Bed and Breakfast New Jersey

Bed and Breakfast New Jersey

Bed and Breakfast New Jersey

New Jersey might be small but boy is it packed with incredible things to see & do. From the excitement and buzz of Atlantic City to Jersey Shore’s famous boardwalk to the Victorian houses of Cape May, there’s something for every type of vacation in New Jersey. A bed and breakfast in New Jersey.

Explore New Jersey Bed and Breakfasts

Northern New Jersey is its own little cultural hub with a strong economic engine driving a lot of the action, along with the proximity to New York. There’s the Newark International Airport, George Washington Bridge (the world’s busiest motor vehicle bridge) and Paramus, which is the wealthiest retail code in the country with tons of shopping available.Jersey Shore is packed with arcades, shopping, restaurants, bars, and more. Made famous by the MTV series covering a group of people living on “the Shore”, there are over 40 little towns that line the coast, offering up a different feel and vibe depending on where you visit.Atlantic City is world famous for its casinos, nightclubs, and boardwalk. The area is so famous that many people don’t even realize that it’s located in New Jersey! If gambling or betting isn’t your thing, there’s still so many exciting things to do that you’ll be entertained no matter what.New Jersey bed and breakfasts give you the perfect opportunity to be on the ground and in the middle of everything, whether you’re looking for an exciting up-tempo vacation or something chilled out and relaxed. Bed and breakfast inns are the best way to get an authentic feel for the place you’re staying.


  • As one of the original 13 colonies fighting for independence from Great Britain, New Jersey has a legendary history that’s well portrayed by George Washington’s famous Delaware River crossing to surprise the British in Trenton, NJ.Home to Thomas Edison, the “Wizard of Menlo Park”, New Jersey has been home to some of America’s best inventions and proudest moments.New Jersey has a fascinating history that delves heavily into its shipyards and ports that so many ships passed through. The state was responsible for constructing many naval ships for WWII, and also served as an important port of defense against potential enemy attacks.Today, New Jersey is one of the most populated states density wise even though it’s one of the smallest states area wise.

  • Activities

  • New Jersey is chock full of activities whether you’re on a romantic getaway, family trip, or just going solo to explore somewhere new. If you’re into theme parks you’re in luck. Six Flags Great Adventure draws visitors from New York to Philadelphia and includes some of the best heart pounding roller coasters in the North East. Fun fact, it’s actually the 2nd largest theme park in the world.Check out the Skylands for an enormous array of great places to see and things to do. Hike the Appalachian Trail, visit your favorite department store at Bridgewater Commons, or time your trip to experience the New Jersey State Fair in August!For a throwback to the old days, Lambertville is a charming little town with historic architecture and extremely interesting locals. It’s such a unique spot that the New York Times even featured it in their Real Estate section.New Jersey is famous for the Boardwalk that litter the state. From Atlantic City to Ocean City, locals joke that for every two people there’s a boardwalk in New Jersey.Liberty State Park opposite Ellis Island is a wonderful place to spend a day. The Liberty Science Center has one of the world’s largest IMAX theatres, and the park has much more to explore and do beyond the museums.

  • Natural Features

  • New Jersey is a state that’s both heavily urbanized and extremely beautiful with lush beaches, pine forests, and horse country that contrasts with the heavy development that’s taken place in the state.There are four natural regions in NJ: the Coastal Plain near the Atlantic Ocean, central Piedmont where many of the largest urban centers are, the Highlands, and the Ridge & Valley section of the Northwest where the Appalachian Mountains cut across.Farms cover about one sixth of New Jersey and used to cover a lot more. The dense population and boom of capitalism have cut NJ’s farming, fishing, and forestry industries into small but still thriving sectors of the economy.Each area of New Jersey has something different to offer whether you’re looking for beautiful forests, popping cities, or a cozy bed and breakfast by the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Things to do

  • Besides the major attractions like Atlantic City, Six Flags, and all of the other world famous sites in New Jersey, there are some incredible little nooks and crannies to explore that’ll leave you delighted.Townships like Stanhope, Stockton, and Wildwood have a more laid back atmosphere if you’re looking to unwind and relax. There are lovely historic sites, antique shops, and dining for a romantic getaway or a couple’s vacation.Ocean City is the complete opposite. If you’re looking for energy and amusement parks then you’ll want to check it out. Located on the Jersey Shore, there’s so much to do, so many things to eat, and so many people to see that you could make an entire vacation out of just visiting Ocean City.Ocean Grove, New Jersey is home to the wondrous Great Auditorium. The massive wooden building was constructed in 1894 and largely remains unchanged. Besides the Auditorium, there is tons of interesting Victorian architecture to check out around the town.

