Bed and Breakfast in Ohio

If you are visiting Ohio, you may know that it is one of the most popular and exciting parts of the Midwest.  The Buckeye State is best known for its impressive and gorgeous theme parks, lakes, internationally acclaimed business organizations, drive-in theaters, terrific breweries, wedding venues, and hiking.

Bed and Breakfast in Ohio

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Ohio

Ohio is a leading destination for singles, couples, and families alike.

Whether you are in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati,  Dayton, or a more remote place, it is no secret that visiting the  Buckeye State is quite an experience. For example, you can head into the  beautiful countryside in order to discover the best that Amish Country has to offer, or visit the incredible summer fun towns, such as  Sandusky or Berlin, to spend a lovely day with your kids at an amusement  park.

Also, it is worth noting that you will  have the amazing opportunity to walk in some historic neighborhoods,  check out exciting events and festivals, and go to wine tastings. You  can make the most of your vacations by visiting the impressive Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Note that it is home to many types of mammals, reptiles, birds, invertebrates, and fish.

The Cleveland Museum of Art was founded in 1916 and is renowned across the globe for  its impressive and diverse collection that you will like. Did you know  that the fantastic original building has been carefully expanded many  times in order to accommodate the rapidly growing collection?

If you are looking for a comfy place to stay in the Buckeye State, Ohio bed and breakfast options can quickly whisk you off to a few of the most remarkable places in the Midwest. Some of these inns nestle on the lovely banks of the famous Lake Erie and are close to amusement parks as well as forested reserves.

Bed and breakfast in Ohio feature elaborately decorated and luxurious rooms, elegant fireplaces,  and full bars. Many offer services like spas and tasty gourmet  breakfasts. You can stay at Garver House Bed and Breakfast and explore the gorgeous Amish Country as well as many antique shops, museums, and historic buildings.


  • You may know that Ohio's  earliest occupants most likely followed several retreating glaciers  into this region while hunting beaver. The more sophisticated Mound  Builders followed these earliest inhabitants and ruled over Ohio from 1000 BC to 800 AD.

    Keep  in mind that in the 1600s, many Iroquois Indian tribes moved into the  land, and most existing tribes were gradually pushed out of this area.

    And some of the first Europeans that set foot in Ohio were Louis Jolliet and Sieur de La Salle. Note that from 1669 to 1670, Jolliet journeyed along the lovely Lake Erie and La Salle explored the prominent Ohio River area.

    The US acquired Ohio after the notable Revolutionary War back in 1783. Also, it is worth  noting that the first permanent settlement in the area was formally  established at Marietta in 1788. Did you know that Ohio became a US state on March 1, 1803? However, a formal declaration was made in 1953.

  • Activities

  • There are many fun local attractions in Ohio. For example, the amazing Lake Erie shore is perhaps one of Ohio's best travel destinations, especially the hundred-mile stretch of resort towns and golden sand from Toledo to Cleveland.

    Geneva State Park is a stunning gem located on the northeastern shore of Lake Erie, perfectly encapsulating the charm and character of Ohio. Are you planning a trip to Cincinnati?  If yes, you must check out the beautiful Fountain Square as you will  love it. Located downtown, it is among the best spots for congregating  in Ohio. You will be pleased to know that Fountain Square is an excellent place for many outdoor activities as well.

    You can also visit the mesmerizing Victorian House Museum in Millersburg. The museum is full of fascinating history about the state’s biggest Amish settlement.

    Also, note that Northeast Ohio, Yellow Springs, and Cleveland have numerous fun and exhilarating activities for children and adults  to easily enjoy together. You should also get out and fully explore and  enjoy the city festivals, like the Hessler Street Fair in June as well  as the fantastic Geneva Grape Jamboree in early September.

    You should know that the famous Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park is also an excellent place to visit. The  best thing is that you can easily delve into the fascinating world of  aviation. You will also like Cedar Point. It is an amazing amusement  park in Sandusky and has almost all types of exciting rides as well as  other attractions.

    If you are in Granville,  you cannot miss the Dawes Arboretum. The sprawling nursery is situated  on more than 1,100 acres and boasts more than 3,000 different species of  shrubs, trees, and plants.

  • Natural Features

  • There is plenty of splendid nature and natural attractions you can experience and explore when you are in Ohio. Did you know that one of the best places for nature lovers is the Hocking Hills State Park? The rugged and stunning Hocking Hills State Park is close to Logan and is certainly a haven for most outdoor enthusiasts.

    You’ll  be happy to learn that the park has popular features like Ash Cave and  an enormous and remarkable natural cavern. And that is not all; the park  boasts several cottages, hiking trails, and camping facilities. You can  also enjoy many exciting and fun events throughout the year, like  winter hikes and bird watching.

    White Star  Quarry is neatly tucked away in the small and quaint town of Gibsonburg.  Note that it is a well-known diving resort that you will certainly  like. Also, hundreds of acres of unspoiled and attractive natural  beauty, such as beautiful trees, make Cuyahoga Valley National Park an  excellent place for tourists to see in Ohio.

    You  can also visit The Wilds. It is a famous preserve and zoo that people  use for all types of outdoor activities. Note that hiking, mountain  biking, and birding are a few of the most popular past times at this  destination. You will also find a wide variety of exotic and unique  animals at The Wilds. Some of them include cranes, ostriches, African  painted dogs, common elands, and Bactrian camels.

  • Things to do

  • If you love rock music, the famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is the best place for learning about the legends of rock n' roll. The  I.M Pei building housing this museum is sleek and modern and features a  large glass pyramid. The site is filled with many eye-catching exhibits  and masterfully highlights the roots of classic rock n' roll, as well as  the influences of British culture on old-school American music.

