From clothes being thrown out of suitcases to knocks on bedroom doors during the middle of the night, all kinds of super-natural occurrences have been reported at Bed and Breakfasts and we want to hear about the paranormal experiences you’ve encountered!  With over 200 haunted Bed & Breakfast Inns around the country, we invite you to share your pictures, stories and comments about haunted B&Bs. Be sure to post your comments and experiences below.

Guests of the Brook Forest Inn and the apparition of Jessica the Chambermaid

Above: Guests of the Brook Forest Inn and an apparition of Jessica, the chambermaid.

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  1. Our ghost has been seen by a few very sensitive people who consistently describe her as young, lovely and sweet looking.
    My favorite guest story happened two years ago. She was sleeping in the room with her fiance when she looked to the end of the fourposter bed and saw a figure watching her. She said she thought to herself,”isn’t that sweet, my fiance loves me so much he is standing there watching me sleep.” With that she heard the toilet flush, and realizing her fiance was in the bathroom, she quickly looked again at the figure at the end of the bed. She saw the young woman who then faded quickly from view. Our guest told us the young woman is very peaceful and a loving presence!

  2. Eve, the young gal who occaisionally visits the Red Garter (an 1897 vintage former bordello and saloon) seems to seek the attention of the ladies sleeping here by lightly brushing an arm or by pushing on the bed, much like a small child not wanting to scare her mother might. The men, however, have reported a beautiful, Hispanic young lady in a lace nightgown seemingly wandering around the room and then drfting off without any interest in them…

  3. Ghosts and Charleston tend to go hand in hand–no one in the downtown area is particularly alarmed to hear of pesky apparitions and ghost sightings–it is rather expected! Being that this house was built in 1843, it has had its share of people passing away in or around the property. Most employees of the inn report “funny feelings” in some of the rooms–which can make service an issue! We have two rooms in particular that seem to have actual apparitions dwelling in them. These rooms are located behind the main home in the carriage house. On our website we have every report ever given to us, so be sure to visit and click on the Ghost Sightings button for more detailed information. In room #8 dwells what has been dubbed the “headless torso” because the sightings of this gentleman have been from the bedside and the guest was unable to see the ghost’s head. This apparition seems to be from the Civil War era as he was seen wearing a heavy, burlap grey coat commonly seen on soldiers in the war. He has a bit of a hostile “vibe” and has been known to whisper, “go away!”
    In room #10, on the other hand, is the apparition known as the “Gentleman Caller.” He is thought to be the son of one of the 19th century owners who jumped from the roof to his death. He is fond of our female guests and is seen as a grey-suited young, handsome man. He crosses next to the bed through the closet door (on the other side of the closet wall is the main home). He is a prankster and in some cases, has crawled into bed with women and placed his arm around their shoulders.
    We have several rooms that have had sightings of “energy orbs” and various, unexplained occurances such as cell phones turning off and on, water running in the bathrooms, lights turning off and on and shutters in the windows opening and closing on their own. For a truly “haunted Charleston” experience, the Battery Carriage House can’t be beat!

  4. *Haunted Ohio V, dated 2003, by: Chris Woodward… With additions, changes &
    corrections made by Patricia Irvin:

    Chris Woodward contacted me about adding us to Haunted Ohio V as she had
    seen us listed on one of the Haunted Inn/B&B websites. I told her I felt we
    had a ghost in our Inn – she said “Do not tell me anything about it until I
    tour your Inn and do some research at the library – then I will tell you if
    you have ghosts and who you have living with you. I said, that sounds fine
    with me. She stated that she had a gift of being able to see ghosts; her
    father & grandfather also had that gift… I thought how fascinating! When
    she returned from the library, and told me who our ghosts were, I was
    amazed. I said I knew I had a ghost, but not a whole family of them… There
    have been many occurrences prior to and since she came and we have learned
    to live with them peaceably most of the time.


