Bed and Breakfast South Carolina

Congratulations, you made a great decision by considering South Carolina as your bed and breakfast getaway! A South Carolina Bed and Breakfast experience is unrivaled, with friendly southern hospitality, amazing eats, and unmatched history to explore & discover around the entire state.

Bed and Breakfast South Carolina

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in South Carolina

From Charleston to Myrtle Beach to Columbia and across the Blue Ridge Mountains, there’s so much to do and see that’ll you want to keep coming back to the Palmetto State again & again. Your weekend getaway might be filled with exciting Civil War history, or tasting the best of Charleston...or simply lounging on one of South Carolina’s beautiful beaches.

Another fabulous locale is Hilton Head, located in the Lowcountry region of SC. You’ll get a twang of Southern Living combined with the special feeling only a coastal resort town can provide.

Whatever the reason for your holiday, a Bed and Breakfast South Carolina style is the way to go.

    Things to do

  • There is so much to do in South Carolina that it’s hard to fit it into a few paragraphs, but Charleston obviously has the top of the list for sites to see, dining & entertainment, and the beauty of the bay where it lies. Downtown Charleston has some of the best restaurants in the country, and the historic district is chock full of history about this critical state when we look back in time.

    Besides Charleston, South Carolina still has so much to offer. Myrtle Beach is an extremely well known vacation spot complete with gorgeous golf  courses, amusement parks & rides (Skywheel is one of America’s  highest ferris wheels), and of course great Southern eats.

    The Palmetto State also has gems like Folly Beach just south of Charleston, or Landrum which lies in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Greenville is an incredible resort town full of gardens, rails, and amazing museums. Columbia, the state’s capital, showcases South Carolina’s rich history and triumphs and downfalls.

    Trying to check out one of South Carolina’s islands? Beaufort is a great destination to see the old Antebellum Mansions. Located on  Port Royal Island, you might considering adding this spot to the list.

  • Natural Features

  • South Carolina can be divided into three geographic sections based on their landscape  & the natural features that make up the section. You’ve got the  Piedmont, which is a flat plateau like region that is now used primarily  for foresting and farm land. The Blue Ridge Mountains which carry through to North Carolina & Georgia is another distinct  section of the  state (it also contains killer white water rafting on  the Chattooga River), and last but not least the Atlantic Coastal Plain,  which contains major cities like Charleston and Georgetown.

    Since Charleston makes up a large portion of the visitors and tourists to South Carolina, many folks see the Atlantic Coastal Plain area and assume the rest of South Carolina is exactly the same. Not true!

    Explore the entire state to get a full picture of how beautiful SC really is.

  • Food and Drink

  • If South Carolina knows how to do anything well, it’s hospitality and food & drinks.  The food scene is famous and for good reason. Eateries like Wild Olive & Jackrabbit Filly are great representations of the creativity of the city of Charleston, with mouthwatering dishes like fried rice with ham or pork saltimbocca.

    We can’t talk about Carolina food without mentioning Barbeque. Visit Rodney Scott’s BBQ for whole hog barbeque and fare like smoky pulled pork or a juicy ribeye sandwich. Butcher & Bee is another fantastic spot that combines Southern cookin’ with a healthy Mediterranean twist.

  • Weather

  • South Carolina is a fabulous destination partially because of the weather. Although  the summers can be fairly hot and humid, it never gets too cold in the  winter like other vacation spots around the country. Some parts of the  state do get snow (upstate) while the coastal areas almost never receive snow.

    Definitely arm yourself and your family with raincoats because rainstorms are not uncommon throughout the Palmetto State.

  • History

  • South Carolina has a history rivaled by very few states throughout America. As a pivotal point in the Civil War, Charleston was one of the most contested cities in the battle for the country. South Carolina was the first state to leave the Union, and also one of the largest hubs of slave trading activity (which flowed through Charleston).

    Today, Charleston has roared back to become a premier travel destination both  domestically & worldwide for tourists. The thriving food scene along  with a vibrant millennial energy coursing through the city has drawn in  folks from far & wide.

