Crescent City Sounds: How to Enjoy Jazz and Southern Hospitality in New Orleans

Chimes Bed and Breakfast In New Orleans, you’ll find that music is at the heart of everyday life. This bustling city is known as being the birthplace of jazz, making it reign supreme when it comes to being a top … Continue reading

Some B&Bs are Made for the Movies

Sometimes an escape from your hectic life is in order. But, if you can’t just stop, drop and roll out of town, try getting lost in a movie. From exotic filming locales to 19th-century wardrobes, movies have a way of … Continue reading

Sound of Music

Just because Mardi Gras is over, doesn’t mean the party has to stop. New Orleans will be in full swing on April 17-19 with its annual French Quarter Festival. The free outdoor music celebration, famously known as, “The World’s Largest … Continue reading