Best Bed and Breakfast in Washington State

Best Bed and Breakfast in Washington State

Best Bed and Breakfast in Washington State

Spend a vacation getaway in Washington state to enjoy some of the best bed and breakfast accommodations in the US. Washington has a fantastic selection of bed and breakfasts for a couple’s retreat, relaxing getaway, or an adventure vacation.

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Washington state has many popular travel destinations, such as Seattle, Port Angeles, Walla Walla, and even small towns, where you’ll discover unique stays. Explore Seattle, Washington’s largest city, at the top-rated Greenlake Guest House or spend time in the vast countryside at options like Cameo Heights Mansion.Washingtonbed and breakfasts provide all the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable stay. Start the day with breakfast and set out to experience all that Washington has to offer.There are many destinations to enjoy the outdoors. Washington has several national parks popular for hiking, biking, kayaking, and other activities. There are also incredible natural landmarks to see, like Mount Rainier and glaciers.Major cities like Seattle and Olympia have many attractions for sightseeing. Visit the famous Space Needle for panoramic views at the top or tour the Washington State Capitol Building.Staying in a bed and breakfast in Washington state is an excellent way to spend a vacation.


  • Many people get confused by Washington and Washington, DC, but they are vastly different and opposite coasts of the US. But you won’t mistake once you arrive in Washington State. The region thrives on natural resources and the landscape, which significantly impacted the state.Washington is the 42nd state admitted into the union. The Washington State Capitol Building has several features representing the number.The national parks showcase the result of lots of natural activity throughout history. Glaciers carved out a large portion of the state, creating lakes, mountains, and more. Mount St. Helens is also a famous attraction to witness an active volcano known for a massive eruption.In addition to the state’s natural history, you can discover some civilization history during your visit. Present-day Washington state is where archaeologists discovered one of the earliest human skeletons in the country. You can find museums and tours highlighting major industries like maritime history, the gold rush, and food production.

  • Activities

  • You’ll have the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure while staying in a bed and breakfast in Washington state. There are many ways to create the perfect travel itinerary for your visit. Experience the best that Washington has to offer through various activities.Add a bit of adventure to your trip with some outdoor recreation. Washington is home to several national parks showcasing the state’s scenic landscape and natural attractions. Some of the best national parks in Washington are the Olympic National Park and Mount RainierNational Park.The national parks are great for sightseeing, hiking, biking, and water sports.Discover the rich flavors of Washington state, from the food to the drinks. Walla Walla county is covered with vineyards. The vineyards offer wine tours to see the behind-the-scenes process and, of course, taste the wine. It’s the perfect activity if you’re visiting for a couple’s retreat.There are endless places to go sightseeing in Washington State. You can see some of the unique landmarks and historical sites in many major cities like Seattle, Olympia, and Spokane.

  • Natural Features

  • Washington state has some of the best natural features in the country, thanks to its geographic location. The landscape is very diverse, giving visitors a chance to experience everything from high elevation mountain peaks to coastal islands.National Parks are one of the main tourist attractions in Washington. There are many parks featuring lots of different landscapes - they’re easily accessible from your Washington statebed and breakfast.Olympic National Park is the state’s most visited national park. It includes mountains, rainforest, lakes, and stretches out to the Pacific coast as part of the Olympic peninsula. Visit Mount RainierNational Park to see the picturesque Mount Rainier. It’s part of the Cascade Mountains and the tallest mountain in Washington, with a summit over 14,000-ft above sea level. North Cascades is the largest national park in Washington, where you’ll encounter the largest collection of glaciers in the contiguous US.There are plenty of other natural landmarks worth checking out. The San Juan Islands are a popular island chain off the coast accessible via ferry. Also, the Olympic National Forest lets you walk amongst giant trees.

  • Things to do

  • The Pacific Northwest region is filled with exciting things to do for an all-around great vacation. Washington state offers lots of variety for everyone to enjoy. Check out some of the outdoor attractions, see rare wildlife, and connect with the local culture.Visit the Columbia River Gorge for a day filled with recreational activities. The site is a large canyon carved out by the Columbia River. Spend the day at the gorge for hiking, sightseeing, cycling, and kayaking in the Columbia River.Washington has several major port cities with bed and breakfasts nearby. Check out Port Townsend to admire the architecture of lavish Victorian Homes. Or visit Port Angeles to start your journey into the Olympic National Park. The national park attracts over three million people to experience views from Hurricane Ridge, the beautiful Lake Crescent, waterfalls, and more.One of the best things to do on a romantic getaway in Washington is wine tasting. Visit Walla Walla for some of the best wines produced in the US. The town is also filled with top-rated restaurants for fine dining.You can see lots of marine life during your time in Washington. Orcas Island is located off the coast and is one of the favorite tourist destinations. Go whale watching via boat tours or kayaking. You can also climb to the top of Mount Constitution, the tallest mountain in the San Juan island chain.

