Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals: Beach House Rentals, Cabins, & More

Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals: Beach House Rentals, Cabins, & More

Discover picturesque vacation rentals for a stay on Oregon’s rugged coastline, and choose from our wide variety of pristine beach houses and cozy cabins. Whether you’re searching for spacious Oregon Coast beachfront rentals for a big group, a family-first seaside vacation, or looking for cozy Oregon Coast rentals for two, our vast rental portfolio will exceed all your expectations. Enjoy amenities like WiFi, pools, hot tubs, A/C, and spectacular ocean views. Settle into your Oregon Coast vacation rental and experience all the seaside tranquility this magical place has in store. 

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Explore Vacation Rentals on the Oregon Coast

We’re proud to bring you a fascinating variety of Oregon Coast vacation rentals to explore, and each offers something different for every traveler. Think fantastic amenities, coveted locations, and spaces for all sorts of groups and needs. Spend the week on the Pacific Coast in an Oregon beach rental where you can stay close to, or even on, the water. Or choose from any of our Oregon Coast cabin rentals right near the beach, with access to trails leading straight down to the sand. You can even book a cabin with a view of the docks to watch the fishing boats as they come and go. These accommodations are the perfect home base to explore the coast and surrounding areas, where you and your group can spend the day on the sand, enjoy the vibrant marine life, or take a chartered boat ride out to the ocean. 

Your Guide to the Oregon Coast

    What to Do on the Oregon Coast

  • With over 362 miles of rugged coastline and unparalleled natural beauty, a vacation spent on the Oregon Coast is bound to be one the most memorable yet. Take an epic bike ride and admire the unique rock formations along Cannon Beach and the lighthouses dotting the coast. Or spend the day exploring nearby cities like Coos Bay and Astoria and enjoy a multitude of delicious dining options. Whether you’re traveling with a crew or it’s just you and your partner, there is something for everyone on an Oregon beach vacation. Our selection of Oregon Coast vacation rentals assures you access to the best activities in the area. Check out some of the top to-dos when vacationing on the Oregon Coast. 

    Enjoy whale watching - Twice a year in December and March, over 20,000 Gray whales swim along Oregon’s Coast on their migratory route to warmer waters. If you time it right and the skies are clear, you can catch them at various vantage points. You’ll see them blowing water up from their spouts or, if you’re lucky, catch one launching out of the water. It’s truly a breathtaking experience 

    Take a bike ride  - Bike trails abound in this area. Follow the Columbia River shoreline (stopping at shops and breweries along the way), rent fat tire bikes to ride along Cannon Beach, or take the 11-mile loop on the Netaris Spit to the Cape Lookout Point. 

    Go fishing - Folks come from all over the country to catch the local Chinook salmon and Steelhead trout. And there are all sorts of spots to find them: East End Mooring Basin in Clatsop County or the Jetty Fishery Marina in Tillamook County are great starters. Or make your way to the quaint fishing village of Depoe Bay. Just make sure you get your fishing license before casting your reel. 

  • Best Time to visit the Oregon Coast

  • Every season on the Oregon Coast has something to offer. It’s true that things can get rainy in some seasons. The area can experience a number of weather patterns (fog, sun, and rain) all on the same day! So it’s always good to be prepared for whatever may come your way. Dressing in layers is a great idea year-round. Of course, not every season is the same. Spring is the perfect season for whale watching, as thousands of whales migrate down to warmer waters this time of year. You can expect sunnier days and calmer beaches in the summer, making it the perfect time for outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. In the fall, you’ll enjoy the incredible foliage, and in winter, well, it’s true that things can get rainy. But that’s just what makes everything so lush and green. It’s the perfect time for storm-watching! 

  • The Weather on the Oregon Coast

  • The spring temperatures see an average of 41-56ºF (5-13ºC), and sunshine mixes it up with rain and wind. In the summer, average temperatures rarely go above 67ºF (19ºC), and lows are around 53ºF (12ºC), meaning you can head to the beach and enjoy waterside activities like surfing (wear a wetsuit!) and beach bike rides. You can expect fall temperatures to average between 44ºF (7ºC) and 61ºF (16ºC), while winter’s average lows rarely fall below 37ºF (3ºC), but with more rainfall— so pack that rain jacket! As we said, the weather can change in an instant, so wear layers and be prepared for anything. 

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Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals FAQs

  • What are the different types of Oregon Coast vacation rentals?

    The most popular Oregon Coast rentals are beach houses and cabins, but you’ll also find an assortment of condos and studio suites to choose from. Our options offer something for all travelers, whether it’s multiple families looking to snag a large Oregon Coast beachfront rental on Cannon Beach or a small group searching for Oregon Coast cabin rentals. Oregon Coast beach rentals can accommodate a big family or group of friends, and you can even choose from a beachside spot or one of the houses located on the many inlets. Oregon Coast cabin rentals also have a variety of options. Many have ocean views of Haystack Rock, swimming pools, and multiple bedroom options to choose from, be it two, three, or four. You can rent a cozy cabin right on the water or one set further back— nestled into the woods with easy access to the beach via lush trails. Condos and hotels are located both on the coast and in town and may also feature fitness centers or on-site spas. No matter where you are and who you’re traveling with, there really isn’t a wrong choice! It all depends on what you need. Every Oregon Coast vacation rental provides a comfortable landing pad for exploring all the spectacular activities available in the area. 

  • What types of amenities should I expect when booking a Vacation on the Oregon Coast?

    The most popular amenities in Oregon Coast vacation rentals are WiFi, pools, hot tubs, A/C, and ocean views. 

  • What is the best area to stay in when traveling to the Oregon Coast?

    Oregon beach vacations are especially popular in summer. Or stay nestled more inland in a cabin in the woods. 

  • How can I get around the Oregon Coast?

    Portland International Airport (PDX) is the best airport to fly into when you’re planning your Oregon beach vacation. Once you arrive, renting a car and driving out to the coast is best, as public transportation will limit your access to activities. Most Oregon Coast rentals offer on-site parking, so getting in and out of your accommodation is always a breeze.

  • Are there pet-friendly beach houses on the Oregon Coast?

    Yes. Many of our Oregon Coast vacation rentals allow guests to bring their furry companions. Just be sure to check with each property for specific policies.

  • Are there Oregon Coast rental options suitable for groups?

    Yes, there are many options for spacious beach houses and cabin rentals on the Oregon Coast. Whether traveling with multiple families or a group of friends, bnbfinder offers plenty of ways for your big group to stay comfortably. Always check with your preferred property for guidelines.

  • How much do Oregon Coast vacation rentals cost?

    The average price range varies greatly based on size, accommodation, and seasonality.

  • How many Oregon Coast vacation rentals are available?

    There are tons of options for vacation home rentals on the Oregon Coast. We have no doubt you’ll find exactly what you need for your travels.