Bed and Breakfast Versailles KY

Visit Versailles KY, centrally located on the Bourbon trail and horse country in Kentucky. The popular destination attractions millions of visitors every year to experience the local attractions.

Bed and Breakfast Versailles KY

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Versailles KY

Bed and breakfasts in Versailles KY offer the best accommodations in Woodford County close to all of the best things to do in town.

Versailles KY bed and breakfast accommodations are the best places to stay in town. You’ll have  top-quality guest services and a hearty breakfast available every  morning. Enjoy the serene Bluegrass region in Kentucky with modern amenities for your stay.

You’ll have popular, traditional inns, including Charred Oaks Inn and A Storybook Inn. Or stay on a horse farm at a place like River Mountain Farm.

There are many reasons to visit Versailles KY. The Bourbon trail is famous in the region where you’ll get to tour your favorite bourbon distillery. Also, visit the surrounding horse farms to see award-winning horses. You can also visit the most impressive landmark, the Versailles Castle.

Versailles is located adjacent to Lexington and south of Frankfort - you have easy access to the largest cities. If you’re looking for an excellent Kentucky bed and breakfast, look no further than Versailles.


  • Versailles KY was established in 1792 as one of the most prominent cities in Kentucky’s Bluegrass region. The name derives from the Kentucky bluegrass growing widely in the area which supports many local industries.

    Kentucky bluegrass was discovered to be a superior grazing food for raising horses. The  discovery birthed the major thoroughbred-raising industry to create many  champion racehorses in its history. The landscape of rolling hills is  also ideal for farming and growing grapes.

    Versailles was largely populated in the post-American Revolution, with landmarks preserved from even before incorporated as a city.

    The historical development and significance of Versailles shape many of the favorite tourist activities to do today.

  • Activities

  • Versailles has lots of fun activities for all ages to enjoy during your stay in your bed and breakfast. It’s a destination known for its bourbon and horse – you’ll get to experience both and more.

    Versailles is a stop along the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail, where you’ll find two very popular bourbon distilleries. Wild Turkey and Woodford Reserve welcome visitors to take a guided tour of their facilities. You’ll get  to see behind the scenes of how bourbon gets made locally and even get  to taste samples of bourbon.

    Visit the Blue Grass Railroad Museum to discover the rich railroad history of the region. One of the best  activities to do is take a ride on the heritage railroad on a vintage  locomotive. The 11-mile journey takes you around the vast horse country lined with several major horse farms. You’ll get incredible views of the Kentucky River Valley.

    Versailles is a historical site with lots of local landmarks offering a glimpse into the past. The Jack Jouett House historic site is one of the most famous local attractions of a local hero. Jack  Jouett was a critical figure during the American Revolution, who was  instrumental in saving local leaders. The house is open to the public to  tour the grounds and see how he and his family lived. It also offers  live reenactments of events during the American Revolution.

  • Natural Features

  • Your Versailles bed and breakfast provides easy access to the vast natural surroundings of Woodford County. It’s relatively flatland with some rolling hills to make it the perfect area for lots of local activity.

    Versailles is known as the horse capital of the world. Take a drive just outside of town to see the numerous horse farms that make up horse country. It’s a popular area for equestrian training and thoroughbred breeding.

    The climate and landscape in Kentucky are perfect for growing grapes. Several wineries are located in the  area that offer tours to visitors to walk around the vineyards and see  the process of making local wines. Don’t forget to take home a bottle of  your favorite after sampling them all.

    The Kentucky River is a major water source in Versailles.  It’s a popular place to visit to enjoy outdoor recreation. There are  several designated camping sites along the riverbanks where you’ll have  fantastic views of the river. It’s also great for swimming. You can find  cruise tours along the Kentucky River.

    Just outside of Versailles is the Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary. Visit the attraction to explore a  protected area for birds and wildlife. You’ll get to enjoy various  nature trails around the area, horseback riding, and biking.

  • Things To Do

  • Versailles has many fun things to do while staying in a Versailles bed and breakfast. Add a few activities to your trip itinerary to guarantee a fantastic time in town. Most bed and breakfasts are nearby, so you won’t have to travel far to take advantage.

    You have to immerse yourself in horse country by taking a horse farm tour. There are several local horse farms open for tours – one of the top farms is the Sun Valley Farm. Take a  guided tour of the family-owned farm to learn about its history in  thoroughbred racing. You’ll walk around the large open fields where the  horses roam and even visit the nursey to interact with horse foals.

    One of the most iconic landmarks in Versailles is the Kentucky Castle. The castle is inspired by medieval castles in Europe. It’s a  tourist destination for photos, tours, and hosts many events throughout  the year. You can enjoy views of the area from the rooftop.