  • Weather

  • The weather in Washington state is highly unpredictable, but there are windows where you can count on great weather to enjoy your trip. The Pacific Northwest is one of the rainiest regions in the United States, with higher chances of rain lasting from October to July.The summer is the favorite travel season in Washington state. It has hot days and cool nights – it’s perfect for spending time outdoors. It’s also higher visibility for enjoying views of mountain silhouettes in the backdrop or views atop Seattle’s Space Needle. The best months are July and August.Spring is another popular time to plan your trip. Springtime is cherry blossom season. The colorful blooms happen across the state. The best places to see them are in the Washington Park Arboretum or various Seattle parks.The winter is ideal for winter activities. Many of the national parks have skiing facilities and snowshoe hiking trails in the mountainous regions. Also Leavenworth is a famous Christmas town.

  • Food and Drink

  • Don’t miss out on breakfast every morning while staying at your bed and breakfast. Every accommodation offers the perfect meal to get the day started. And the good news is that there are plenty of signature foods from Washington state that you’ll have to try.Washington is a major hub for fruit production. It’s one of the largest producers of apples and red raspberries in the US. Another popular fruit is Rainier Cherries, a unique crossbreed created by Washington State University.The coastal location makes seafood a local favorite in Washington state. Salmon is one of the main dishes that you’ll find in many restaurants across the state.Washington state is also a major wine country in the US. Eastern regions in Washington, such as Walla Walla county, are well known for having some of the country’s best wines.

Best Bed and Breakfast in Washington State FAQ

    Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Washington?

  • Washington statebed and breakfast accommodations are perfect retreat destinations. You’ll discover lots of places to stay tailored to your ideal vacation experience. Take a holiday vacation in Seattle to go sightseeing with the family, spend a romantic holiday in Port Angeles, or experience fine dining during your stay in Walla Walla.Washington is a destination for fun and relaxation. You’ll find lots of things to do to enjoy the outdoors and wildlife. Go kayaking in a massive river gorge or go whale watching at the Puget Sound.Travel to Washington state for the best B&B experience.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Washington Bed and Breakfast?

  • The wide range of accommodations for bed and breakfast in Washington means that you’ll find the perfect place to stay. You can browse through modern accommodations or stay in historic homes repurposed for guests.Guest rooms offer lots of comforts. The cozy atmosphere makes you feel at home while you enjoy the intimate setting. Most rooms provide everything you need, including private baths and many times a lounge area. You’ll find high-speed wifi to stay connected.Take advantage of the bed and breakfast experience with a delicious breakfast. Eat in the dining room or eat in the comfort of your guest room.Ask about accessibility rooms while making reservations.

  • How can I get around Washington?

  • Washington has a lot of major regional hubs. The best way to get around Washington is by flying into one of the hubs then driving to your bed and breakfast location. There are several international airports in Washington state – Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) in Seattle, Jefferson County International Airport (TWD) in Port Townsend, and Spokane International Airport (GEG) in Spokane.It’s recommended to rent a car once you arrive at the airport. It’s the best way to get around the cities and travel to attractions outside of them.Many islands, such as the San Juan Islands and Orcas Islands, are accessible via ferry.

  • What are the different types of B&Bs in Washington?

  • Washington has excellent bed and breakfast options for your stay. You’ll find accommodations in many of the top tourist destinations in the state. It’s the perfect place for a getaway, and you’ll never be too far away from popular attractions and things to do.Cameo Heights Mansion in Touchet is the best romantic bed and breakfast in Washington state. The accommodation is a countryside retreat where you’ll enjoy luxury suites, spa amenities, and entertainment. The innkeepers created an atmosphere designed for couples.Stay at the unique Barn B&B Walla Walla in Walla Walla, WA. The accommodation is a barn setting with modern decorations inside. Rooms offer incredible views of the surrounding landscape, and you’ll experience fine dining in wine country.The best seaside bed and breakfast in Washington state is Sea Cliff Gardens Bed & Breakfast. The popular bed and breakfast inn is established in a lavish Victorian home that offers oceanfront views. It’s a short distance from the Olympic National Park.

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