    The house known today as the Colonel Taylor Inn was an astonishingly
    elaborate structure even for the 1870’s, with multiple porches rich with
    spindles and turnings, gingerbread-laced gables, a porte-cochere, oriels,
    and a massive cupola. The lawn once held a strawberry tower, croquet lawn,
    gazebo and fountain. Once known as “the House on the Hill,” it is a
    splendid sight in its original colors duplicated today: pale yellow, forest
    green & Burgundy wine. This is a happy house, a lively, masculine kind of
    house-like the man who built it. Colonel Joseph D. Taylor. Col. Taylor was
    a man of substance. He was a teacher, lawyer, and prosecutor. He owned a
    newspaper in Cambridge, and a bank. He fought in the Civil War, served as a
    4-½ term U.S. Congressman, and was close friends with Presidents Hayes,
    Garfield & McKinley. As befitted a man in his position, he wanted a house
    that would reflect his status. The Victorians entertained a great deal and
    one’s visitors needed to be properly impressed by the magnificent décor and
    lavish entertainment. A gentleman’s home reflected his wealth and taste,
    boasting indirectly (for directly would have been vulgar) of his education,
    his cleverness in business, and his accomplishments. Owner/Innkeeper,
    Patricia Irvin met me at the door dandling the infant son of one of the
    housekeepers. In her navy jumper and sensible flats she has a refined
    English complexion and gracious warmth. Patricia said “she and her
    husband, Jim moved into the “Taylor Mansion” in December 1999 after it had
    stood empty for two years due to a court battle. I fell through the front
    porch, there was no heat in the front of the house and there were lots &
    lots & lots of work ahead of them before we could open the Inn. We put in
    all new heat, central air (which it never had), upgraded and added all new
    wiring & plumbing…and that was just the beginning, the list goes on…” “When
    we first moved here, I was by myself. I had moved around quite allot due to
    my husbands job with the Dept of Justice so I was used to it, but I knew I
    had a ghost here! I would get cold chills & the hairs just stood up on the
    back of my neck – I could feel its presence. It took some time to get
    adjusted to having this presence with me.” The house’s details are
    stunning: the original lamps on the newel posts, tall pocket doors, eleven
    foot ceilings with original plaster ceiling medallions & crown moldings on
    the first & second floors. Eastlake brass hinges and hardware throughout,
    some with original keys, stained glass roundels painted with dainty birds
    over the doors. Eleven original fireplaces all working, inlaid flooring in
    the foyer and a built-in hat coat rack, which is unusual. Beautiful
    built-in bookcases with glass doors in the library…and so much more.
    Patricia is fortunate in having original photos of the rooms as they were
    decorated and furnished. She also has a portrait of Col. Taylor hanging in
    the hall. He has the beard and the look of President Garfield, who, along
    with Presidents Hayes and McKinley were known to have visited the house.

    I started up the stairs lined with family photos. The first room I saw at
    the top of the stairs was a king-sized bathroom with it’s own fireplace.
    Something whizzed along the floor. I blinked. The same something whizzed
    through the wall and into the next room, an immense bedroom with a
    four-poster bed. The movement was so skittery and unexpected; I stared, and
    then began to laugh. It was ghostly cat. Patricia smiled when I told her.
    She knew just who it was. Samantha was a grey and white tabby, one of a
    litter of wild cats that Patricia’s husband and son found and fed with an
    eyedropper. “The cat bonded with us. It never went far away. You could go
    the door, whistle, and she’d come running.” Samantha was the only animal
    Jim & Patricia let sleep on the foot of their bed. She is now gone, but
    since her death they have both felt what feels like Samantha walking across
    the foot of the bed and laying in her usual place. There are times when
    we’re lying in bed when it will shake gently in kind of a rocking motion,
    like someone rocking us to sleep. We have a heavy four-poster bed and the
    motion cannot be duplicated by us. Across the landing in a small room with
    a nautical motif, I saw a little boy, perhaps 8 years old. I think he was
    wearing a sailor suit, but I was chiefly focusing on his face, which was
    distorted in a grimace as he blew me a raspberry and waggled his fingers
    over his ears. Altogether a rude little boy!

    The plain blue-painted boards of the servants’ staircase contrasted with the
    exquisite carvings on the main stair. The stair was in shadow and I
    flinched as I looked down the dizzyingly narrow stairwell. I caught a
    glimpse of a servant in a long skirt and apron, carrying a tray, catching
    her foot on her skirt and failing. It didn’t seem to be a fatal fall, but a
    painful one, now captured for eternity like a recording played over and
    over… The top floor had been used as the servants’ quarters and for
    storage. Other than a pair of new French doors, Patricia says, the
    arrangement of the floor is all-original. In the central sitting area, I
    saw a heavy-set woman in an apron. She was very disapproving that things
    were not as they used to be. I got the impression that she was a
    housekeeper, but it is possible that she was Elizabeth, the Colonel’s first
    wife. Elizabeth was used to hard work and didn’t put on airs. A
    housekeeper might have complained that the servant’s quarters had been taken
    over by a big-screen TV, a four-poster bed, exercise equipment, and a
    laundry. Elizabeth might have complained that her children weren’t living
    in the house because “that women,” the second Mrs. Taylor, had disinherited
    them. Elizabeth A. Hill was a Quaker. Her two brothers were conscientious
    objectors during the Civil War, yet she chose to defy her heritage to marry
    a soldier. By all accounts it was a happy marriage. During their
    long-distance, she wrote him witty letters, embroidered slippers for him and
    worried. Colonel Taylor, as Judge Advocate of the Department of Indiana was
    often in danger from those he prosecuted and she feared for his safety. She
    reveled in her husband’s political career and said later in life that she
    was happy to have escaped the “self-satisfied” smugness of her New England
    home. When she was dying she told her daughter, “God has given me an easy
    life to live and an easy death to die.” Elizabeth had a fortune of her own
    and willed everything to her husband, expecting that he would take care of
    their children.

