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bnbfinder Facts and Figures

bnbfinder.com, based in Austin, Texas, is the most comprehensive global site for finding unique and professionally operated properties including bed and breakfasts, inns and boutique hotels. With information on more than 10,000 such properties worldwide, representing nearly 60,000 rooms, bnbfinder.com helps travelers find and book the ideal getaway by providing detailed descriptions, multiple photos, Google and Tripadvisor ratings and reviews and much more. bnbfinder.com offers gift cards that have no restrictions and never expire and are welcomed at hundreds of B&Bs throughout the United States and Canada. Our Diamond Collection has hundreds of professionally inspected, highly-rated inns offering modern amenities and memorable experiences that guests seek. We are certain bnbfinder has the perfect lodging option when dreaming of your next getaway.

  • The largest independently owned industry specific bed and breakfast website, with over 12,000 B&Bs and inns throughout the world

    ◆ 8,000+ in the U.S.

    ◆ 4,000+ outside of the U.S.

  • Nearly 150 Diamond Collection properties, an exclusive group of professionally inspected and guest-reviewed luxury inns that offer private bathrooms, 24-hour access to service or staff, free Internet, flexible check-in or guaranteed late arrival, and maintain a 4.0 out of 5.0 or higher consumer review rating.

  • Hundreds of properties accept bnbfinder.com Gift Cards, which have no expiration or blackout dates, no additional fees, and never reduce in value.

Benefits of bnbfinder

  • bnbfinder marketingLargest Selection of B&Bs and Inns
  • bnbfinder marketingHigh-Resolution Photos
  • bnbfinder marketingDetailed Descriptions and Amenities
  • bnbfinder marketingRatings from Popular Sources
  • bnbfinder marketingIndustry-Wide Gift Cards
  • bnbfinder marketingBook Direct with the Property–No extra fees

bnbfinder Traveler Trends

Besides price and location, B&B travelers look to the following when deciding where to stay:

  • Consumer reviews (50%)
  • Photos (47%)
  • Friends’ recommendations (46%)
  • Flexible cancellations policy (43%)
  • Ability to book online (43%)
  • Free onsite parking (54%)
  • Flexible check-in (50%)
  • Free breakfast (47%)
  • Most important B&B amenities include:
bnbfinder marketing
  • Three out of four are couples and between the ages of 35-65
  • 85 percent of B&B travelers drive to their destination
  • Almost half of trips are within 150-250 miles

Myths and Facts about B&Bs

  • With Covid-19 the new reality, B&Bs are not as safe as hotels, motels & resorts.

    Professionally licensed B&Bs in North America have an average of eight rooms and run an average occupancy of 50%. In the new era of social distancing, you are around FAR fewer people when staying at a bed and breakfast or inn than at a hotel or resort which can have hundreds of guests - all touching the same elevator buttons and congregating in the lobby and shared hallways and common areas. In addition, since most bed and breakfasts are owner-operated, the owners actually live on site and, we believe, take more pride and care cleaning and disinfecting their property for the safety of their guests than most paid housekeepers ever would. Many bed and breakfasts also have individual cottages and/or external entrances eliminating the need to share lobbies, hallways and other common spaces.

    While bed and breakfasts are a great destination, 80% of B&B travel is also via automobile. The added safety of not boarding a plane for a 3-4 hour flight to get to a destination and being able to simply hop in your own car not only saves money but is safer.

    Since the Coronavirus, many innkeepers have:

    • Adopted the CDC recommended cleaning policies and procedures to ensure the safety of their guests.
    • Offer breakfast delivered to the guests’ room.
    • Offer touchless check-in and check-out via the telephone.
    • Relaxed their cancellation & refund policies.
  • B&Bs seem expensive and don’t offer hotel-like services.

    B&Bs offer incredible value when compared to similar quality hotels. While rates can vary widely depending upon the property’s amenities and location, they are attractive to many travelers because of the great value for your dollar. Most B&Bs include free breakfast and other amenities, at no additional charge such as: refreshments, WiFi, onsite parking, afternoon teas, wine and cheese hours, and more. In addition, you will never find bed and breakfasts charging daily “Convenience Fees” or “Resort Charges” for things that most innkeepers include in the room rate. Many B&Bs also offer some resort-like services such as private pools, spas and spa services, bars, private balconies, luxury soaps/shampoos, high thread count linens, and much more. You will also not find a better concierge than an innkeeper that often not only owns the property but also lives there as well as a full time vested “GM”. Innkeepers serve as not only managers, but as“personal concierges,” offering tips on restaurants, nearby attractions, and info only locals would know. They know their area better than any paid concierge ever could and are adept at providing 5-star accommodations and service. Travelers are guaranteed to get these and other amenities at bnbfinder.com™ Diamond Collection™ properties, which are professionally inspected and maintain top consumer reviews.

  • If I stay at a B&B, will I have to share a bathroom with others?

    While this actually was true back in the early days of the B&B industry, when you often rented an inexpensive room with shared bathroom facilities, today over 90% of B&Bs offer private baths in most if not all of their guest rooms. In addition, Innkeepers often go out of their way and take pride in their bathrooms. At nicer properties many rival what you would find in a master bedroom or a nice hotel, often with added extras such as high-end toiletries and bubble baths and moisturizers.

  • B&Bs lack privacy.

    The average bed and breakfast in the US has only 8 rooms so inherently by their very nature, there simply are not going to be many people around. In addition, most properties primarily market to adults and bed & breakfasts are considered by many to be a romantic getaway, Guests are great at being social while also keeping to themselves. Innkeepers are also well versed in the art of always being “available” while not being annoying to ensure relaxation and comfort as well as the privacy of their guests. Many travelers choose bed and breakfasts to meet wonderful innkeepers and most are more than accommodating when it comes to ensuring their guest’s privacy.Virtually all B&Bs offer rooms with private bathrooms and many provide multiple dining options and flexible dining times. Many B&Bs have private entrances, separate cottages or carriage houses, for those want an option other than staying in the main house. Staying in a B&B provides an exceptional experience for guests seeking a relaxing and private getaway.

  • B&Bs are mostly older inns in rural areas.

    While it is true that many B&Bs are beautiful restored Victorian homes that are often listed on the National Register of Historic Places providing unmatched charm and elegance, there are also über-modern inns located in large cities and everything in between. You can find everything at bnbfinder.com – from mountain top and seaside bed and breakfasts and inns, to boutique properties in the wine country and rustic ranch lodges. Many bed and breakfasts and inns offer spas, restaurants, and other services suited for the local area, such as hiking, horseback riding, or skiing. You can be certain that B&Bs offer undiscovered and surprising experiences for the perfect getaway.

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