    You can find some thrill activities like bungee jumping off the Jo Blackburn Bridge. The bridge is located along the Bluegrass Railroad scenic route where passengers can hop off and enjoy views of the bridge. You can bungee jump towards the Kentucky River flowing below it.

  • Weather

  • Versailles experiences all four seasons, with the weather varying significantly  between them. It ranges from hot, sunny summers to cold winters with  snow.

    The best time to visit Versailles is in the spring. It’s not the busiest travel time, but it’s the racing season for horse country. Check availability and book now to get a great bed and breakfast in Versailles to enjoy the events.

    Fall is a beautiful time to visit Versailles because of the changing fall colors. There are lots of scenic nature spots outside of town that transform with the colors.

    The winters are relatively mild compared to more northern states, but it still snows in Versailles. You can expect an average temperature in the 40s for the season.

  • Food and Drink

  • To compliment the southern hospitality, you’ll experience at your bed and breakfast in Versailles. You’ll have some great local options for dining. Versailles has a tasty cuisine to enjoy many of the local favorites.

    One of the unique places to eat is Castle Farms at The Kentucky Castle. Enter the massive castle to enjoy farm-to-table dining with  each of the ingredients sourced from the onsite garden. It’s a great  place to eat for any meal, from breakfast to dinner.

    Many  of the locals recommend eating at Callie’s Homestyle Restaurant for  local favorites. The family-friendly restaurant serves the best country  fried steak and homemade chicken pot pie in Versailles.

    There are lots of places to drink near your bed and breakfast,  but none quite as impressive as Ricardo’s Grill & Pub. It’s one of  the top taverns offering a large selection of bourbons and craft beer.  You can have a round of your favorite drink or experiment with something  new. Grab your drink and a bite to eat and enjoy on the outdoor patio.

Bed and Breakfast Versailles KY FAQ

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  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Versailles?

    From the moment you check in to your bed and breakfast in Versailles, you’ll be invited into a world of world-class southern hospitality. We have a vetting process for each innkeeper and property to ensure you’ll get the best accommodation for your vacation getaway to Versailles.

    You’ll find luxury Bed and breakfasts and award-winning properties that showcase the local charm. Explore the bourbon trail and horse country with inns nearby many of the local attractions. Participate in the  seasonal horse race activities or check out the historical sites around  town, all within proximity to your accommodation.

  • What types of amenities can I expect when booking a Versailles KY Bed and Breakfast?

    Bed and breakfasts in Versailles KY are designed to give you the best stay. Each of the inns provide a  wide range of amenities to make them suitable for all types of  travelers. Whether you’re looking for a romantic couple’s vacation or a  family-friendly trip, you can find the perfect accommodation.

    Whether staying in a traditional inn or a farm bed and breakfast, you’ll have access to modern amenities and technology. All rooms are equipped with free WIFI and a TV. You’ll have your own private bathroom, and some of the suites  offer an en suite fireplace. The large beds provide comfortable sleep  every night.

    Breakfast is included with each stay. You can enjoy a local-style breakfast in-room or in a dining room.

  • How can I get around Versailles?

    Versailles is a small town at only six square miles, so it’s easy to get around during your stay. The closest airport is the Lexington Blue Grass Airport at approximately eight miles away. You can fly into the airport and arrive at your bed and breakfast with just a 15-minute drive along Highway 60.

    Versailles is near many major cities in Kentucky: a 25-minute drive from Lexington and a 22-minute drive from Frankfort, the capital.

    You can rent a car from the airport or rely on taxis/Uber during your stay. Many of the bed and breakfasts offer free parking on site. You’ll stay in a convenient location to walk to many restaurants and local hotspots.

  • What are the different types of B&Bs in Versailles KY?

    Versailles bed and breakfast offers personalized stays for everyone. There are several  accommodations in town to find the perfect place to stay during your  trip.

    Charred Oaks Inn is a traditional style inn in a homely setting with four guest rooms and tailored concierge service. It’s nearby the Kentucky Horse Park and Keeneland Racecourse.

    A Storybook Inn is a historic property built in the 1830s. It’s a favorite choice for visitors arriving on the Bourbon Trail.

    Montgomery Inn BnB is known for its cuisine. Sit out on the front porch to enjoy the warm  weather while eating a Mediterranean-influenced breakfast.

    Experience life on a horse farm when you stay at the River Mountain Farm. The bed and breakfast accommodation is located on an active horse farm expanding more than one hundred acres. You’ll have all the amenities necessary for local comforts.