Bed and Breakfast Duluth MN

Bed and Breakfast Duluth MN

Bed and Breakfast Duluth MN

Welcome to Duluth, Minnesota, a place that’s not just famous for the Duluth Trading Company but so much more! Located alongside Lake Superior, Duluth has reinvented itself from a heavy manufacturing and shipping centric city into a bustling Midwestern hotspot with interesting eateries, sites, and attractions.

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Whether you’re taking a drive through the scenic North Shore or exploring Downtown Duluth and all of the vibrant entertainment on offer, you’re bound to have a blast in this Gopher State favorite city!Duluth is one of the largest cities in Minnesota, and a great base for the outdoorsmen that come through on the way to Minnesota’s northern country. The bed and breakfast scene is thriving with several phenomenal options so a Duluth Bed and Breakfast is going to make your vacation that much better.Nothing beats the friendly innkeepers who know the city inside and out, and can offer customized recommendations and rare finds that chain hotels might not know about. Many of the innkeepers have been in the industry for years, so expect modern amenities at any Bed and BreakfastDuluth MN has to offer!


  • Duluth is Minnesota's 4th largest city and the world’s farthest inland port accessible to ocean ships. As a popular tourist spot for folks located around the Midwest, the city has great attractions like the Great Lakes Aquarium, the country’s only all freshwater aquarium.Traders and adventurers were drawn to Duluth, and the busy port town was once the busiest port in the United States. Various metals and all sorts of materials flowed through Duluth’s port and the rivers & Lake Superior where Duluth is located.Today, the city has been revitalized and gentrified from manufacturing to trendy tourism, with loads of breweries, dining, and coffee shops lining the brick streets.

  • Activities

  • Check out the Lake Superior Railroad Museum built in 1892 as a bustling railroad station serving as many as 50 trains a day! The North Shore Scenic Railroad is a charming little train ride that will take you from the depot through Canal Park, Duluth, and along the shore of Lake Superior.If your kids are along for the vacation, take them to the Duluth’s Children Museum. What kid doesn’t love robot dinosaurs, ancient royalty, and learning more about the wonders of space? For skiing or snowboarding there’s only one place to go. Spirit Mountain is a fantastic spot to get your skiing in, while also taking in views of Lake Superior and St. Louis Bay. There is also Spirit Mountain Adventure Park, with zip lining, mini tubing, and mini golf (depending on the season).Some of the traditional activities around Duluth are talked about in more depth below, but add the Glensheen Mansion and Canal Park to your list as must-sees. You won’t be able to miss the Aerial Lift Bridge if you walk around downtown Duluth, with it’s magical design allowing boats in and out daily. Walking around the mansion district with a coffee and take in the crazy opulence that some of Duluth’s wealthiest used to live in, in the old days.

  • Natural Features

  • Duluth has sometimes been called “The San Francisco of the Midwest” due to the steep hill that ascends from Lake Superior to tall inland heights. Lake Superior is obviously the dominating natural feature around Duluth, and is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. Fun Fact: Lake Superior contains 10% of all of Earth’s fresh water. The lake is so big it even has its own tide! Around 78 species of fish call Lake Superior home, making it a terrific place to grab your rod and throw out your line! Just taking in the majesty of the lake is reason enough to come visit Duluth. It’s a bucket list sort of thing.

  • Things to do

  • Duluth is chock full of things to do and the proximity to Lake Superior means even more options than other Midwestern cities might have. Canal Park and The Lakewalk is a local favorite. The Lakewalk takes you around the lake (duh!) but contains walking and biking trails that weave through shops and restaurants also. Take time to stick your feet deep into the sandy beach and enjoy the lake views around Canal Park. They’re unbeatable. As you make your way around Canal Park you’ll eventually stumble on the Leif Erickson Park and Duluth Rose Garden from the Lakewalk! Holding the title of the most photographed landmark in Duluth, the Aerial Lift Bridge is an engineering marvel that must be seen while you’re here. Hundreds of LED lights also make it lit at night, for those that enjoy a night stroll.The mansion district features Glensheen Mansion, a 39 room victorian style estate sitting on 12 acres of prime Duluth land. As home to one of Duluth’s wealthiest citizens back in the day, it provides a glimpse into modern living...from the 20th century.