    You  can also visit Carillon Historical Park, located in Dayton. It is  another excellent stop just south of downtown and has a sprawling  65-acre history museum that you will like. Did you know that the Oregon  District is Dayton’s oldest neighborhood? Also, it was the first  district in the city to be formally declared as a historic district.

    If you are a seashell seeker, you may like to visit the famous Headlands Beach State Park. On the other hand, Breakwater Beach at the lovely Geneva State Park is one of the prime spots for a picnic. Other popular tourist destinations are Cedar Falls and Amish Country and small towns in Ohio, such as Yellow Springs and Granville.

    You  can also visit Main Street Beach in Vermilion. It is a nice swimming  beach featuring an amazing observation deck. You will see other  attractions within walking distance.

  • Weather

  • As a whole, we can consider Ohio a year-round tourist destination. However, it is worth noting that  certain regions or areas during specific seasons, such as summer, will  be considerably more comfortable compared to others.

    Note  that the warmest month of the year is usually July, where the highest  temperatures are regularly about 84.4°F, and temperatures seldom drop  below 65.5°F at night. This is why the busiest months for tourism in Ohio are July, May, and June.

    So, prices for flights and accommodation will likely be highest during these summer months.

    Another  great time to visit the Buckeye State is from September to October.  This is because the temperatures are quite pleasant with less rainfall.  Winters are cold in Ohio, and the low temperatures (average) in the freezing 21°F to 29°F range.

  • Food and Drink

  • Ohio has many fantastic restaurants and cafes that provide you with  everything from amazing pub grub recipes to fine dining experiences. You  can visit Carvers Steaks and Chops in Dayton. It is a locally-operated  and elegant restaurant that serves fresh seafood and prime steaks in a  charming and refined atmosphere.

    If you are a  comfort eater, you should try Hyde’s Restaurant in Hamilton, where  hearty meals and bargain prices make it a very reliable and ideal option  for some no-fuss fodder. Note that the tasty pies are carefully baked  twice in order to ensure freshness. These pies come in several fruity  combinations that you will like.

    The best thing about Ohio is that you will be able to find some of the most delicious food in  some of the most modest and unassuming places. One example is Kihachi.  It is a strip-mall yet cozy Japanese gem in the city of Dublin. You can  try omakase, letting Chef Mike expertly guide you through the savory  Japanese landscape.

Bed and Breakfast in Ohio FAQ

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  • Why stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Ohio?

    Do you live in a metro area or a busy city? If yes, you certainly daydream about occasional romantic getaways with your spouse or partner. There is definitely no shame in craving  more history, less traffic, and a flair for the elegant and dramatic.

    The best reason to stay at a B&B in Ohio is that chain hotels and resorts will never offer the hospitality, services, and charm of a local Ohio bed and breakfast. You should stay at these inns as they offer luxurious guest rooms, gourmet breakfast, and inviting Jacuzzis

    You can check-in at one of these inns and enjoy their unique personality and history. The innkeeper at a B&B will make your stay pleasurable with personalized service.  Whether you are an out-of-state tourist or a resident looking for a  relaxing escape, these elegant and lovely local inns, with charming guest houses and Victorian roots, will surely impress you. For example, the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls offers you a wide variety of vacation packages, including a rejuvenating and refreshing visit to the spa!

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Bed and Breakfast in Ohio?

    Between the ambiance and scrumptious food, an Ohio bed and breakfast is one of the best ways to kick back, relax, and effectively recover  from the hectic workweek. You will be impressed by the amenities at  these inns. Some of them are hot tubs, private baths, and free Wi-Fi. Many B&Bs in Ohio have an inviting front porch and even a private entrance.

    Other amenities like gourmet breakfast, private hot tubs, exquisite dining rooms, and bathrooms with steam showers and fresh linens mean you will love your stay at a local bed and breakfast. You will be pleased to know that some inns are also pet friendly.

  • How can I get around Ohio?

    Because of Ohio’s central and convenient location in the US Midwest, traveling is convenient as at least 7 major national interstates run through Ohio as well as a network of small highways and many rural roads.

    Note that if you fly in and out of a city, such as Cincinnati, traveling is hassle-free. This is because the expanding Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is just about 15 minutes away from the bustling downtown.

    Keep in mind that driving is the primary mode of transportation in Ohio. So, it is best that you rent a car in order to get around Ohio. You will find major car rental agencies at all of Ohio’s major airports as well as in all major cities.

    You  can also use bus and train services. For example, Amtrak operates 3  train lines through the state at least 3 times a week. Note that the  train is an excellent, fun, and scenic way to reach some of Ohio’s notable cities. And the popular Greyhound bus line is one of the most flexible ways to travel within the state.

  • What are the different types of B&Bs in Ohio?

    There are several types of B&Bs in Ohio. A romantic bed and breakfast in Ohio, such as The Inn at Dresden, is an excellent place to enjoy some intimate time with your partner. The best bed and breakfast in Ohio, such as The Welsh Hills Inn and White Oak Inn, offer you a relaxing and serene getaway close to the gorgeous Mount Vernon.

    Other great options are Brick House on Main and Waters Edge Retreat, where you can enjoy a tasty gourmet breakfast, as well as a lakefront deck. Bed and breakfast North Ohio feature great amenities, such as fresh fruit, coffee, and juice, whereas bed and breakfast Central Ohio has features, such as lofty ceilings, sweeping verandas, and full-length windows that are characteristic of elegant Victorian homes.

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    And  all members of the bnbfinder Diamond Collection have to pass a  professional inspection performed by an renowned inspection agency.  Also, remember inform the innkeeper you found them through the Diamond collection at bnbfinder!