While it’s unfair to classify B&Bs as “cluttered with needlepoint pillows, ceramic figurines and garden gnomes”, the opening of Chateau La Rue and Tori Spelling’s new reality show Tori & Dean: Inn Love is getting a lot of press.  But will the media frenzy surrounding the show help or harm the Bed & Breakfast Industry’s image?  Share your comments about the reality of the show in our bed & breakfast blog.

For those asking about the show, here’s what we know so far about Tori & Dean: Inn Love:

Tori & Dean: Inn Love premiers Tuesday, March 20th on the Oxygen Network at 10:30pmEST/9:30c.  The reality show, about the couple becoming innkeepers, is filmed at a California B&B, Chateau La Rue, which was recently opened by Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott with the inheritance Tori received from her father.  Oxygen’s website describes the show as: “Tori & Dean work on opening the hippest B&B in the universe, we watch the couple as they try to adjust to small town life, befriend their neighbors, renovate their new inn, learn to run a business, plan a gala grand opening and become first time parents… all the while continuing to pursue acting roles and develop their careers”.

Does anyone really think innkeeping on a daily basis is entertaining?  Will the reality show Tori & Dean: Inn Love present running a bed & breakfast in a realistic light – that remains to be seen – and we welcome your comments…

39 thoughts on “Inn Love With B&B’s

  1. I think the show will be funny, so I plan to watch, but I don’t think it’s going to reflect today’s B&Bs in a good light. I have stayed at many B&Bs, but have never stayed at any with gnomes!  Most even have luxury amenities, not needlepoint pillows.

  2. I agree that not all b & b’s are frilly, especially the one that they took over. I ought to know, I helped to decorate and run it. It had very high end furniture, and was modeled after Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. The entire Manor has period pieces, as well as busts and pictures of our past presidents. I completely renovated the Carriage House in Tuscany colors and beautiful granite countertops and Italian leather furniture, far from frilly. However, Tori & Dean are great and entitled to their opinion. I hope that their show is a succes, all the better for me.

    Ex-Proprietor Oak Creek Manor
    Now known as: Chateua La Rue

  3. We plan to watch this show as it will effect how the public views Bed and Breakfasts. We sure hope it is a positive effect, but since it is Hollywierd, chances are it won’t be.

    I would love to announce that we have NO GARDEN GNOMES or CERAMIC FIGURINES here! We do, however have a 130 foot porch with large maples out front to sit and have your morning cup while out Mockingbirds and Carolina Wrens put on a show for you!

    Come and tap yer toes in Blue Ridge Country!


  4. As fairly new innkeepers, I do think that the show will be entertaining, and will generate curiosity which may lead to bookings. Our first month as innkeepers we had many funny events, and many near-calamities and surprises. Add a young couple to the mix who haven’t had a lot of experience with the public and a baby on the way and it is bound to be entertaining–to us if not to them! One guest wound up peeing on the floor of our luxury suite when curiosity got the better of him and he opened a cabinet above the commode which knocked the lid to the toilet closed in the middle of his business, another blessed a group marriage vow renewal ceremony with loud and frequent bouts of flatulence. Another insisted on ketchup for my thick maple bacon and gourmet praline french toast. I will watch at least one episode to see how they fare.

  5. I’ll be interested to see the show but I imagine that they’ll have plenty of staff helping them out, coupled with the fact that they have an enormous amount of disposable income I can’t imagine the show being representative of most innkeepers experience. Most of us work REALLY hard and with limited income.

  6. I can’t wait for the show! I am hoping it will be in the light of Bob Newhart’s show on B & B’s back then-which was soooo fun! Gnomes are fine! It’s California, anything goes! Believe me I come from a town of B & B’s and most of them have needlepoint pillows (not ours though). I am sure Tori Spellings B & B will have luxury amenities also and I think it will show B & B’s in a good light; and encourage even more young hip people to stay at B & B’s and not hotels!! We have a young clientele at our B & B and we love the young people – they don’t seem to complain as much as the older ones.

  7. I think the show will be far from reality. Before becoming an innkeeper I worked in the television industry for than 20 years. I would like to inform viewers that they should be aware of everything; yes EVERYTHING that appears on television may or may not be real or true. Television original mission was to inform and entertain. These days the emphasis seems to be more on the entertaining rather than informing. A better title for the new series might be “Fantasy Island 2”.

  8. I think it is great what they are doing. Hope alot of guest will want to visit B&B inns after they watch the show. Running an Inn is alot of work . Not like the Bob Neuhart show years ago. But still very rewarding owning and running an Inn. If in Maine look us up at the Inn At Long Lake in Naples Maine. See you soon we hope

  9. I would like to watch the show at least once if my schedule allows it, usually can’t plan much of anything being an innkeeper.
    The show could be entertaining to innkeepers, don’t know about the general public. But almost every guest we have is curious about our wonderful life, and wonders if they could ever become innkeepers. This show will undoubtedly show the less attractive side of innkeeping, plus the hilarious and entertaiing side as well. All innkeepers should keep a journal and someday write a book.

