you the energy required to explore the area. Once you return to the room, you can enjoy a jacuzzi or private bath. In case you need to adjust the temperature in the room, air conditioning is the amenity to look for when choosing a property.

  • How Can I Get Around Lancaster PA?

  • If you are heading for an Amish tour throughout Lancaster, the best thing to do is to come with a car or rent one. The good news is that renting prices aren’t high. If you only plan to stay in Lancaster, you can even manage by walking. However, there is plenty to do in the entire Amish country, which is why a car is the best way to reach the desired destinations.You could consider paying for a taxi, especially if you are here only a day or two. Those who won’t save can go with the local public bus. However, be prepared to lose some time waiting for the buses and to walk to and from stations. The good news is that bus and train stations in Lancaster are only a mile away.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Lancaster PA?

  • Whether you need the best romantic bed and breakfast Lancaster PA has to offer or prefer a modern variation, and this city will meet your expectations. For example, Equestrian Estates Bed and Breakfast Lancaster PA is a unique facility where you can feed the horses and visit the chickens. The innkeepers in this Pennsylvania Dutch Country are guaranteed to create that special getaway.  It might be the best farm bed, and Breakfast Lancaster PA has, which is why it’s worth checking out.If you want to stay in the country, you can visit the Hertzog Homestead Bed, and Breakfast Lancaster PA offers in Ephrata. Rocky Springs Bed and Breakfast Lancaster PA is another beautiful place to rest and charge your batteries. It’s the best bed and breakfast Lancaster PA offers for exploring the entire county.However, if you plan on taking pets with you, you will need a pet-friendly bed and breakfast Lancaster PA. That won’t be easy to find, but the Historic Smithton Inn has policies that allow you to bring pets. It’s still an Amish bed and breakfast Lancaster PA offers for meeting the local culture and traditions.Finally, Silverstone Bed and Breakfast Lancaster PA jacuzzi will amaze everyone who likes modern amenities and luxurious features. If you want classy Victorian accommodation, Greystone Manor Bed and Breakfast Lancaster PA, is another excellent choice.

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