Bed and breakfast Walla Walla WA

The renowned wine region of Walla Walla features a wide range of unique offerings. The charming, tree-dotted downtown  Walla Walla district boasts an endless stream of farmer’s markets, concerts,  boutiques, cafes, delicious restaurants, tasting rooms, vintage shops,  art galleries, event spaces, and more.

Bed and breakfast Walla Walla WA

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Walla Walla WA

The rest of the Walla Walla region has been long known as one of the most fertile agricultural  areas in the country, producing a wide range of crops such as sweet  onions, asparagus, wheat, strawberries, and more. The community is most  celebrated for being a famed wine country region that attracts visitors from near and far. Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast options are scattered from the Blue Mountains to the downtown district and span throughout wine country. The best rated Bed and Breakfast Walla Walla WA is Cameo Heights Mansion, set in the heart of upscale wine country.

    Natural Features

  • Walla Walla is home to a wide range of natural parks and wildlife areas. Some of Walla Walla’s geographic features include the Columbia River, Snake River, Blue Mountains, Touchet River, Ponderosa Pines, Banana Belt, and Walla Walla River.  Visitors can stroll through Pioneer Park, Rooks Park, or go fishing.  The rolling hills in the region are home to over a hundred vineyards and  wineries, all of which accept visitors for vineyard tours and wine tastings.

  • History

  • Walla Walla is a Native American name meaning “many waters.” In 1805 Lewis and  Clark were traveling alongside a small river that flowed into the  Columbia River where they met a group of Native Americans. The group  told Lewis and Clark that the name for the small river was “Wallah  Wallah” and the name stuck. In 1856, US Cavalry established a new Fort Walla Walla about 20 miles east of the original river, where the city is now  presently located. For several years in the late 1800’s, it remained the  largest town west of Minneapolis and north of San Francisco. Walla Walla is presently a small city with a population of 34,000. It is known as a  place where small town charm, scenic natural views, world-class  wineries, and a renowned “foodie” scene all come together.

  • Activities

  • There is no shortage of things to do during a stay in Walla Walla, regardless of which season you plan on visiting. Walla Walla wine country is the region’s top attraction, with over 120 wineries and vineyards spread throughout. Many visitors love doing wine tasting at a variety of the wineries, as well as tours of the vineyards. Downtown Walla Walla is known for having one of the most charming mainstreets in the entire country, with an array of top-rated restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and shops to explore. The campus of Whitman College, a nationally recognized liberal arts college in Walla Walla, encompasses 117 acres in a rural part of the region. Many bed and breakfasts in Walla Walla feature a hot tub for visitors to enjoy during the cold seasons.

  • Things to do

  • Walla Walla wine country features over a hundred stunning, upscale wineries and vineyards that  attract thousands of tourists each year. Depending on the time of your  visit, you can visit several of the wineries for wine tasting and vineyard tours, as each winery is different and offers different varieties of wines. The campus of Whitman College, a nationally recognized liberal arts college in Walla Walla, encompasses 117 acres in a rural part of the region. Many bed and breakfasts in Walla Walla feature a hot tub for visitors to enjoy during the cold seasons. Outdoor enthusiasts can  explore the many rivers and lakes in the region, as well as hiking  trails in the Blue Mountains and other nearby mountain chains. The downtown district features  endless shops, cafes, restaurants, and events, depending on the season  of your visit.

  • Weather

  • Walla Walla has drastically different weather for each of the four seasons. Summers  can be scorching hot, while winters can be frigid, gray, and rainy.  Spring and fall are the ideal times to visit. Springtime offers  blossoming fruit trees, wild-flower blooms, and moderate temperatures.  However, wineries offer tastings during all four seasons of the year,  and going during the non-touristy times give you a better chance of  smaller crowds and more private experiences. Any time of the year is a  good time to visit Walla Walla.  If you want perfect temperatures and weather, go during the spring or  very beginning of summer. If you want smaller crowds, go during the fall  or winter.

  • Food and Drink

  • By far the most popular and sought-after drink in Walla Walla is the world-class wine offerings available at the 120 wineries in the  area. As for food, there are a variety of highly-rated pubs, cafes, and  restaurants scattered throughout. Graze is a top-rated lunch destination where you can order a sandwich to-go to bring along during wine tastings. Andre’s Kitchen is another favorite which offers a variety of grab-and-go sandwiches,  ranging from Gyro’s, to Short Rib Tacos, to Seattle-style hot dogs. For  sit-down lunch meals, head to Brasserie Four, a French Bistro that serves up delicious French-style soups, salads, and entrees. For dinner, head to the lively Passatempo for homemade Italian cuisine, or Whitehouse Crawford for fine dining set in an ambient old wood mill.

Bed and breakfast Walla Walla WA FAQ

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  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast?

    Bed and Breakfasts offer a more personalized hotel experience than large chain or commercial hotels are able to offer. Usually bed and breakfasts offer a more flexible cancellation policy and are open to custom requests, as well as providing detailed answers on questions regarding your stay. Walla Walla bed and breakfasts are available all throughout the region depending on your trip preferences. Whether you want a country setting, to stay on a vineyard, or within walking distance of the charming historical downtown, there is a bed and breakfast in Walla Walla for you. Expect spacious en-suite guest rooms, private baths, free wifi, swimming pools, gourmet breakfast, charming dining room, spa tubs, and spacious balconies.

  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Walla Walla WA?

    There’s no better way to experience the unique beauty and charm of Walla Walla than by ditching the commercial hotels and mainstream getaways and by choosing a bed & breakfast instead. Bed and breakfasts in Walla Walla offer a unique, romantic getaway. There are vacation rentals available for all types of travelers, for a weekend getaway, or for longer stays. Bed and breakfasts offer the unique opportunity for a more personalized experience, with smoother check-in, friendly inn-keepers, charming interiors, modern amenities (such as a hot tub in your room!) and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Stay in wine country, near the Walla Walla River, or in downtown Walla Walla, depending on your trip preferences.

  • How can I get around Walla Walla WA?

    Walla Walla is set about four hours east of Seattle and Portland. There are multiple routes to reach Walla Walla. Flights leave daily from Seattle into Walla Walla Regional Airport.The Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco is also just a short  drive away. There are also several bus lines that have routes leading to  Walla Walla. As for getting around Walla Walla,  it is highly recommended to have a car to explore as the region is not  walkable. Getting from winery to winery as well as to the downtown  district requires a car. There are a variety of car rental agencies  available in downtown Walla Walla.

  • What are the different types of B&B’s in Walla Walla?

    There are a variety of luxury farmhouse-style bed and breakfasts scattered throughout Walla Walla wine country.

    Known as the best bed and breakfast Walla Walla WA is Cameo Heights Mansion. This upscale wine country B&B overlooks the quaint Walla Walla River and is well known for being the most romantic B&B in Washington state. It offers 5-star service, modern amenities, and luxury guest  rooms. The onsite restaurant offers a fine-dining experience with a  world-class menu. It is the perfect option for couples seeking a  romantic, relaxing getaway.

    Another top pick is The Barn B&B Walla Walla, which features 7 elegant luxury guest rooms. Each luxury guest room is complete with en-suite bathrooms, private gardens, outdoor hot-water showers, farmland views, and private entrances. Guests can use the heated outdoor swimming pool and hot tub year round. A gourmet breakfast and complimentary family-style dinner are served in the communal dining room. The Barn B&B prides itself on its luxury services and warm hospitality.