  • Weather

  • The experts recommend visiting Duluth between early July and late August, due to the extreme cold that rolls through in the winter. The summers are a lovely time with mild temperatures, and allow you to enjoy Lake Superior and many of the outdoor parks and activities around the city. Canal Park and the Lake Walk are particularly nice around the summer time.Be sure to bundle up if you’re coming in the winter! The temperature can get below zero quite often, so pack your warmest if you’re making the trek!

  • Food and Drink

  • As you might expect in a hearty place like Duluth, the city serves up hefty comfort food that’ll leave you satisfied and craving more. Everything from Italian on Canal Park to classic American inside the Sheraton is on offer, so no matter what you’re in the mood for you’ll be in luck.Surprisingly good Italian is one of Duluth’s specialties. Whether it’s Clyde Iron Works or Bellisio’s Italian Restaurant, hot and tasty pizzas as well as make-you-drool pasta dishes are served up fresh at these local hotspots.Duluth has some exceptional craft breweries that you'd probably expect in a Midwestern city. Check out Canal Park Brewing Company or Fitger’s Brewhouse Brewery right on the edge of Lake Superior.Doesn’t matter what type of grub is your favorite, expect Duluth to come up with some surprises and deliver big time when it comes to beer and solid dishes.

Bed and Breakfast Duluth MN FAQ

    Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Duluth MN?

  • Duluth gets some harsh winters, and what sounds better than bundling up inside a luxurious & cozy bed and breakfast for a weekend getaway, or a romantic getaway with your special someone? Duluth is full of things to do and see, including Lake Superior (the largest of the Great Lakes) and all of the wildlife that lives nearby. Staying at a bed and breakfast in Duluth means incredible lake views, a sandy beach, and a charming victorian house for your digs.There are a variety of different areas and places to explore, including Canal Park, the Mansion District, and more! As far as sightseeing goes, be sure to wander through the majestic Glensheen Mansion and spot the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Duluth Bed and Breakfast?

  • Many of the bed and breakfasts in Duluth, MN are fully loaded with modern amenities despite their charm. Along Lake Superior, you’ll have scenic lake views to wake up to with a hot cup of coffee every morning. If you’re on a romantic getaway, you’re in luck. Private baths are a fixture of a Duluthguest suite, and some guest rooms even offer private jacuzzis or at the very least an oversized tub that can fit two!Warm hospitality is a given in a bed & breakfast, and Duluth is no exception. The dining room is often the centerpiece of a cozy b&b, offering a full breakfast and a rapid check-in process. Accessibility options are usually available as well but be sure to double check prior to booking!Your getaway is sure to be amazing no matter which b&b you end up in!

  • How can I get around Duluth MN?

  • The closest airport to Duluth, MN is definitely Duluth International (DLH),  although there are limited flights depending on season and weather. The most mainstream option is Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP), with tons of different flight routes & airlines coming through each day.You’ll most likely want to rent a car to travel around Duluth, especially if you want to explore the rest of the Gopher State. Duluth itself is highly walkable although the extreme winters make taking an Uber or a Lyft look pretty appealing.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Duluth?

  • Duluth features a crop of delightful b&b’s to choose from, but surely A G Thomson House has to be at the very top of any bed and breakfast list, possibly even nationwide. As a best bed and breakfastDuluth, MN offers, with every amenity under the sun, A G Thomson House is located in Duluth’s CongdonMansion District among giant pine trees with a spectacular view of Lake Superior. Fireplaces in every room leads to coziness no matter how cold it is outside (and yes, it gets really, really cold)Another great choice is Solglimt. Located RIGHT on Lake Superior, Solglimt is definitely the most unique b&b in Duluth. Nestled in Canal Park, Solglimt is an oasis on a seven strip mile of beach surrounding Lake Superior. Need more selections? A bed and breakfastDuluth MN Lake Superior favorite is the Ellery House. A beautiful victorian complete with modern amenities like fast wifi, lattes, and mouthwatering breakfast awaits you at this great local haunt. The innkeepers Jim & Joan have over 30 years of experience tending inns!Looking for a pet friendly bed and breakfastDuluth, MN spot? Visit the Merryweather Inn for a simply magical stay.No matter what type of vacation you’re planning on having or who you’re traveling with, Duluth has fabulous options to make sure your getaway is insanely fun and relaxing!

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