    Instead, in time-honored fashion, Taylor married a much younger
    schoolteacher who had grand social aspirations. He and his new wife spent
    very little time in Ohio, preferring to live in Washington DC or Cambridge,
    Massachusetts. Taylor’s daughter, Gertrude is harsh in her criticism of her
    stepmother. In her memoirs, she praises her mother’s dedication to her
    father’s interests, lauding her as a true helpmate. She has nothing but
    quiet scorn for her stepmother who expected to be waited on and reaped the
    financial rewards of Elizabeth’s labors. According to Gertrude she “spoon
    fed” her delicate son through college. Gertrude married in 1894. Her
    father, who was living in Washington, opened the house especially for the
    wedding. She wrote, “I thought of my mother constantly in the gaiety of
    that week. The whole place was hers, every inch of it spoke of her – she
    was the spirit of our “new house” which had meant so much to me. And now
    another woman owned it all, and she took possession with a kind of
    ostentation that was galling.” When Colonel Taylor Lay on his deathbed in
    1899, he asked his new wife to call the lawyer so he could put his affairs
    in order. She fobbed him off with something like. “Oh, don’t worry, there
    will be time for that when you are better.” He died shortly afterwards. She
    and her son got everything. She died in Cambridge, Massachusetts after
    selling off the Ohio property.

    The Colonel would have certainly been justified in haunting his acquisitive
    second wife. But it is said that he returns to this house where he lived so
    happily with his beloved wife Elizabeth and their children. Some smell the
    pipe tobacco when he is around and there is no smoking in the Inn! In the
    1970’s the Mansion was home to a family with eight children. Recently one
    of the boys, came back to tour the house with his two girls. Patricia let
    him take them on a tour and as they were walking up the front stairs
    Patricia heard him say, “And Colonel Taylor walks these stairs…” “We hear
    very distinct footsteps ever since we moved in,” Patricia said quietly.
    Patricia also explained, “I have a niece who was awakened by & saw Col.
    Taylor coming into her bedroom. She had never been told about a ghost. The
    young woman is in her 20s, but is mildly developmentally disabled. “I saw
    Colonel Taylor!” she said, rushing to her aunt. Patricia reassured her by
    telling her that “he’s just watching over us like an Angel!” She still
    won’t come back to visit and neither will her father, Patricia said
    ruefully. Both guests and family have noticed the extra residents at the
    Inn. One guest was going up the stairs, stopped and said, “You have a
    presence here.” Another guest felt “pretenses” in several rooms. Still
    another, standing in the foyer said, “I saw someone go through here and I
    have never seen anything like it – do you have a ghost? Patricia and Jim
    often have their grandchildren to visit. The youngest, a 5 year old was
    sent by the other two to ask about the footsteps they hear ~ “Grandma,
    something funny is going on in this house, we hear footsteps ~ we go look
    and there is no one there!” Patricia said, “Oh my goodness and changed the
    subject as she did not want them to know just yet ~ when they are older.”
    As Patricia and I chanted in the immense hand carved paneled foyer, I looked
    back up the stairs. There I saw a ghostly woman on the landing as if
    waiting to be admired. Patricia suggested that it might possibly be
    Gertrude on her wedding day, but the woman on the landing was taller. At
    the local library genealogy room I looked up the newspaper account of
    Gertrude Taylor’s wedding. Her wedding dress was quite different. But
    perhaps I was seeing the second Mrs. Taylor dressed for the wedding or for
    some soiree.

