Colorado Bed and Breakfast

The magical pull of Colorado is undeniable. From Denver (the Mile High City) to the snow-covered summits around Aspen to the undulating planes, the state is filled with unparalleled beauty and change. You can stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Colorado style or pick a romantic getaway.

Colorado Bed and Breakfast

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Explore Colorado Bed and Breakfasts

There is a Colorado bed and breakfast to fit anyone’s taste. Stay in downtown Colorado Springs or on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. Ride the Pikes Peak Cog Railway for unprecedented views. Check out the lovely sandstone Garden of the Gods.

Choose a b&b in Manitou Springs where you can soak in the refreshing mineral springs. Downtown  Manitou  Avenue is also home to a bevy of art shops and restaurants.

Without a doubt, Colorado is a big and diverse state where you will find an adventure around  every corner. Whether you love the state’s breathtaking scenery or  thriving metropolitan hubs, you’re sure to find the perfect vacation  spot.


  • Colorado gained its statehood in 1876 and is the nation’s eighth-largest due to its landmass. The state straddles the rugged Rocky mountain region. It was once home to the Plains Indians. The Spanish who first saw the region dubbed it “Colorado”  which translates into red-coloured earth. In 1858, gold was discovered  in the region which brought a huge influx of settlers to the region and  spurred the Plains Indian Wars which ran from the 1860s to the 1870s.  The state was considered the wild frontier with intense fighting with  the Indians.

  • Activities

  • Pikes Peak is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Colorado. It is the highest summit in the Rocky Mountains. Located 12 miles from downtown Colorado Springs, you can leisurely travel on the highway to the top to enjoy alpine views. After a day on Pikes Peak, head to Old Colorado City to enjoy shopping and dining in the historic district. Located in downtown Colorado Springs, it’s the perfect place to leisurely explore.

    If you are looking for small-town charm that is reminiscent of the old west then check out Woodland Park. Considered more of a suburb of Colorado Springs, the charming location has become a popular tourist spot.

    Aspen is not only known for its world-famous snow sports but also its mountain views. You might even could rub shoulders with the rich and famous in the bustling ski-town.

    If you love wildlife then head to Estes Park in Northern Colorado. It is home to bears, deer, elk, bighorn sheep, and more. Ride the Estes Park Aerial Tramway for panoramic views to the summit of Prospect Mountain.

    Colorado is also home to 29 hot springs.  The springs are reputed to have therapeutic value due to the minerals  in the warm water. Some even boast water slides and family activities.

  • Natural Features

  • The state of Colorado is remarkably diverse. The natural features range from 54 mountain  peaks to deep canyons and massive sand dunes. Explore the Great Sand  Dunes National Park and Preserve with the tallest dune 750 feet. The  entire area looks like the Sahara Desert.

    Three  are 25 scenic byways that crisscross the state. In addition, the state  is also home to 10 national parks and monuments. There are also 42 state  parks. You can ski, hike, mountain bike, snowshoe, fish, hunt, many  consider Colorado an outdoor lovers mecca due to its many natural features and ample  public lands. There are thousands of acres of National Forest land that  remains virtually untouched.

  • Things to do

  • As mentioned, Pike’s Peak is a must-explore location, and it is conveniently located only a short distance from Downtown Colorado Springs. After you spend the day on the Rocky Mountain summit, you can enjoy a bevy of dining choices in Old Colorado City. You might also want to check out nearby Woodland Park.

    If you are into mountain views, then you won’t want to pass on visiting Aspen. Ride the Silver Queen Gondola to  the 11,000 ft summit to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. At the top, you  can enjoy dining, a hike, or listen to live music. The ride to the top  takes only 20-minutes. At nearby Glenwood Springs, located about 37  miles from Aspen, is a great place to soak in the mineral hot springs after a day of hitting the cold Aspen slopes.

    If you love the great outdoors then you’ll want to visit Estes Park. The area is thriving with wildlife and rugged beauty

  • Weather

  • Colorado is a big state, but the weather remains relatively the same in most  areas. Summers are usually hot with an average temperature of 86 degrees  Fahrenheit but can easily reach 96 degrees Fahrenheit. The winters are  very cold with blizzards a normal occurrence. The temperature can dip to  below 6 degrees Fahrenheit but usually hovers at around 22 degrees  Fahrenheit.

    The  best time visits the state varies and depends on your personal  interests. If you like skiing, sledding, or snowboarding then you’ll  enjoy visiting in the winter months but if you like hiking, mountain  biking, or fishing then the summertime is ideal.

  • Food and Drink

  • The food flavors of Colorado are amazing. The juicy Palisades peaches, which are grown in the Grand  Valley are a must-try for visitors. The first peach tree was planted in  the areas in 1882. Nowadays the local farmers grow thousands of pounds  of the peaches to meet the demand of the nation. The peaches are favored  for cobblers, jams, and jellies. They are also ideal when eaten raw.  Every summer, the area is also home to the annual Peach Fest.

Colorado Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Colorado?

    Are you looking for the perfect location for a romantic getaway? Why not a Victorian b&b one of the many Rocky Mountain cities? If you want to explore Pikes Peak then choose to lodge in downtown Colorado Springs, nearby Woodland Park, or the Old Colorado City.

    For a winter getaway, pick Aspen. Make reservations at a Colorado bed and breakfast that boasts mountain views. You can also stay in nearby Glenwood Springs where you can enjoy the hot springs of the area.

    If you are seeking a bed and breakfast in northern Colorado then why not choose one in Estes Park. You’ll be close to outdoor activities. You might also catch views of the local wildlife.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Colorado Bed and Breakfast?

    Why not book a Colorado bed and breakfast with your own private hot tub?  If you need modern conveniences then be sure to ask about Wi-Fi in the lobby or free Wi-Fi in the room. You might also want to ask about other in-room perks like a flat-screen tv, private bath, hairdryer, or even a claw foot tub. If you are traveling with your family then you might want to stay at a guest house that has a living room and other modern amenities that provide enough room for both the kids and adults.

    When making a reservation at a bed and breakfast, be sure to see if they offer a gourmet breakfast. You can also ask extra questions at check-in.

  • How can I get around Colorado?

    Colorado is a big state so, ideally, you should have a car if you want to truly  experience the various corners of the state. However, if you stay in the  major cities then you can manage to get by without a car. In Denver,  you can use the Light Rail which is a train that goes 34.8 miles  throughout the city. It makes stops at 26 stations and is an affordable  and safe way to get around the city. The prices are ideal too. There are  also buses. During the summer months, many visitors to Colorado use bicycles to see various areas.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Colorado?

    When staying at a bed and breakfast in Aspen Colorado,  you should make reservations well in advance. The b&bs in the area  book up quickly, especially during the winter months. A bed and breakfast in Colorado mountains style are also a favorite spot for Christmas. Bed and breakfast Breckenridge Colorado are another choice if you are an avid skier and you are looking for a romantic bed and breakfast in Colorado.

    Staying at a bed and breakfast in Denver, Colorado is a great experience because there is a wide array of choices in the  city. Choose from the historic establishment to modern, boutique  hotels.

    Trinidad Colorado bed and breakfast establishments are lavish and lovely. You’ll encounter many Victorian favorites in the area.

    If you decide to explore Pikes Peak then pick a local bed and breakfast in Colorado Springs. During the day you can head up Pikes Peak and at night retreat to your lodging for relaxation.

    Many people opt to get married in the Centennial State. For your big day, you could pick a bed and breakfast wedding Colorado theme. The mountains as a backdrop are ideal. Also, you can honeymoon at one of the best beds and breakfast Colorado inspired.