Cool Classes Alert: Catch Fishing with Fletcher at Spencer House Bed & Breakfast

It’s time for this month’s edition of Cool Classes Alert! These are educational experiences our inns offer that you need to know about now. This month we’re baiting the hook (so to speak) and reeling you in with a package … Continue reading

B&B's for the Star Wars Leads

So…you might have heard about a little movie headed to the theaters next week called “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” To say this is a highly anticipated release would be a major understatement. We also suspect that the main leads … Continue reading

Take Your Baby Bro: Johnny Drama-Approved Mancations in Honor of Entourage

Almost four years in the making and it is finally here- the new Entourage movie. While your Sloan and Eric withdrawals have been mounting, your patience has nearly paid off.  Why not reward yourself (and some of your own entourage) … Continue reading