Alabama Bed and Breakfast

Discover what makes Alabama such a must-visit destination when you stay in a bed and breakfast accommodation.

Alabama Bed and Breakfast

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Explore Bed and Breakfast In Alabama

Visit for a weekend getaway to the historical landmarks around Birmingham; or plan out a romantic getaway to the Alabama Gulf Coast beaches.

Alabama bed and breakfast inns offer guest rooms in everything from historic homes to the summit of Lookout Mountain. Traditional houses and preserved mansions feature updated guest rooms designed for the modern traveler. The comfortable beds, private baths, and free wifi are just a few of the amenities.

Every morning you’ll have a full continental breakfast. You’ll experience authentic southern hospitality with the attentive services of the innkeeper.

Visit the local attractions to see Alabama’s favorite tourist destinations. Take a historical tour around Montgomery to learn about the Civil Rights Movement or sunbathe on the picturesque beaches in Orange Beach.

There are plenty of activities and things to do in Alabama,  just a short drive away from your accommodation. Also, lots of walking  areas to hop out and enjoy the local atmosphere. Explore the local  restaurant scene or attend one of the popular annual events.

You’ll feel at home in your Alabama bed and breakfast to make it a memorable stay.


  • When most people think about Alabama’s  history, the Civil Rights Movement is one of the most prominent eras  that shaped the state. There has always been a struggle between races  that lead to many tragic events and preserved landmarks.

    Much of the early economy in Alabama is attributed to agriculture – slaves were used to work large  plantations producing mainly cotton. The large number of slaves and  economic impact caused lots of turmoil leading to internal conflicts in  the state and Union.

    Montgomery and Birmingham are the best places to visit to see many historical sites and museums commemorating the Civil Rights era.

  • Weather

  • Alabama is located in the southern region of the United States. It’s one of the  warmest states in the country, which makes it a popular vacation  destination.

    The summer is the peak travel time in Alabama.  Most people visit to take advantage of the great weather. Summers are  generally hot and sunny. The high temperatures can average above 90 °F  and have high humidity.

    The fall and spring are  more preferred to travel since temperatures are slightly cooler. It’s  ideal for doing some of the favorite outdoor recreational activities.

    The winter has a relatively mild climate. January is the coldest month, with average temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Alabama doesn’t get much precipitation throughout the year but has seasonal storms.

  • Food and Drink

  • You’ll get an authentic feeling of southern hospitality everywhere you go in Alabama. Most local restaurants serve several must-try dishes in Alabama. Since you might not try them all on your first visit, here are a few options for the best food in Alabama.

    • BBQ
    • Seafood
    • Pecan Pie
    • Biscuits and Gravy

    The south is known for having delicious BBQ, and Alabama is no exception. You’ll find barbecue restaurants in every city. The  southern-style BBQ is unlike you’ve tasted. You’ll have quality meats  from the pulled pork, burgers, and ribs.

    Take advantage of Alabama’s  location on the Gulf coast to try some of the freshest seafood in the  south. Some of the favorite local seafood dishes are fried catfish,  crawfish boils, and shrimp.

    A homemade pecan  pie is the best way to end a hearty meal. Pecans are the official state  nut, and locals make some of the best pie you’ve tasted.

    Start the  day with a delicious biscuit and gravy meal. Fluffy, buttery biscuits  topped with sausage gravy is the perfect way to start the day.

  • Activities

  • Looking for a fun way to spend your vacation in Alabama? There are plenty of activities to do in Alabama for everyone. You can discover the local history, visit the beaches, or  check out other outdoor sights. And not to mention the sports!

    Alabama has a storied history from the Civil Rights Movement, Civil War, and more. Many major cities, like Montgomery and Birmingham, have historical sites to check out. Take a local tour to learn about their historical significance and role in Alabama’s history. Also, walk the historic University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa.

    The Alabama Gulf Coast is a tourist hot spot. Orange Beach and the Gulf Shores have incredible beaches, golf courses, and tourist shops. Fairhope is a small town on the gulf coast that has lots of local events and fairs.

    Enjoy outdoor recreation in the great Alabama weather. Hike to the top of Lookout Mountain, the best viewpoint in Alabama to see seven states. If you’re staying near Crane Hill, Smith Lake State Park is a short drive away with many designated campgrounds and boating rentals.

  • Natural Features

  • Alabama has a diverse landscape that you can see just by driving from one side  of the state to another. You’ll encounter lots of exciting natural  features that contribute to the state’s beauty.

    The Gulf Shores is a popular travel destination in Alabama.  The coast extends for 32 miles along the Gulf of Mexico coast. There  are a total of 10 different beaches, most with picturesque white sands.  The beaches are open to the public for swimming, sunbathing, picnic, and  more.

