Maryland Bed and Breakfast

Maryland Bed and Breakfast

Maryland Bed and Breakfast

Maryland bed and breakfast is the best way to experience the beautiful state. Maryland is a favorite travel destination that has something to offer for everyone. Visit some of the best bed and breakfastMaryland has to offer for a memorable vacation.

Explore Bed and Breakfasts In Maryland

You’ll find lots of unique options for accommodations when making travel plans. The beach is steps away at the Sandaway Suites & Beach in Oxford. Or enjoy a traditional stay at the Inn at Huntington Field Creek in Rockford. Don’t miss a chance to spend time in Baltimore, and Rachael’s Dowry Bed and Breakfast make it easy to explore all the local attractions.Visit some of the favorite Maryland travel destinations like Baltimore, Chesapeake Bay, Chestertown, and Eastern Shore. Each location has bed and breakfast accommodations nearby lots of things to do during your stay.Get out and enjoy sightseeing around town, exploring Maryland’s natural landmarks, or relaxing on the beach. The Chesapeake Bay is a fun place to visit with incredible scenery and recreation in the bay. Baltimore has plenty of maritime heritage to explore, as well as museums highlighting the state’s art and history. Annapolis has lots of bed and breakfast options near the United StatesNaval Academy.Maryland is the perfect destination to visit if you’re traveling with family or as a couple looking for a getaway. You’ll have modern amenities, a great location, and you’ll indeed feel at home.


  • Maryland has a lot of history to discover during your stay at the bed and breakfasts. You’ll get to immerse in some of the history by staying in traditional inns built in prior centuries.Maryland is a part of the DMV region. It was part of the original 13 colonies in the US and the 7th state added to the Union. Its location along the North-Southern border shaped a lot of its history. It experienced a lot of turmoil during the civil war era. You can see many landmarks preserved across the state.The maritime history is one of the most significant that lead to the state’s growth. The Chesapeake Bay played a major role in population growth and transportation of goods.Although Maryland is a small state, you’ll be amazed at how much there is to discover.

  • Activities

  • Staying at bed and breakfast in Maryland gives you the perfect vacation experience. You can tailor your trip exactly how you want by exploring waterfront destinations to major cities. And there are lots of destinations to choose from.Sightseeing in Maryland is one of the favorite tourist activities. There are plenty of ways to sightsee. Explore the local cities or taking a scenic drive. Baltimore and Annapolis have lots of landmarks around the city. Baltimore has historic ships and rich maritime heritage. Annapolis is home to landmark colleges.There are several scenic byways where you can get an appreciation of the state’s scenic beauty. The most popular routes wind around the Chesapeake Bay.Exploring the state’s rich history is also fun. There are lots of historical sites and towns that shaped Maryland into what it is today. Take a walk through the historic village of Princess Anne to see the preserved architecture. Explore the Annapolis Historic District with locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places.There are plenty of museums around Baltimore worth checking out to learn more about the state’s history.Maryland is a fun place for outdoor recreation. You can enjoy some time on the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay and Ocean City.

  • Natural Features

  • Maryland is one of the smallest states, but it has such a diverse landscape. Many people consider it to be one of the most naturally diverse states in the US. Take a day trip from your Maryland bed and breakfast to experience some of the incredible natural features nearby.One of the most famous destinations in Maryland is the Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay is a large bay featuring many counties lining the coast. The bay was instrumental in early transportation. It now offers picturesque views from the coast. There are lots of scenic drives to explore the extensive coastline.There are several rivers in Maryland, such as the Potomac River, which feed into the bay.Check out some of the popular state parks located in Maryland. Patapsco Valley State Park, Susquehanna State Park, and the Rocky Gap State Park are excellent for outdoor recreation. You can see some of the natural landmarks like lakes, forests, and waterfalls. The favorite activities include hiking, biking, and camping.Maryland has several beach destinations. The most famous beach is Ocean City, but if you want a place with a bit more exclusivity, try Assateague Island, off the Maryland coast.

  • Things to Do

  • Maryland has plenty of incredible destinations to choose the best bed and breakfast experience. It’s a diverse state with something for everyone to enjoy their time. Whether you’re looking to experience the outdoors, culture, or history, there are many things to do in every location to fill up your travel itinerary.Explore the major modern cities like Baltimore, for culture, sports, and entertainment. Annapolis is home to the US Naval Academy. Visit a place like Princess Anne, a town filled with historic inns and Victorian mansions dating as far back as the 1800s.The Chesapeake Bay is one of the most popular areas for tourists in Maryland. Cruise on the Chesapeake Scenic Byway to pass through towns such as Rock Hall and St. Michaels. The waterfront destinations are perfect for escaping the big cities and enjoying incredible views of the bay.The Lower Susquehanna Scenic Byway is another alternative. You’ll get to see iconic landmarks like the Concord Point Lighthouse in Havre de Grace.Before heading to the Eastern Shore, you can visit Chesapeake City to see the historic Chesapeake and Delaware Canal built in the 1800s. It’s considered the gateway to the Eastern Shore, where you’ll arrive at Chestertown. It's one of the top destinations in the region. It’s known for its staple Maryland seafood. Visitors can take foodie tours to discover the best crab and oysters in town.If you prefer a relaxing Maryland vacation, plan a stay in an Ocean Citybed and breakfast. It's the state’s top resort city. It’s thriving with tourist attractions like the beach, boardwalk, and a theme park. It’s a fun place for enjoying water activities from swimming to kayaking.

  • Weather

  • Maryland has different weather trends depending on where you’re staying in the state. For the best weather in all locations, visit during late spring to early fall.Maryland is known for its long winters, but the summertime makes it well worth it to hang around till the season breaks. The temperature in the summer averages in the mid-80s with mild humidity. You’ll have long, sunny days to enjoy the outdoor attractions in Maryland.The winter season gets very cold, especially in the state’s northern region. Temperatures average in the 20s, and there is always a chance of snow.Most travelers staying in Maryland bed and breakfasts come between May to September. The summer is the most popular time to book accommodations. Be sure to make reservations early to guarantee your stay in your preferred location. Many places offer free cancellation in case plans change.

  • Food and Drink

  • Although the restaurants will change across Maryland’s different cities, you’ll soon find that many of the popular foods stay the same. Maryland has many local food staples that you’ll have to try during your stay in a Maryland bed and breakfast.These are the top Maryland dishes that you’ll find in most destinations:CrabPit beefSmith Island CakeOld Bay SeasoningYou can’t visit Maryland without experiencing the various crab dishes. Crab is the most popular dish in the state, especially near the coastal locations, such as the Chesapeake Bay. The crabs are sourced locally, so you’ll always get to taste the fresh seafood. Marylanders enjoy crab in several ways – crab cakes, crab legs, crab chips, etc.Pit beef is a style of meat that originated in Baltimore. It’s prepared by grilling beef for a crispy texture on the outside and rare on the inside. Order it like the locals as a sandwich. The meat is cut into thin slices with sauces and toppings.Maryland designated the Smith Island Cake as the official dessert of the state, thanks to its popularity. Finish every meal with the multi-layered cake held together by chocolate fudge icing.One of the most common ingredients used in Maryland is Old Bay seasoning. Whether you’re dining in at your accommodation or eating at one of the restaurants around town, it’s common to see food covered in the seasoning. Marylanders love to put it on chicken, crab, popcorn, and even in alcoholic beverages.

Maryland Bed and Breakfast FAQ

    Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Maryland?

  • Maryland offers a wide range of bed and breakfast accommodations for all types of travelers. You can explore bed and breakfast options across the state in some of the top locations, including Baltimore, Chesapeake Bay, Chestertown, and Ocean City. Plan out your ideal weekend getaway or travel as a couple for a romantic getaway.The accommodations provide authentic experiences from historic inns in Victorian mansions or a modern waterfront inn. You will wake up to a delicious continental breakfast served daily before heading out to the nearby attractions to enjoy sightseeing, recreation, and more.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Maryland Bed and Breakfast?

  • Maryland bed and breakfasts are perfect accommodations for your trip. You will find historic inns in small towns or stay in a waterfront inn overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. You can find the best bed and breakfast to fit your travel plans.Each guest room has lots of amenities to make you feel at home. It’s a step above the typical hotel experience to ensure that your trip to Maryland is memorable. Some of the amenities standard in the bed and breakfasts are private baths, free wifi, and even an onsite spa.Breakfast is one of the highlights of staying in the accommodations. Head down to the dining room every morning to enjoy a continental breakfast. You can request a gourmet breakfast in your room for special occasions.Many places offer free cancelation, so book today!

  • How can I get around Maryland?

  • Maryland is easily accessible for all travelers regardless if visiting from nearby in the DMV or internationally.One of the best ways to travel to Maryland is by plane. Several airports service different parts of the state. The main airport is the Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI). You can also travel to out-of-state airports like the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport or the Dulles International Airport that may be closer to your bed and breakfast.Many public bus and transit systems connect to the airports.If you’re planning on traveling around Maryland, or even exploring the city around your accommodation, consider renting a car. You will have more flexibility in getting around and have opportunities to ride along the scenic byways.

  • What are the different types of B&Bs in Maryland?

  • The best bed and breakfastMaryland has to offer will fit your travel plans – with so many options. It won’t be hard to find your favorite. Browse to find top accommodations in the best travel destinations in the state.Bnbfinder offers the best collection of accommodations. The extensive offerings include bed and breakfastwestern Maryland accommodations, bed and breakfast southern Maryland accommodations, bed and breakfast Cambridge Maryland accommodations, bed and breakfastMarylandEastern Shore accommodations, and much more.Sandaway Suites & Beach is a popular choice for a romantic bed and breakfast. Maryland is perfect for a getaway, and you’ll have plenty of comforts. SolomonsVictorian Inn is a favorite bed and breakfast set in a historic inn. You can also find bed and breakfast options in Ocean City, Maryland, one of the top travel destinations in the state.

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