    In a historic action to help rectify their troubled past, the Charleston City Council apologized for the city’s role in the slave trade and condemned it’s history of perpetuating Jim Crow laws.

  • Activities

  • There are so many exciting activities around SC that you’ll want to stop and take a breather once in a while...while  you dine in an incredible Southern restaurant and plan your day’s next  adventure. Charleston offers a ton of great things to do, and one of the best is visiting The  Battery where you can check out breathtaking mansions in what used to  be the hub of activity for ships in-and-out of Charleston.

    Besides walking around historic Charleston and seeing old historic sites, why not kick back on Folly Beach & soak up some rays?! Only 12 miles south of Charleston, tons of families and couples love visiting Folly Beach for its laid back, relaxed atmosphere.

Bed and Breakfast South Carolina FAQ

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  • How can I get around South Carolina?

    To get the full South Carolina experience, you’re probably going to want a rental car so you can  travel through the state at your leisure. If you’re only staying in a  certain area of SC, like Charleston or Myrtle Beach,  then it’s possible to rideshare or take public transportation and just  walk around the city you’re in. If you’re staying in the heart of downtown than you really might not need a car.

    Charleston International Airport (CHS) is a world-class airport which recently  completed a $200 million overhaul that added more gates and a beautiful  interior. CHS is the airport to fly into, although smaller regional  options exist.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking an South Carolina Bed and Breakfast?

    At your SC bed & breakfast, expect a hotel experience at a b&b price, on top of incredible Southern hospitality and friendly innkeepers. The best part about local innkeepers is that they know all of the tricks & rare experiences in your town  or city. They’re locals who care and are integral to the community, so  you’ll find out far more information from then than a larger hotel  chain.

    Modern amenities like free wifi, private baths, fast check in,  and luxurious guest rooms are a given in South Carolina. Many also feature mini spa areas to relax after a long day out in town.

    Many folks book bed and breakfasts just for the dining room experience in the morning, sitting down to a  true gourmet breakfast with mouthwatering meals that rival any  restaurant.

    B&b’s typically have pretty  great locations as well, so you can be walking distance while still  enjoying a little bit of seclusion and privacy at the same time. You  might be staying in the main house of a beautiful Southern plantation, or a guest house by the water in Hilton Head. Either way, your amenities will be top notch!

  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in South Carolina?

    There’s no better place across the United States for a bed and breakfast than in South Carolina. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a romantic getaway, you’ll get that famous southern hospitality and wit that comes with staying in one of the best states in the South.

    Each part of South Carolina offers a different experience, so selecting the right b&b in SC for  you really depends on what you’re trying to do. Looking to go skiing or  hiking some Blue Ridge Mountains trails? Maybe Landrum is a good place to start.

    History more your thing? Charleston and Columbia offer history in droves. If you’re into beaches, Folly Beach or Beaufort might be your jam.

    The Palmetto State has everything you’re looking for and more, and we promise that a bed  & breakfast is the coziest, most charming way to see the state in  full.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in South Carolina?

    As you’d probably expect in a state so famous for hospitality, South Carolina has a range of fantastic b&b options for every type of vacation. Whether you’re just looking for a weekend getaway or a Romantic Bed and Breakfast South Carolina style, there’s a bed and breakfast for you. A historic inn might be up your ally, or a casual bungalow getaway for a base to travel from might be what you had in mind. South Carolina has it all when it comes to choices.

    Palmer’s Pickney Inn is a phenomenal choice if you’re exploring Charleston. Better than any of South Carolina’s boutique hotels,  Palmers is located at the City Market and minutes away  from most of  the city’s best sites. It’s even a pet friendly b&b in South Carolina!

    Here we want to cover the different types of B&Bs available and focus on hitting key search terms for specific queries.

    We  can base this section on total reviews for the search query “best”. If  there is a Diamond Collection Member in the destination that you are  writing about include those properties first.  If there are no Diamond  Members then start with the properties that are listed first on the page  and go down from there.  The reason for this is that the properties  that are listed first pay the most: