West Bend Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast

Spend a vacation getaway in a charming bed and breakfast in West Bend, Wisconsin. It’s the perfect destination for a romantic getaway as you’ll be able to unwind in a tranquil atmosphere.

West Bend Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in West Bend Wisconsin

It has some of the best bed and breakfasts in Washington County and has many things to do around town during your stay.

Stay in accommodations like the Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast for  a combination of comforts and convenience. The charming interior décor  creates a warm atmosphere ideal for relaxing. You’ll wake up every  morning to a gourmet breakfast and enjoy attentive guest services for the entire duration.

West Bend, WI bed and breakfasts are perfect for outdoor recreation and sightseeing. You’ll stay just minutes away from the landmark Kettle Moraine State Forest and Downtown West Bend.  Take one of the trails leading from the inn directly into the forest,  or hop in your car and drive into town to explore the historical  landmarks.

There are hundreds of shops, restaurants, bars, and  cultural venues where you’ll always find fun things to do while staying  in your bed and breakfast in West Bend, Wisconsin.


  • The weather in West Bend, Wisconsin,  is very moderate. The summer doesn’t get very hot, but there are cold  winters. The weather is something to consider before booking your West Bend, Wisconsin bed and breakfast because it affects the things you can do during your stay.

    The most popular time to visit West Bend is from June to September. It’s when the weather is nicest. In the  summer, temperatures average in the 70s. It also has long, sunny days  for enjoying outdoor recreational activities.

    Winters in West Bend are cold, with average temperatures well below freezing. There is also lots of snow. West Bend is a wintertime destination for travelers who enjoy winter sports like skiing.

  • Natural Features

  • Wisconsin is located in the northern region of the United States, shaped mainly by glacier activity during the Ice Age. Evidence of glacier remains, and much of the landscape around West Bend is a result of it.

    Two of the notable areas are Kettle Moraine State Forest and the Glacial Blue Hills Recreation Area.  Both locations are predominantly forested with prominent glacial  regions. The sites feature hills and kettles, which are small water  holes made from leftover rice.

    The Ice Age Trail is a 6.5-mile hiking trail through the woodland areas to see the glacial landscape.

    There are over 50 lakes in Washington County. Big Cedar Lake, found near West Bend, is the largest lake in the county. Little Cedar Lake is also a nearby natural attraction.

  • Things to Do

  • Experience the vibrant city life in West Bend, Wisconsin.  There are lots of things to do for all ages that make it a wonderful  travel destination. Check to see what exciting things you’ll find near  your accommodation.

    Downtown West Bend is the main business center.  It’s the perfect area to walk around. You’ll find over 200 restaurants,  boutique shops, and more. There are always events happening Downtown at  any time of the year.

    Connect with the local culture by visiting the Museum of Wisconsin Art. The museum showcases art from Wisconsin artists. Its permanent exhibitions highlight historical to contemporary  art. It also features a gallery for temporary exhibitions from local  artists.

    Outdoor recreation is one of the favorite things to do in West Bend. Visit the Kettle Moraine State Forest, located north of West Bend. The forest covers 56,000 acres and is named for the Kettle Moraine, a unique glacier landscape found within the forest. There are hundreds of hiking trails, or take a scenic drive. It also offers skiing during the winter.

    An alternative for outdoor recreation is Regner Park. It’s a park where everyone has something to do. It includes a tennis court, batting cages, and a baseball diamond. There are many hiking trails and a pond for swimming. If you’re traveling with kids, there are designated kids’ playgrounds.

    See some rare wildlife during your time in West Bend. The Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place to see animals locally. Some of the wildlife you’ll  see are tigers, zebra, wolves, ram, bison, and bears. It offers  experiences like driving through the park and feeding the animals.

  • History

  • Discover the historical landmarks located around West Bend for a glimpse into the city’s past. Visitors can learn about its  natural history and city history since the early settlement era.

    The Ice Age affected many of the natural surroundings in West Bend. Glaciers carved out the landscape and still relevant in places like the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Evidence of early civilizations is found in the various mounds around the county. The artistic mounds were used for various ceremonies and are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    The  population and economy boomed after establishing a local railroad and,  later, with roads. Some of the famous historic landmarks include the Old Courthouse Museum, Old Sheriff’s Residence and Jail, and a historic movie theater that opened during the Great Depression.

  • Activities

  • West Bend makes it easy to have the best vacation with lots of fun activities to  do during your stay. You’ll discover lots of local attractions and  activities near your bed and breakfast in West Bend, Wisconsin. Whether traveling for a romantic getaway or looking for some fun, you’ll have plenty to do.

    Relax and explore the popular areas and venues in West Bend. West Bend has a lot to offer for leisure, culture, and sightseeing. Visit the West Bend Downtown Business Center to stroll the streets lined with shops and restaurants. There are several cultural venues, such as the Museum of Wisconsin Art, that you’ll easily spend a couple of hours.

    If you're traveling for a romantic getaway, you'll find options for a couples massage in downtown.

    There are many natural areas surrounding West Bend, but the best way to see animals is at the Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary or the Riveredge Nature Center.

    Spend some recreational time during your getaway trip. You can enjoy outdoor recreation at any time of year in West Bend. Kettle Moraine State Forest and Ridge Run Park East showcase the vast natural landscape in the region for hiking, biking, climbing, and more.

    Regner Park is a fun summertime destination for playing on the tennis court or swimming in the pond. There are also several hiking trails. In the winter, check out the Sunburst Winter Sports Park for all your wintertime activities like skiing and tubing.

  • Food and Drink

  • Downtown West Bend is the central hub for finding restaurants. You can look forward to delicious meals during your stay at your West Bend Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast. You’ll already wake up to a free breakfast every morning, so explore the town to discover unique eats during the day and evening.

    Some of the must-visit restaurants are:

    • The Braising Pan
    • Casa Tequila
    • Riverside Brewery & Restaurant

    West Bend has several cultural restaurants. The Braising Pan is a tavern-style restaurant that serves German and American dishes.  It’s open from breakfast to dinner, so you’ll be able to enjoy  selections like omelets in the morning or steak at night. Also, come for  the Friday fish fry.

    Casa Tequila is a popular Mexican restaurant. It serves all of your favorite dishes,  including rice and beans or burritos. The best part is that each plate  comes in large portions. Wash down your meal with a delicious margarita.

    One of the best places to drink in West Bend is at the Riverside Brewery & Restaurant.  It’s perfect for a couple’s night out, situated on the downtown  riverfront. It features typical American dishes, but the main reason to  visit is the extensive house craft beer selection.

West Bend Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in West Bend, Wisconsin?

    Check-in to your delightful bed and breakfast in West Bend, Wisconsin, where you’ll experience the perfect getaway. Travel with a partner for a romantic getaway or bring along the family for a relaxing holiday.

    West Bend is the best location for a vacation. It features one of the unique bed and breakfast accommodations in the whole of Washington County. Take advantage of the charming atmosphere and warm hospitality provided by the innkeepers.

    You’ll be a short distance from exploring some of the many attractions in West Bend to immerse in the city’s nature, culture, and history.

  • What are the different types of B&Bs in West Bend, Wisconsin?

    Explore the charming bed and breakfast options. Stay on the edge of the Kettle Moraine State Forest at the Hidden Serenity bed and breakfast West Bend, WI. It’s one of the best bed and breakfast in West Bend, Wisconsin. The inn features luxury rooms with private baths. Hot gourmet breakfast is served daily. It’s perfect for recreation, with pickleballoon courts onsite and hiking trails leading into the forest.

    It’s the perfect place to stay for a weekend getaway.

    Some of the other nearby bed and breakfast accommodations are Decorah Bed and Breakfast West Bend, WI, near Decorah Hills Park, or Washington House Inn in Cedarburg, WI.

  • How can I get around West Bend, Wisconsin?

    The closest airport to arriving in West Bend is in Milwaukee. The General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) is just over 30-miles away from West Bend. You can book a flight to the airport and rent a car to drive into town.

    Renting a car is the best way to get around West Bend. Enjoy free parking at your bed and breakfast accommodation before setting out to explore the city. Downtown is one  of the most popular districts for visitors – it’s a walkable area, so  park your car and walk around to feel the local atmosphere.

    There are many recreational areas in West Bend where biking is also common.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a West Bend Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast?

    Your comfortable accommodation in your West Bend, Wisconsin bed and breakfast waits for you to arrive and check-in. You’ll experience the perfect vacation getaway situated in the tranquil forest setting.

    Guest rooms boast modern amenities, such as free wifi and air conditioning. You’ll have a large, plush bed ideal for a good  night’s sleep. Rooms also have private bathrooms with complimentary  toiletries, towels, hair dryer, and more.

    Wake up to a gourmet breakfast. Enjoy a full breakfast in the dining room or your own room.

    It’s also an excellent location to make it easy to access the local attractions, from the Kettle Moraine State Forest to the bustling Downtown West Bend district.

    Be sure to check for free cancellation or date changes.