    One of the most visited sites in Alabama is Lookout Mountain.  It’s an attraction shared with neighboring states as part of the  Appalachian Mountains. The summit has an elevation of approximately  2,389-ft and offers panoramic views of the area. There are attractions  atop the mountain, including the Battle of Lookout Mountain Museum, Rock City, and Ruby Falls. Take the incline railway to the top or hike to see the incredible views.

  • Things to Do

  • Between the outdoor recreation, historic Civil Rights attractions, and the local sports, there are many things to do in Alabama. There are exciting places to visit in Alabama. Check out some of the best things to do during your stay.

    Learn about the historic sites located in Birmingham and Montgomery. The Civil Rights Movement is a big part of the local heritage and history. Montgomery is the state capital with sites like the Civil Rights Memorial, National Memorial for Peace, and museums. Birmingham is the largest city with sites like the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument and the 16th Street Baptist Church.

    The Alabama Gulf Coast is one of the favorite areas to visit for tourists. The shore consists of multiple towns and cities. Orange Beach and the Gulf Shores have the best beaches in Alabama. Relax on the scenic beaches and swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Fairhope is a small town on the coast of Mobile Bay that’s known for its local art fairs and festivals.

    You can’t forget about the iconic Alabama Crimson Tide. Alabama has lots of die-hard fans for the local teams, especially college football. Visit the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa to check out a game in the Bryant-Denny Stadium.

    Natural landmarks always make excellent tourist attractions. Lookout Mountain is positioned in three states – Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. It’s a great hiking spot, and you’ll have views of seven states from the summit. Smith Lake State Park near Crane Hill is another outdoor destination ideal for camping and boating in the lake.

Alabama Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Alabama?

    Stay in an Alabama b&b for a one-of-a-kind experience of southern hospitality. Make Alabama the destination for your next weekend getaway. Bed and breakfasts offer a chance to stay in unique accommodations from Victorian mansions, historic Holmes to beachfront inns.

    Find vacation rentals near Montgomery and Birmingham. Discover the historical landmarks spotlighting the Civil Rights Movement. Go tailgating at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa for the Crimson Tide football.

    Plan a romantic getaway on the Alabama Gulf Coast to bustling tourist towns of Orange Beach or Gulf Shores. Spend your time relaxing on the white-sand beaches or go to an art festival nearby in Fairhope.

    Explore Alabama’s scenic landscape at the famous Lookout Mountain or Smith Lake State Park near Crane Hill.

    The vacation possibilities are endless.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking an Alabama Bed and Breakfast?

    Guests receive special amenities during their stay in a bed and breakfast. Each accommodation offers guest rooms and common areas available to all guests.

    Guest rooms include free wifi, heating, air conditioning, in-room tv, and more. Rooms have their own private baths stocked with toiletries.

    Reserve a bed and breakfast to accommodate your large group or event. Select accommodations have available rooms in the main house and guest house.

    Wake up every morning to a gourmet breakfast made to order. Eat in the dining room or your room. It’s what sets a bed and breakfast apart from the standard hotel experience.

    Stay in a convenient location within walking distance to the local attractions. Check for free parking and cancellation policies before booking.

  • How can I get around Alabama?

    Alabama is a large state with many state highways crossing it. Driving is the best way to get around Alabama.

    Alabama has two main airports - Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM) and Huntsville International Airport (HSV). You can easily navigate from the airport to your accommodation.  Or connect to one of the regional airports for a shorter drive.

    There are many car rentals to use during your vacation. Check with your accommodation for free parking.

    Also, look for historical districts or popular areas to find local attractions within walking distance. There are also lots of restaurants, boutique shops, and bars in the busy areas.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Alabama?

    Alabama offers a wide range of bed and breakfast accommodations near popular tourist areas, beach destinations, or unique experiences.

    Spend a weekend getaway in Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast, one of the best bed and breakfast Alabama accommodations near Gulf Shore. The cozy hotel Magnolia is a short distance from the beach. It has spacious rooms and modern  amenities. Each guest receives a delicious gourmet breakfast every  morning.

    The Original Romar House Bed & Breakfast Inn is an alternative to stay in Orange Beach. It’s a beachfront property with luxury rooms.

    Explore options near major cities. Fort Conde is a historic inn preserved since the 1800s in Downtown Mobile. Or the Hassinger Daniels Mansion for your Birmingham, Alabama bed and breakfast accommodation.

    Stay in small towns like the Farmhouse Sanctuary Florence Alabama bed and breakfast, a farm animal refuge, or Emma’s Bay House, a top bed and breakfast Fairhope, Alabama accommodation, with views overlooking Mobile Bay.

    The Secret Bed and Breakfast in Alabama is located atop Lookout Mountain. The secluded location is perfect for a romantic bed and breakfast accommodation.