    Although the moveable furniture is not the same, Colonel Taylor would still
    recognize his old home. His glass-fronted bookcases still hold volumes in
    the library, the fireplaces still have their carved mantles and intaglio
    tile surrounds; the lamps on the newel posts still glow softly, as they did
    on the creamy brocade of his second wife’s gown. Patricia has many plans
    for the house such as hosting weddings along with the B&B rooms. She’s
    ready to handle buffet parties for up to 150 people; and sit down teas,
    luncheons & dinners for groups up to 55 such as bus tours. She also hosts
    fundraisers for community projects. While Patricia mentions that the
    building is a work in progress, that it takes time to build a business of
    this sort, she is too modest to mention that the Colonel Taylor Inn was
    voted by inn-goers as being the Best in the USA for 2002-2003. The house is
    9,000 sq ft with 21 rooms, 6 baths, 11 fireplaces and three porches to
    enjoy. I can’t imagine trying to run it without a small army of servants.
    But Patricia is the kind of h hostess who, you sense, makes it all look
    effortless. “The servants lived on the third floor,” she said with a
    twinkle in her eye. “And they still do!”


    We have many ghostly occurrences at the Inn and now I will tell you a couple
    more interesting ones. The Visitors Bureau in our area brought a group of
    state tourism people to tour the Taylor Mansion and as we were descending
    from the third floor we saw three small pillows lying in the middle of the
    second floor foyer on the rug – on our way up the pillows were each on a
    separate shelf sitting atop my antique quilts – I just said, “ Oh our little
    boy is being mischievous today & put them back on there shelves. Everyone
    on that tour is a believer now! While putting up Christmas decorations in
    2004, we put up a singing Santa from Wal-Mart and before going to bed that
    evening we turned it off and locked all the doors. The next morning, my
    husband, Jim was working on the second floor and I was working on the third
    floor. We heard Santa start singing and Jim went down to see who was here –
    the door were locked and not a sole in sight. We went back to cleaning and
    this happened about five time that morning – I said, “the little boy has
    found a new toy” – Jim said, “I will have to have a talk with him” – and he
    did. It did not happen again… We do enjoy our guests, real and otherwise…
    Our guests have left notes in our room books and some tell tales at the
    breakfast table! ~ they do get a little mischievous at time! Then my
    husband has to have a talk with them, especially the little boy.

  5. The Roosevelt Inn was built opened in 1905 as a public elementary school.We have have several unusual incidents during our ownership of the building. One morning our night manager came in and told us she had seen a young woman in long turn of the century flowing own standing in her room just looking at her and then just faded away. Another incident was with a guest who was staying on the third floor and she was awakened by a PRESENCE she felt. her husband later told us that his wife is very sensitive to these individuals that linger in our relm of existence. He told us that he also awoke sensing someone in the room and his wife told him to go back to sleep that this was a young man who was very nice, if not a bit of a practical joker. We ourselves have had papers thrown into our faces in our kitchen and had all the lights unscrewed on the third floor and had bed spreads pulled off, usually no on is in the bed when this mischief happens. We call him phantom Dennis for the ghost that was on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” TV show, my daughter was a fan of the show and felt it was appropriate since our ghost was not malicious in any way either but just prankster occassionally. He is also very considerate and usually waites till we are in off season to pester us. He has not seen fit to participate in any of our murder mystery nights to date and we are not sure if we are gratefull for that or dissapointed. We do have an old photo when the buiding was boarded up and in the upper floor where one of the windows no longer had a board over it seems to appear as if a young boy is looking out at the street, we have had several people look at it and have told us what they think they see, they always say it appears to be a little boy peering out the window and we just nod not having informed them of our thoughts beforehand. We ourselves are skeptics and not really ghost believers but we have had too many things happen that we can not explain away rathionally. So there you have it.

  6. There have been several paranormal groups (5 now) here investigating and all have found visual and audio recordings at their visits. We have at least 5 spirits – Carl the stable hand who killed himself over love of Jessicda the chamber maid, Jessica the chamber maid who killed herself over the love of Carl the stable hand, a little boy who died of pneumonia at age 10, a little girl who was killed by a carriage, and a bartender also named Carl who died of a diabetic seizure. Most recent incidents include just 2 weeks ago during liquor inventory while the 2 bartenders were talking about wine, all the bottles of wine on the shelf popped off the shelf and onto the ground – amazingly, none of the bottles were broken. On 7/7/07 during a wedding reception, 2 sisters in the Baby Doe suite walked by the cabinet holding a TV, turned their backs for a second and next thing the TV popped out of the cabinet and onto the floor – again, the TV was not damaged. A couple staying the night of a big snow storm on 12/20/06 locked their patio door and room door before retiring for the night to awake the next morning with both doors wide open and the room at freezing temperatures. Another couple on the 3rd floor alone came down to the bar for a drink but were blocked in the hallway by a man who wouldn’t move. They went around him and made their way to the bar to describe their encounter only to see the same man in a picture at the bar. It was Carl the bartender who had just died in that picture. Many guests as well as staff hear children laughing and running in the halls on the 2nd and 3rd floors all the time without any children staying at the Inn. The spirits make themselves known but do not act malevolently – no physical contact. They just like to let people know they are here.