  10. Reality TV has become the norm these day’s and it was only a matter of time for us innkeepers to get in the spotlight. We too hope that this will bring folks out to stay in BnB’s more. Our inn is the typical homey, country cozy mom and pop operation in New Hampshire. We do everything ourselves and have a German Restaurant ran by a chef/owner that is self taught. Totally different from the California elegance that it sounds like they will have on the show. We do have German Figurines here because it matches our theme. We are going to watch it for sure! I think it will only help our industry.

  11. I’m sure the new show will not reflect the real life of a real innkeeper (24/7 for weeks on end). That would be tooooo scary. However, I do hope it will generate more interest in B&Bs both from a reservation point of view as well as a sale point of view. My husband and I have been innkeepers for almost 4 years, we have seen everything and and some things that couldn’t be shown on TV. I loved Fawlty Towers — that show was a real hoot and I also have the show on CDs. My moto from Fawlty Towers “1 down 20 to go.”
    Nadine Hermann

  12. I have long believed that as innkeepers we have two issues that plague our business. First, the travel experts that counsel their followers to contact innkeepers and negotiate, never accept their established rates. While I know, even locally, that we have innkeepers that love to negotiate with potential guests over the telephone or in person, this is not the image of ourselves as innkeepers that we would prefer.

    The other myth that I believe plagues our business is the thought that a bed ad breakfast is a home where little Billy has gone off to college and his parents are renting out his room. The innkeepers (the parents) will get up early and take their showers so you can have the bathroom to yourself a little later in the morning.

    If this “reality” show helps dispel that myth then it will do our industry a great service. If it casts us in a light similar to that portrayed in episodes “Everyone Loves Raymond” or “The King of Queens” then I will be very disappointed.

  13. We are very interested in seeing the show. Lets do reality in MAINE, especially during the winter.

  14. Other than the media blitz, I have found it difficult to find a decent description of their inn online. Most of the information I have found is one big press release inviting folks to watch the TV show.

    If the only way potential guests can find the inn is via Hollywood press releases, I hope that the reality TV wannabes don’t come out of the woodwork to extraordinarily challenge these famous rookie business people in the hospitality industry. It can be tough enough from regular, every day people without having the latest diva or jerk trying to become famous by being extra quirky or a royal pain in the butt just to get on TV.

    As reality TV has proven, conflict sells. The new innkeepers and their staff will surely have their hands full with ‘guests from hell’. Nice people rarely get more than a cameo on reality TV. Only 5 of my 20,000 guests are on the black list. I’ll bet they pass that number by the end of the month!

    I am eagerly awaiting a website that promotes their inn over promoting their TV show. They will quickly find out how difficult the business can be without fame on their side. We innkeepers will get new insite on how a Hollywood marketing team can promote or change the industry.

    I wish them luck and hope that they are able to convey a positive image to our industry.

  15. I think anyone that would take anything Tori Spelling was involved with seriously is a couple of french fries short of a Happy Meal. Besides, her audience is more of a trailer park croud.

  16. I honestly don’t think anyone can take this programme seriously – does Tori look like she cleans the toilets! From looking at the website and the booking process I suspect that guests will be “hand picked” for their suitability Oh wouldn’t that be wonderful!

  17. Well it’s about time for a “reality” show for us B&B owners…who are we kidding…Entertaining? Maybe. Realistic? No. Well, except for the cameras, the lighting, the caterers (to the “Spellings”), and more than likely the Inn itself…sure! Lord, what did I do with that caterer??? I can’t function without my caterer???

    I’m ready for my close-up Mr. D’Mill!

  18. I sat next to Dean & Tori at the CABBI workshop in Jan where they were “learning” what they were in for- The funnest thing to me was their idea that they were just going to “move” from room to room based on occupancy, baby stuff and all!
    I think it is going to be quite funny!

  19. I wish them all the best and while I am sure that they mean well, the fact that it is a “reality” show makes me think they are just acting to generate interest. I hope they show innkeeping as it really is (despite the above) and that not all inns are “frilly”, and have gnomes in the garden, or are “musty and dusty”. Even in our 1902 Queen Anne (the Albert Shafsky House in Placerville, CA) the frills are kept to a minimum. B&B’s today are attracting all ages, and if this generates more guests (for all of us, not just them), then it is a win for all innkeepers.
    One note, they need to get a real website–how can you even find the inn, without the help of the Oxygen promos. Most reservations are made online today, particularly by the crowd they say they want to attract.

