Bed and Breakfast Estes Park

Bed and Breakfast Estes Park

Bed and Breakfast Estes Park

Estes Park is a phenomenal place to “pitch your tent” if you’re looking to explore some of the best natural habitat in Colorado. Located near Rocky Mountain National Park, many people use Estes Park as a convenient base so they can travel to all of the best sites around the National Park.

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Bed and Breakfasts in Estes Park are the best lodging in Northern Colorado and range from cozy log cabins to ski chalet-type digs.If you’re on a romantic getaway, or even a couple’s getaway,  you better put Estes Park lodging pretty high up on your list! Imagine panoramic views of the Rockies, complete with fireplaces, jacuzzis, and private patios as you take in the Rocky Mountain National Park.Downtown Estes Park features some great eateries and watering holes, and upscale restaurants. If you’re looking for finer dining, consider Twin Owls Steakhouse or Hunters Chop House.Estes Park Bed and Breakfast always feature exposure to the raw beauty that makes the Rocky National Park so special and has been drawing in visitors for hundreds of years. The location is also convenient, and you’re driving range to activities and sites like the Big Thompson River, Estes Park Aerial Tramway, and the Della Terra Mountain Chateau.The whole area has to be seen to be believed, so what are you waiting for? Come visit Estes Park and discover the magic for yourself.


  • Estes Park was founded in 1859 by Missouri native Joel Estes, hence the name of the town. The place has an interesting history, since many of the early inhabitants came to the town seeking better health and a fresh chance “out West”.Today, only around 6000 folks call Estes Park home (full-time residents). However, the town sees tremendous numbers of visitors due to Rocky Mountain National Park. Around 3 million visit the National Park every year, and most usually like to stay at Estes Park.Fun Fact: The Stanley Hotel, located in Estes Park’s outskirts, inspired Stephen King to make the Hotel the setting for his uber famous book, The Shining.

  • Natural Features

  • It’s no surprise that Estes Park is within driving distance to some of the most stunning scenery within the United States. Although the town is located in a valley, you can still soak in the crisp Colorado air and see the towering mountains right from your bed and breakfast.The Rocky Mountain National Park features peaks as high as 12,000 ft (and higher in some cases) and amazing forests to explore.There are vistas with amazing views dotted throughout the park, and beautiful ponds and lakes to discover.It’s hard to do the majestic beauty justice with words, so come through and experience it for yourself!

  • Things to do

  • Estes Park is absolutely loaded with things to do, ranging from outdoor activities to microbreweries, and even wineries! This page is a terrific resource for a comprehensive list of things to do, and between the National Park & Estes Park, you’ll be overwhelmed with choices.Something a little bit different but possibly even more fun than the usual activities is Green Jeep Tours. Let these experienced guides bring you and your family (or partner) around the National Park while they navigate the mountains, only bringing you the cream of the crop. There’s nothing like sitting back & relaxing while you see the best of this gorgeous slice of Colorado. Also, National Park passes are included when you book a Green Jeep Tour.

  • Weather

  • The weather in Estes Park differs greatly based on the season, but you can bet on dry air and cool nights almost all the time. Summer ranges around the 70’s, with nightly temps around the 40’s.Winters are usually mild compared to the rest of Colorado, with enough snow for sledding, snowshoeing, and skiing in the Rock Mountain National Park.According to Estes Park history, the town was usually a summer heavy vacation spot, but has become a year round attraction.As far as packing goes, make sure you have some layers stowed away so you’re prepared for whatever Estes Park throws at you. It’s always a good idea to have one piece for rain, and a warmer jacket in case it happens to be freezing cold. Unless it’s summer of course.

  • Food and Drink

  • Estes Park has a buzzing, quaint food scene that features a solid range of different restaurants for any taste or craving.Since so many visitors pass through Estes Park on the way to Rocky Mountain, you’ll find everything from thriving steakhouses to delicious Mexican (this is Colorado, after all). Be aware of restaurants that are open only seasonally, as many are tuned to either the summer or winter ski season.You’ll find local favorites like Pepper’s Mexican, Poppy’s Pizza & Grill, and Bird & Jim are open year round.There are several fantastic bars that are tailored around skiers or explorers that have come to the National Park. Check out The Barrel or Estes Park Brewery for some great local craft beers.

  • Activities

  • As you’d probably expect, most of the best activities in Estes Park are centered around the great outdoors and the Rocky Mountain National Park. From fishing to rafting to hiking to skiing, a large majority visit Estes Park to see the beauty of nature firsthand.If you’re into horseback riding, check out Sombrero Stables. You’ll ride your horse through the Rockies and might even get a chance to see elk,  deer, or coyote! Whether you go for a morning ride or a night ride, this is an incredible chance to see nature from a unique viewpoint...on top of a horse! Got a little wild side in ya? Backbone Adventure  Rentals rents out everything from ATVS to Dirtbikes to Snowmobiles.  Special trails let you rip up the mountainside as you immerse yourself in the woods. You don’t need to be an experienced rider to rent out a brand-spankin’ new ATV and ride through the Rockies. Whitewater  Rafting is always an unforgettable experience and A1 Wildwater Rafting has been serving up memories with over 180,000 rafters over time.  Located within 90 minutes of Fort Estes, A1 is a little bit of a drive but every bit worth it for the amazing rapids you’ll conquer. This is especially great for families with kids.

Bed and Breakfast Estes Park FAQ

    Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Estes Park?

  • Staying at a bed and breakfast in Estes Park is a great choice for a lot of different reasons. Some folks are looking for pet friendly spots where they can stay with their furry friend, and hit the mountains and park in the mornings. Others are looking for a romantic getaway and private hot tubs, while they pop champagne.No matter why you’re in Estes Park, a b&b is always a good decision. Speedy check-in, incredibly cozy guest rooms, and modern amenities complement the personal attention you get from warm innkeepers. You just can’t get that over-the-top service at larger chain hotels.B&Bs are especially wonderful for elopements, honeymoons, or wedding destinations.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Estes Park Bed and Breakfast?

  • When you stay at a bed and breakfast in Estes Park, you’ll be getting phenomenal modern amenities combined with comforting personal service.Many of Estes Park’s finest b&bs have a hot tub or jacuzzi, delicious breakfast included (obviously), a private balcony, and sometimes even a sauna.Vacation rentals are always fun, but what if you could merge the best of a vacation rental with incredible hospitality and mouth watering breakfast. It’s an unbeatable combo.The amenities at a bed and breakfast continue to improve over time, and blazing fast free wifi is standard, along with private baths, and incredibly comfy beds.

  • How can I get around Estes Park?

  • Estes Park is actually incredibly easy to get around! The Rocky Mountain National Park along with the town of Estes Park run shuttles that travel along 5 town routes, and there’s also a hiker shuttle specifically for the National Park.Renting a car is always recommended if you’re looking for freedom. Drive through the Estes Valley, and into the Rocky National at your complete leisure. Can’t beat convenience!

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Estes Park?

  • For an absolutely gorgeous vacation, check out the Sonnenhof Bed and Breakfast. A sensational view of the Rockies awaits you at this special bed and breakfast. With 3 rooms, Sonnenhof is both private and romantic. Perfect for a little getaway.Gilded Pine Meadows Bed and Breakfast is another great spot and is located on 5 acres of prime ancient pine trees in the Rocky Mountains.Looking for an Estes Park bed and breakfastprivate hot tub? Check out theTaharaa Mountain Lodge, a beautiful b&b with modern amenities and gorgeously constructed units. You’ll absolutely love staying here, and be sure to enjoy the delicious homemade breakfast also!

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