  • Weather

  • The weather in New Jersey is split between two different climates depending on where you’re staying in the state. The Northwest has weather typical of higher elevations with cooler temperatures compared to the rest of the state. The summers in NJ are usually hot and the winters cold, ranging from around 33-44 degrees on a normal day.Be sure to bring a rain jacket if you’re visiting just in case some rain rolls through! On average the state sees about 125 days of rain a year.In the winter, expect some snow and very cold temperatures. New Jersey is gorgeous in the winter if you can handle the cold!

  • Food and Drink

  • Italian. Of course that’s one of the go to’s when it comes to New Jersey due to the massive Italian heritage ingrained in New Jersey since waves of immigrants traveled from Italy for new shores in America long ago. While you’re traveling around keep an eye out for Italian groceries or delis with authentic products straight from the motherland, like Sergio & Co in Denville, NJ.Curiously enough, New Jersey is extremely famous for its diners as well. With over 500 diners spread across the Garden State, NJ is home to more diners than any other state in the U.S. Offering traditional diner fare in addition to unique things like Gyros (due to the large Greek population), a NJ diner is a perfect place to get a sense of what New Jersey cuisine is all about.New Jersey also has a long love affair with the hot dog. Be sure to try a “ripper” from Rutt’s Hut, a world famous deep fried hot dog that bursts apart from the hot oil it's cooked with.

Bed and Breakfast New Jersey FAQ

    Why Stay at a Bed and Breakfast in New Jersey?

  • A bed and breakfast is perfect if you’re looking for a boutique feel with caring and friendly hosts that are passionate about making your stay everything you dreamed of. Who wouldn’t like that?! Innkeepers tend to have inside knowledge about hidden gems around the area, whether that be restaurants to dine at or local attractions that most other tourists miss.A bed and breakfast in New Jersey might have an ocean view, be inside of a Victorian home, or have some other unique feature that makes your stay extremely memorable. Imagine your weekend getaway being at the perfect, charming, cute spot nestled near the Atlantic Ocean or minutes away from an exciting Atlantic City casino.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a New Jersey Bed & Breakfast?

  • New Jersey bed and breakfasts come loaded with luxurious amenities that’ll make you wish your vacation never had to end. The quaint nature of a bed and breakfast means you’ll get the attention & care that’s missing from so many larger hotel chains. Expect a quick check-in, free wifi, and easy parking at almost every bed and breakfast in New Jersey.Many of the b&b options feature a Jacuzzi or whirlpool tub so you can relax after a long day of activities or sightseeing. Sit back, relax, and take a deep breath while you soak in a private bath as you get ready for the next day!Of course it wouldn’t be a bed and breakfast without a mouth watering home cooked breakfast. and many of New Jersey’s finest b&b’s cook you a hot breakfast every morning!Parking is always a headache when it comes to larger hotels and nobody wants to deal with that on vacation. Rest easy knowing that a NJ bed and breakfast has you covered when it comes to parking.The smaller and more manageable properties mean you’re always the center of attention, and always taken care of!

  • How can I get around New Jersey?

  • New Jersey is blessed with some of the best transportation options around that’ll suit whatever method of travel you prefer. International airports, railroads, buses...you name it and NJ has it. Newark International Airport is smaller than the large New York airports but still offers tons of flights & routes to every part of the country.Amtrak also runs through New Jersey with 6 different stations and connections to lots of different routes available in the state. Check out this page for more information about Amtrak stops.The good ole’ trusty rental car is always an option if you think you’ll want to drive around and explore on your own schedule.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in New Jersey?

  • There are a wide range of amazing bed and breakfast options to choose from in New Jersey. If you’re looking for a tranquil, elegant b&b with top notch amenities we recommend theWoolverton Inn in Stockton, New Jersey. This inn is set up high above the Delaware River on ten acres of pristine park like grounds. For a perfect spot to launch your daily activities from, you can’t do much better than this. Even better? This is one of a few pet-friendly bed and breakfast in New Jersey. You really can’t beat that if you’re trying to bring your furry companions along with you.If you’re exploring Southern New Jersey, theQueen Victoria Bed & Breakfast in Cape May is the spot to be. Nestled right in the center of historic Cape May, you’ll be located just minutes from beaches, restaurants, shopping, and the best of everything the town has to offer. The Queen Victoria features fireplaces & luxurious whirlpool tubs, wifi, and all of the modern conveniences you could ask for, yet still keeps the charm of a Victorian house.One of the best bed and breakfast in NJ is theWhistling Swan Inn in the Skylands region of New Jersey. Set in a restored Victorian house, the inn features an outdoor gazebo for casual glasses of wine, a lovely waterfall, and a veranda with a garden to enjoy your breakfast outside.

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