  20. Well! Not true as Tori said tonight that “B&B’s are all old and dusty and full of people’s antiques…” Our Lathrop House B&B in Springfield, MA has wireless Internet access, and Australian honey, fresh coffee at 6 a.m for the business traveler, and breakfast till noon for everyone else, movies from Schindler’s List to XXX, and fresh flowers by your bed. So Tori, can’t wait to see how you do it!

  21. When I first heard of this idea, I was a bit surprised that it would be Tori Spelling and her husband. If anything, a couple or individual who puts their heart in soul in to a B&B or Inn with out any other means of income would make a great reality show. That if she has already made a shallow and ignorant statement about B&B’s, oh, boy this will be fun to watch.

    We all know that there are some B&B’s out there that may resemble her description, but to say that, oh, boy… The truth is is reality. People like us, are the ones that make these B&B’s have the heart and soul that is needed to be genuinely a true B&B. Not that Tori wouldn’t put her heart and soul in to it, it justs seems to me that she may not be the only one doing the work…. Like most of us, who are in this business to serve the people and give them an experience of a lifetime, we do all the work.. From home repairs, to landscaping to advertising, etc. “we” are the B&B. I believe that what they are doing is more or less opening a glorified version of what “we” do. I wish them the best and what we will ultimately see is a resort that is labeled as a B&B. Best of Luck. May be they’ll be right up there with the Ritz Carlton!!

  22. The show so far is more NoTORIous than Newhart…exaggerated characters in dramatic situations all buzzing around T and D in true ‘star’ centered reality show fashion. Hardly any shots of Mimi LaRue, though. Good luck to them – the novelty will wear off quickly and they will just be left with hard work and a baby!

  23. I am glad to know that others out there feel as I do that there is so much more to being an innkeeper than was alluded to in the first episode of this B&B so-called “Reality” show. Come on, get real you directors. Tori and Dean as actors must take direction from producers and directors so blame for a terrible show cannot rest solely on them. I hope prospective bed and breakfast guests aren’t as ignorant as Tori seemed by her comments or this show will not help our industry garner guests at all. I haven’t visited the site for this new B&B yet, but have enjoyed visiting others who have made comments. Come visit A Bed and Breakfast The Golden Haug in Iowa City, Iowa at http://www.goldenhaug.com.

  24. Just what we need, another tv show telling us what real(-ity) life is all about! I am too busy vacuuming, dusting, turning the compost pile, etc. at our bed and breakfast to watch reality show silliness. Reality for us this week is cheering on an attorney guest who is helping her clients sue the state of Florida for sexual harrassment. Not cutesy enough for tv, but it’s real life. Who is Tori Spelling, anyway? Tom at The Jenks House Bed and Breakfast

  25. Tori and Dean’s description of the accommodations at the B&B they stayed in Canada; “old, dusty, musty, and filled with old antiques,” is a far cry from what today’s B&B’s, particularly in California, are like!! It’s evident to me that not only do they not “know” the “Bed & Breakfast world” of today, but they have a lot to learn about running one as well!!!

    It would help the B&B industry if this young couple could portray a more realistic view of an actual bed and breakfast experience. I extend an open invitation to them to come and stay at my Inn so that they can get that experience first-hand at no cost to them. It’s to everyone’s advantage that our industry be described and labeled for what it is and not for what everyone thinks it is.

    Note: I have owned a 7-suite Inn and been an Innkeeper for 18 years, doing it almost entirely by myself! In November, I was called by one of the producers of the reality show asking me if I would be interested to lease my Inn to them for the show; I refused.

    The opening episode of “Inn Love” was very “blah and boring,” to say the least, and even though I will not waste my precious sleep watching another, I wish them well. I know how difficult it is to make it financially, and the hard work and sleepless days involved, so I truly wish them well!!!

  26. The reality show about a new B&B will be interesting! Already they have said B&B’s have old stuff… Our B&B, the Colonel Taylor Inn B&B, was built in 1878 and as a historic Mansion we choose to furnish it with some old in keeping with the period and many new reproductions for comfort with an antique feel and all the amenities of today. Our Inn does have private baths and very up-to-date with wireless internet… Bed & Breakfast Inns are all different and unique which is part of their ambience which draws people to them. I find them cleaner, more comfortable and quieter than any motel so I prefer to stay at B&B’s myself. There are Historic B&B’s, newly built B&B’s, modern B&B’s, theme B&B’s and so on… so they are not all filled with old stuff as mentioned at the beginning of the show. Those that enjoy the historic Inns, find ours a warm and welcoming retreat that soothes the soul! A little research and one can find a B&B to suit every taste!