  7. Purchasing Harrison House a year ago was a “dream come true” for me. 10 years of planning finally became reality. I jumped right in, getting to know my house and the business. During the 1st 2 weeks, my life was a whirlwind of new experiences. I got used to the new routine and then began to really experience the house and pay attention to its energy. While cleaning 1 of the rooms, I found a plastic soldier in a hanging light fixture. Couldn’t figure out why it was in the light so I threw it away…BIG MISTAKE! I soon thought that the stress of the move was making me delirious…but pens, paper clips, binder clips and papers were really missing and then turning up later in unexpected places. i also noticed that 1 of the beds consistently had a butt print on the bedspread. I would smooth out the comforter only to later find another butt print on the edge. No one was in the house but me, so who was sitting on my bed?! This continued at random for several weeks, until I finally got used to it and realized that the house had a “spirit.” A couple, who had visited the year before, booked the “special” room that used to harbor the toy soldier. At breakfast, they inquired as to what had happened to the soldier. When I told them I threw it away, they reacted in astonishment. Explaining that the soldier was left by someone years ago and was a guardian of the room and should have remained. They added their own guardian but it did not have the same effect as the soldier. Over the summer, a family stayed with me, mom and dad in 1 room and 2 teen boys in the, now unguarded room. 1 of the boys asked me if the room was haunted, I explained that I had a female spirit who watched over the rooms and played harmless tricks. To my surprise, the young man told me that I also had a young boy and a silent man staying in the room because they appeared to him the night before. Early this fall, an internationally known metaphysics clairvoyant was staying at the house. She told me in the morning that 1 of my “spirits” was jumping on her bed and she yelled at her to go away so she could sleep. Well…this set off a series of disruptive energies in the house. My daughter and I could actually feel the presence of other beings in the house. She was staying in an upstairs room for the summer and on 2 occasions had to come down to our apartment to sleep. She said that the atmosphere in her room was full of spirits and there were people walking up and down the hallway outsider her room and on the floor above. It was too creepy for her to sleep. A week later, a heavy picture fell off the wall, hit the floor and fell over…there was no damage to the frame or glass. Last week a guest, who is proficient in past life regression therapy, was finally able to give me more information on the spirits residing in the house. Without knowing anything about the history of our spiritual events she spent some time “talking” to them. There is a young boy aged about 13 who plays with a set of lead toy soldiers in the room where I, regrettably, removed a toy soldier. He had been a resident of the home in the early 1900’s and died in an accident. He is watched over by a woman and an unrelated man. The woman pops into the room to check on the boy and the man travels from home to home in the area. The man is clumsy and possibly suffers from a mental illness and when he gets agitated he runs into things and knocks objects off walls and tables. A 2nd man is here and he lived in the house when it was a boarding house. He suffered from a lung disease and spent the last years of his life here. When our guest asked him why he had not passed on, his response was….”You can’t smoke in Heaven!” He likes to hang out with guests when they are outside smoking and he enjoys the lively conversations. The 4th spirit is a woman who was possibly the matron of the home or a housekeeper. She watches over the entire house and makes sure that I take care of the house correctly. She is fond of me and very happy that I have taken ownership of the house but she also makes small adjustments to arrangements of knickknacks and furniture. She has a strong presence because we have seen her energy field in many of the rooms. Finally, the house is a safe-house and a portal for many spirits passing through. We continually have new visitors who stop by on their way to other locations. The house is safe, quiet and restful and all of our guests enjoy a good night’s sleep.

  8. Where are these haunted plcaes located??
    I’ve been looking everywhere to find a haunted place that i can stay at over night…

  9. Hi Michelle, there are quite a few Haunted Inns on BnBFinder. For instance if you scroll to the newest blog entries at the top, the Battlefield B&B in Gettysburg is notorious for nighttime visitors. Every year we put up many specials listings for haunted B&Bs that offer tours and ghost hunting packages, it’s just the wrong time of year. I’m going to send you an email with a list of some of our Haunted Inns in your area. Cheers,Michael

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