Bed and Breakfast Dubuque Iowa

Bed and Breakfast Dubuque Iowa

Bed and Breakfast Dubuque Iowa

America’s heartland is rich in history and hometown appeal. Dubuque, Iowa stands out as a charming hub of history.

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Imagine, following in the steps of the early settlers as you explore the area. You can even take a daredevil ride on the world’s steepest and shortest railway. This city might seem small but it’s ripe with old-fashioned adventure.Dubuque was once the hub of the warehouse industry. Many consider it the cornerstone of the state and where it all started in the region. Today, the town’s historic charm, impressive architecture, and prime river location are just three of the main tourist attractions. It is also home to the five institutions of higher learning in the region so it's a place to expand your mind and soul.Staying at a bed and breakfast in Dubuque, Iowa harkens back to a simpler time. It’s a true escape from the modern world. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, a classic family holiday, or just a few days of ‘me’ time, you are sure to find it at a Dubuquebed and breakfast.


  • As the area’s oldest city, Dubuque is a French-Canadian settlement located west of Mississippi in modern day Iowa. It’s main claim to fame was that it was the first French Canadian fur trading settlement. Founded by Julien Dubuque, the French fur trader first arrived in the area during 1785. Prior to his arrival, the Mesquakie (Fox) Indians resided in the area. Julien soon learned about widespread lead deposits in the region which spurred mining. He was given control of the mines which paved the way for the city’s establishment. As the town grew, it quickly became the hub of manufacturing.

  • Activities

  • Dubuque’s connection with the Mississippi is longstanding. Tourists who opt to stay at a bed and breakfast in the region. They are attracted to the town due to their love of local history. Many people plan to tour the National Mississippi River Museumwhile staying at a historic Victorian B&B. Tourists also opt to stay in riverfront lodging to enjoy the peaceful meander of the body of water.If you pick lodging close to downtown Dubuque, you can enjoy biking or visit the local waterpark. Take time to explore the Julien Dubuque Monument. Catch a show at theFive Flags Center.  If you are a baseball fan, head to the site of the Field of Dreams.

  • Natural Features

  • The mighty Mississippi River dominates the landscape around Dubuque, but another aspect of the city’s fame is the abundant lead mines around the area. The area became one of the most prosperous lead mining regions in the nation. Nowadays, the cylindrical columns seem almost medieval that marks the entrance to the mines. They overlook the Mississippi River. Undoubtedly it was the river and the lead abundance that spurred the town’s success.

  • Things to do

  • The tranquil beauty of the Mississippi River makes Dubuque a great getaway for romance or respite. You can enjoy the lovely scenery. Tour historic sites such as the local lead mine locations. You can even try your hand at lady luck at the Diamond Jo Casino. Try biking the area. You can even ride to downtown Dubuque for dining and shopping opportunities. Why not stay in a Victorian B&B? You can then catch a show at the Five Flags Center or explore the Field of Dreams.

  • Weather

  • The lovely weather in Dubuque kicks off during the summer months. Summers are often long and even wet. The average temperature hovers at 89 F. During the winter, the wind starts to kick up, and the mercury dips to freezing. The weather turns partly cloudy and snow is not uncommon. In the winter, the temperature hovers at 14 degrees F. and can go below -6 degrees F. Most tourists come to the town from June to September.

  • Food and Drink

  • You might mistakenly believe that the food and drink available in Dubuque is limited but you could not be more wrong. Downtown Dubuque is home to a wide array of diners and restaurants. You’ll find something to tantalize even the pickiest person. Choose from American classics or opt for more exotic choices. You can have a hearty meal at a small cafe or enjoy a night out on the town at an upscale restaurant.

Bed and Breakfast Dubuque Iowa FAQ

    Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Dubuque Iowa?

  • Are you planning a romantic getaway or a historic quest? Check out a bed and breakfast in Dubuque, Iowa, or look over vacation rentals. You can stay in a lovely Victorian B&B or pick something more contemporary. Look for lodging that is located close to downtown Dubuque or within walking distance to the Mississippi River. When you check-in ask for a local map so you can start to plan your itinerary as you explore the thriving town.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Bed and Breakfast Dubuque Iowa?

  • When picking lodging in Dubuque, Iowa, you’ll want to find out if they have free Wi-Fi, private baths, whirlpool bath, hot tub, or air conditioning in guest rooms. When you check-in, ask about a full breakfast in the dining room and other amenities. Your getaway at a historic bed and breakfast can be perfect if you book lodging with the right establishment.

  • How can I get around Dubuque Iowa?

  • When visiting Dubuque, you can pick lodging within walking distance of all the main sites or you can opt to rent a car. If you plan on exploring the outlying areas, then you might want to use an automobile. In town, you can always opt to rent a bicycle to genuinely enjoy the small town’s attractions.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Dubuque Iowa?

  • If you are looking for a Victorian beauty, then check outRichard’s House Bed & Breakfast. The bed and breakfast in Dubuque, Iowa is elegant with its original woodwork. It was constructed in 1883 using true craftsmanship. The b&b is in the heart of the town. And is one of the original homes in the town. It was once owned by the financier and manufacturer B.B. Richards.The Solon Langworthy House was constructed in 1848. The Greek Revivalist is an unusual rear-facing house that adds to its charm. The inn is surrounded by large trees, raspberry bushes, a lovely flagstone patio, and a pergola.The Hancock House is a traditional Victorian constructed in 1891. They have antiques within the home and an award-winning fireplace. You’ll also see many gifts and mementos from the Hancock & Sons company.Stay near the Mississippi River in the Redstone Inn. With private baths and a full breakfast, you will enjoy all the comforts of home.Whether you are seeking a pet-friendly bed and breakfast in Dubuque, Iowa, or a romantic bed and breakfast in DubuqueIowa, you are sure to find the perfect establishment.

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