Weston MO Bed and Breakfast

Weston MO Bed and Breakfast

Weston MO Bed and Breakfast

Weston Missouri is a charming town on the western border of Missouri, mere miles from Kansas City and the Kansas City airport. Bed and breakfasts in Weston MO are quaint, charming, and immensely relaxing whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a new family vacation spot.

Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Weston MO

Historic Weston has a small population that makes the town feel like a real old fashioned community, with a heavy irish influence. You’ll see that vibe reflected in places like O’Malley’s, The Murphy House, and other classic spots around town.Weston is close enough to Kansas City to make it a great spot for a quick overnight trip, or even a longer stay. Check out Platte City or Weston Bend State Park for a few other activities you might want to dabble with. The Weston MO Bed and Breakfast scene is pretty small, but there are several wonderful options that are detailed in sections below! You’ll always get the lowest prices in small towns like Weston, Missouri, making it really cost effective for a fun getaway trip!


  • Weston Missouri is considered part of the Kansas City metro area, and was founded way back in 1836 under the Platte Purchase from Native American tribes.William “Buffalo Bill” Cody was once a resident of Weston, MO. The town functioned as a jumping off point towards the Sante Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail, and for the California Gold Rush that was happening at the time.The Weston Brewing Company was founded in the 19th century, and was one of the few large lager breweries since it was founded by a German immigrant. Today, the brewery is reopened and you can explore living history by having a pint of beer in the cellar!As far as United States history goes, Weston is definitely an interesting little town. Explore Main St and Short Street , and you’ll get the meat of what makes Weston unique.

  • Activities

  • Besides the attractions in the bigger cities outside of Weston, the town has plenty to do if you’re looking to explore!Check out The Farmer’s House Market. Farmers are actually practicing their craft inside of the market and you can watch them work firsthand! They make everything from specialty butters to jams to pies! Yum!In Fall, the Market features live bluegrass bands and hot apple fritters fresh from the kitchen.Jowler Creek Winery is a great place to taste the local grapes and enjoy the beautiful weather. There are also special events ranging from live music to outdoor movies! Fun if you’re on a romantic getaway or even a family vacation. Click this page for more great activities.

  • Natural Features

  • Missouri is one of the prettiest states in America, with lush prairies and rivers & streams aplenty. Weston is on the western edge of Missouri closer to Kansas City. If you’re trying to explore the rest of Missouri, check out the Ozark region. There are tons of outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, boating, and more to discover.The mountains aren’t too far from Weston, and if you’re renting a car then you’ll be free to explore the rest of the state and see Missouri’s beauty!

  • Things to do

  • When it comes to things to do in Weston, you’ve got a bunch of fun options! Check out Holladay Distillery, where you can explore over 160 years of history and see real Missouri bourbon being made. Founded by Benjamin Holladay, it’s officially the oldest distillery west of the Mississippi located on its original site. Main Street Galleria is another really cool experience. Old fashioned soda fountains are nearly an extinct species but Main Street Galleria is keeping it alive. Step back in time and order a coca-cola malt or a phosphate like its 1893.Stroll down Main St and see how folks used to spend time in the old days. Several dining rooms are open (even through the Covid period) to enjoy leisurely dinners and really good food.

  • Weather

  • In Weston you’ll typically find a “humid subtropical climate”, meaning cool winters, and hot summers. Summers can get extremely hot and are a great time to rent a boat or get out to Missouri’s lakes or rivers! Bring those favorite swim trunks or swimsuits and hit the water!The winters can range from mild to bitterly cold and biting. If you’re coming in winter be sure to bundle up and pack some heavier jackets so you can stay warm and snug.

  • Food and Drink

  • Talk a little bit about the types of cuisines you can expect in WestonWeston offers no frills, good ole’ fashioned cuisine like bbq, pizzas (St. Louis style), chicken wings, and fries. There’s a strong Irish influence and O’Malley’s 1842 Pub is definitely the most striking example.The Pub serves up bbq brisket, pretzels, and delicious Irish bangers (sausages), along with fan favorites like Nachos. Who doesn't love nachos?As far as drinks go, the good folks of Weston love craft brews and once again, the Pub serves up everything from aged whiskey to their own O’Malley’s Cream Ale. Try a pint for sure.

Weston MO Bed and Breakfast FAQ

    Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Weston Missouri?

  • The main reason folks love staying in bed and breakfasts are the down to earth comfort, making new friends, and enjoying a delicious breakfast in the morning!Innkeepers are usually extremely knowledgeable about the area, much more than a hotel chain’s concierge staff would likely be. Free cancellation is usually another perk if something comes up at the last minute.Expect a hearty breakfast in Weston Missouri that gets your day off to a killer start. Fresh egg dishes, pastries, and a steaming hot cup of coffee isn’t a bad way to get moving in the morning. Breakfast inns do it better than any hotel you’ll ever stay at!Come visit Weston and see why Missouri is famous for its hospitality and Southern Charm!

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Weston Bed and Breakfast?

  • Weston bed and breakfasts might be quaint and cute, but don’t sleep on the modern amenities included when you book one of these gems! Speedy check-in and incredibly friendly innkeepers are some of the best parts of staying in a bed and breakfast. Your innkeepers will know Weston inside & out, and be able to make some sterling recommendations. Your guest room will have comfortable king sized beds so you can kick your shoes off and relax!You can make your b&b your own romantic getaway if you’re with that special someone, and indulge in Weston’s vineyards. Do some wine tasting!Most bed and breakfast options are minutes from main street, and the buildings tend to be Victorian in style!Enjoy your getaway with comfy charm, but modern amenities! (free wifi, always!)

  • How can I get around Weston?

  • Weston is a relatively small town, but you’ll still likely want a car if you’re making stops around Missouri or visiting St. Louis.The nearest large airport to Weston is Kansas City, which is only 17 miles away. From KC, you’ll probably rent a car and then use that to get you to Weston & beyond! KCI Airport brings in flights from around the country so no matter where you’re traveling from, you’ll be covered!Weston itself is very walkable, but there’s also a plethora of parking if you rather scoot around the town than walk everywhere. There aren’t really any solid public transportation options as Weston is rather small, so expect to either drive yourself or walk around town.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Weston MO?

  • Looking for the best Weston MO bed and breakfast? Of course you are! You’re in luck, with incredible properties like Hatchery House Bed and Breakfast, the Weston Steamboat Inn, or the Murphy House Bed and Breakfast.Weston Bed and Breakfast is an amazing spot for a Missouri wedding, or just a simple getaway. Weston b&b features king beds & private baths, and is a convenient 10 minute walk from downtown Weston or a 30 minute drive from Kansas City!If you want to be in the center of everything Weston has to offer, Benner House Bed and Breakfast is located right on Main St. This adorable house has been welcoming in guests to Weston for years.Laurel Brook Farm is another quality inn and is situated on 40 acres surrounding a pecan grove, fruit orchard, and a vineyard!No matter what kind of bed and breakfast in Weston you’re looking for, bnbfinder.com features the lowest prices and best options available!What are you waiting for? Come visit Weston, MO!Here we want to cover the different types of B&Bs available and focus on hitting key search terms for specific queries.We can base this section on total reviews for the search query “best”. If there is a Diamond Collection Member in the destination that you are writing about include those properties first.  If there are no Diamond Members then start with the properties that are listed first on the page and go down from there.  The reason for this is that the properties that are listed first pay the most: