Delaware Bed and Breakfast

Delaware Bed and Breakfast

Delaware Bed and Breakfast

Delaware is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It shares boundaries with Maryland on the south and west; Pennsylvania on the north; and New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. The state is named after Delaware River. The river is in turn named after Thomas West, who was the 3rd Baron De La Warr, and first Colonial governor of Virginia. Though it is the second smallest state in the whole of US, it is spread over beaches. Of course, this is not far-fetched since it peeps into the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware River and Delaware Bay. Apart from its boundaries, its baby cities are also blessed with nature and landmarks. With Colonial landmarks in First Stage Heritage Park; river-fronts, parks and restaurants of Wilmington; as well as  the beauty of nature in Fenwick Island, Delaware is nothing less than a cute haven of beauty.

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Needless to say, Delaware is one city with several breathtaking sights to behold. A tour through Dewey beach, Cape Henlopen State park, Bethany Beach and the Georgian-stye Old State house will make a good idea for a get away. As a tourist, there's no better way to get the best of a destination than living like a local. Thus, your first option of accommodation should be the Delaware bed and breakfast option. There are awesome Bed and Breakfasts near Delaware and within. The hospitality services are topnotch, giving you the best lodging experience possible. You can also get Delaware Bed and Breakfasts depending on the location and theme you want.


  • Before the colonial chapter in Delaware, the area housed the Eastern Algonquian tribes known as the Unami Lenape, or Delaware. Though they lived mostly along the coast, other tribes may have occupied small portions of land in the Western and Northern parts of Delaware. In the early part of the 17th century, Delaware phased into European colonialism. The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle in the land. They set up a trading post at Zwaanendael close to the site of Lewes in year 1631. Delaware grew with the influx and control of Europeans. It however began to hit an economic decline after about 100 years. This was due to the mass emigration of Europeans. The natives then switched to slave trade and tobacco production to sustain the economy. Fast-forward to the American Revolution, Delaware seemed to be comfortable with British government. As such, the province was not exactly at the fore-front of he revolution. The only heated confrontation in Delaware was was the Battle of Cooch's Bridge, fought at Cooch's Bridge in New Castle County, on September 3, 1777. After the American Revolution, statesmen from Delaware pushed strongly for a powerful central United States with each state equally represented.

  • Activities

  • Delaware is one state that is inundated with beaches, parks, and historical sights. Therefore, the first thing that comes to mind is spending some time at the waterside. You can visit some of the exotic restaurants lined up on the boardwalk of Rehoboth beach, or just sit along the beach and enjoy the bliss. You can visit the Warrington site or the front porch. You should also see the dune heaps at the Cape Henlopen State Park of Dover. It is particularly popular for the tower within. The tower brings back the military memories of Delaware. Surfing is another activity you want to try at Fenwick Island State Park. Just in case you can't surf, you can watch others ride on the waves as you swim. You can visit the Winterthur Museum and look through the old estates, gardens, and art works. There's the Hagley Museum popular for gunpowder mills and the prominent Du Pont Family history. Still, on history, Delaware Seashore State Park exhibits old artifacts of the good old 1876 house. It's no doubt that one tour around Delaware could make you a better student of history.

  • Natural Features

  • Delaware is one expanse that is richly covered with water. Expectedly, most of its natural features are closely related to water. Going up north, you see hills rolling through the upper part of the New Castle County. Scenic rivers and creeks, inland bays and bay beaches reflect the sunset at evenings. The great cypress Swamp also mirrors the beauty in greens, while the dunes and beaches adorn the boundaries of the Atlantic ocean. The sharp sulphur smell of salt marshes and the ancient rolling hills of Piedmont reveal plants and their state in life and death. However, nothing reveals the splendour of plants and trees like the wild forests and upland grasslands. While the still ponds and beaches abound with fishes and aquatic animals, the wildlife holds beasts in their variety. The soil is also fertile for farming, which explains the population density of farmers in the area.

  • Things To do

  • While it is quite popular to visit Lewes Public beach, you should also try some fishing and beach-combing at Cape Henlopen. More historic activities include Creeking through Brandywine or looking through the old sculptures and the Pre-Raphaelite pieces of the Delaware Art Museum. You can visit Wilmington to see North Carolina, the Historical Battleship of World War 2 Naval combat. Milton, Milford, and Bethany beach are beautiful towns that you want to tour as well (Mind you, Bethany Beach is sandwiched between Fenwick Island Tate Park and Delaware Seashore State Park). You must also check out the amusement park and arcade of Funland. With all these and more, Delaware is the perfect spot for all the fun

  • Weather

  • Delaware is a rather warm region. Summers can get really hot and humid, except for areas close to the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, snowfalls are rather rare episodes in the area. The rains come in heavily in spring, though daytime rains can be mild and endurable. The fall is mostly awarded the best season around Delaware. Visitors come to Delaware between early June and Late August. There are usually fun activities and lots of people to meet. September to November can also be a good timeframe for visiting.

  • Food and Drink

  • It is almost impossible to visit and leave Delaware without tasting some seafood. You can grab some Caopriotti's Bobbie for either sandwich snacks or breakfasts. You can also munch on some fries or blue crab as you move through the boardwalk or bays. What is a visit to Rehoboth beach without the traditional Nic-o-boli? Taste pizza in an entirely different form at the beach. Filled Taffy, slippery water dumplings, chicken, and peach pie are other meals you want to try out. Dogfish Head beer, snow-cones and frozen custard are popular Delaware drinks you should taste during your visit.

Delaware Bed and Breakfast FAQ

    Bed and Breakfast Delaware FAQ

  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Delaware? A tourist will hardly rent an apartment simply for a tour. That's a no-brainer, right? What seems like a hard nut to crack is finding the "home away from home" experience. The first way to get such experience is to find a home right? This is exactly what beds and Breakfasts in Delaware offers. From the moment you check-in, you can already feel bewitched by the warmth of home. You can also be assured of a good night's rest with the excellent interior of the rooms. Beds and Breakfasts Delaware has got you covered for any style of b and b you want. You can explore all possible options, including victorian houses. Depending on your location in Delaware, the features of your bed and breakfast may also differ. You can find BnBs near cape Henlopen state park, Dover, Milford, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Milton, Wilmington, Fenwick Island, or Lewes. Maybe it's an arrangement of vacation rentals, but bed and breakfasts give you a homestead in them.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Bed and Breakfast Delaware?

  • As you plan your getaway, bear in mind that your bed and breakfast will most likely provide you with free wifi accessibility, air-conditioning and private bathrooms in the guest rooms, some vacation rental packages upon check-in, full breakfast, free parking, and a dining room. It's an entire house without a living room. The innkeeper mostly does the cleaning too. Worth the deal right?

  • How can I get around Delaware?

  • There are several options for transit in Delaware. Your choice of transportation will largely depend on the distance between your location and your destination. If you stay within a walking distance of any of the parks or beaches, then strolling is the best option. If you're considering a tour around the entire state or a part of it, renting a car will be better. This gives you the opportunity to tour at your own pace and bond with the environment. You can also grab general cabs or more private ones like Uber. These are better for one-off outings. There are at least 8 airports scattered all over Delaware. You can book your flights through any of them.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Delaware?

  • Beds and Breakfasts around Delaware beaches and beyond are created to meet your specific needs. Ranking top of the charts is Rehoboth Guesthouse, The Bellmore inn, and spa, as well as Towers bed & breakfast.  The Homestead at Rehoboth Bed and Breakfast, Savannah inn, and Blue Water inn are other awesome options to explore. There are romantic bed and breakfasts, oceanview BnBs as well as pet-friendly ones. You can also get location specific, speaking of Bed and breakfast around the Delaware River or Bed and Breakfast near the Delaware water gap and beaches. There's a long list to make your pick from. Simply reach out to BnBfinder today!

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