  27. The first show was extremely boring and uninformative. I sure hope it gets better! It seems just another negative blast against what a B&B really is from uninformed people. My inn caters to the upscale traveler, both personal travel and business travel. Not a gnome around here! I wish I didn’t stay up so late to watch it (10:30pm) as I had to get up early to make breakfast for my guests. I would love to see them really doing work. I used to love watching Newhart, but they never did any work either. For a real upscale b&b experience, and actual work done by a real person – Thurston House, Maitland, FL .

  28. I watched it and it was very entertaining. When the accountant asked them, when approached about this idea “Do you have any idea how much money it takes to open and run a Bed and Breakfast?” I laughed. Then he said, “What if a toilet is stopped up, do you even know what to do? Do you know how to use a plunger?” I laughed again.

    Not sure how much of this show is “reality” of buying and operating a Bed and Breakfast, versus “reality” of the pickle this actress and actor husband had gotten themselves into by foolish choices. I wish them all the best and maybe learn some down-to-earth realities of living and working in the ‘real’ world.

    …where we have a plunger and are not afraid to use it!!

  29. This whole thing strikes me as their effort to promote themselves & stay in the press. The inn’s web site (such as it is) states that staff will take care of you since Tori is on maternity leave. I’ll watch another episode to see if they actually talk about the true reality of running a B&B, but won’t stick around if it’s just more footage of cleaning out a warehouse full of designer clothes. It would be nice to have a show that was about the true reality of running a B&B with some real innkeepers, but I guess Oxygen needs these pseudo-celebs to garner viewership. If these two really want to have a quality innkeeping business & it’s not just about the hype, I wish them well.

  30. Oh my. Having grown up on 90210, I had to tune in to see what Tori Spelling was up to now. I immediately was struck with the obvious fact that she hadn’t bothered to ever visit many B&Bs – even in her own state.

    “Making B&Bs hip for our own generation”. Yeah. I’m 3.5 years YOUNGER than Tori. I’ve been an innkeeper for 9 years (since I was 21!) I’ve met many innkeepers in their 30’s with small children. The majority of my guests in those 9 years at two different B&Bs on opposite sides of the country have averaged 30 – 35 years of age. Tori is behind the times!

    It’s too bad Tori didn’t do her research and discover very “hip and chic” places like The Inn at Parkside in Sacramento. My place (also in California) does have some antique piece, which certainly must qualify as “old people’s stuff” – but our cottages feature many over-the-top amenities.

    It’ll be interesting to watch, although almost entirely for the “completely clueless” entertainment factor! And hopefully it’ll get more people interested in visiting (and buying!) B&B’s!

  31. from reading all these comments, 1 thing is pretty clear to me:

    many of u r as ignorant about tori & dean as they r about b&b’s. hypocrisy is so sad.

  32. As I am reading new entries, and preparing for the spring listing specials, I feel that the entry submitted by Meredith is just inappropriate. What exactly do you have to say again about the show?????? Congratulations! You are better than all of us.

  33. Wow, all these inkeepers are taking this waaaaay too personally! The show isn’t about running an inn. It’s about Tori & Dean. No one is tuning in to see how an inn is run. They are tuning in to watch Tori & Dean, whatever it is they are doing! I enjoy watching their lives as a newly married couple, newly expectant parents, and a couple who is making their dream come true, whether they are the experienced know-it-alls that all of the other people posting blogs here claim to be. I wish them all the luck in the world and hope their B&B does well. Even if it doesn’t, as long as they are happy running it, that is all that matters! I would rather watch Tori Spelling try to run a B&B than watch Paris Hilton act like an arrogant spoiled brat on Simple Life anyday! Good luck Tori & Dean! 🙂

  34. Alright everyone – this is a call to all those UN-hip and UN-Chic people out there, in other words “real” people. We would love for the “real” people to stay with us, those hipsters and chich elites need not apply. (Sorry hipsters)

    The entitlement generation is just too much work for those who appreciate antiques and true character. Claiborne House – yes I am from Southern CA and Yes I am about the same age as Tori Spelling…

  35. PS This IS a Bed and Breakfast website – so duh we are discussing this show in light of — you guessed it – Bed and Breakfasts. :O)

  36. What about the latest news that the reality show isn’t real….big surprise!. It has been documented that they actually have never purchased the bed & breakfast and it is still actively on the market.

  37. They never even bought the inn! In reality, there is no reality. Some great detective work by a local writer turned up the fact that the Spellings have never purchased the inn, nor has it been sold in the past three years.

  38. I have watched the show a few times (on satellite I can usually catch a rerun, a few bits at a time here and there) and I am amazed at how each time they have an upcoming event there at the B&B, they seem to be hours away from guests arriving and they have not even begun to prepare the site, food, rooms for guests, etc. I would be dead of a heart attack if it was just 2 or 3 hours from a wedding and I was not completely set up and just crusing my banquet facility (also a B&B) to make sure that everything was perfect for the 10th time.

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