Nebraska Bed and Breakfast

Nebraska bed and breakfast accommodations offer an authentic local experience for a memorable vacation getaway.

Nebraska Bed and Breakfast

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Nebraska

It’s one of the best ways to visit Nebraska and check out the local attractions or relaxing in your cozy guest  rooms. The friendly atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome and ready to  enjoy a vacation in Nebraska.

There are a wide range of bed and breakfast Nebraska accommodations. Stay in one of the traditional Victorian-era homes or a farmhouse. Bed and breakfast options like Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast or Baker’s Bed and Breakfast provide a secluded atmosphere ideal for a romantic getaway. You’ll have many updated amenities in each accommodation for a modern stay.

Check in to a bed and breakfast near Nebraska attractions to experience the best that the state has to offer. The  Cornhusker State is full of exciting things to do in the outdoors or  learning about its history. Visit the famous Oregon Trail to see landmark rock formations or spend time exploring the University of Nebraska campus.

You  can enjoy the riverside sights of the Missouri River and immerse  yourself in the cultural scene with lots of art museums in the major  cities. You’ll always be a short drive away from the best local  activities in Nebraska.


  • Nebraska has a storied history dating back to Native Americans inhabiting the  area. After the Lewis and Clark Expedition and other explorations moving  west, early pioneers began to settle in the state.

    Many of Nebraska’s  natural features were instrumental in trade and transportation. The  Missouri River was frequently used, and railroads were established  crossing the state. The Oregon Trail is one of the most famous migration trails that settlers used to move west.

    Visitors can explore much of the state’s history at the various tourist attractions. The Oregon Trail features museums, and you get to see authentic covered wagons used by settlers. Visit the major cities like Lincoln and Omaha to check out historical museums and nearby historical farms.

  • Food and Drink

  • As you travel around Nebraska, you’ll get many of the same food recommendations from the locals. Ask your innkeeper or people you meet in town some of the best foods to try in Nebraska, and you’ll often hear these local favorites:

    • Runza
    • Rueben Sandwich
    • Dorothy Lynch Dressing
    • Red Beer

    Runza is a chain restaurant based mainly in Nebraska.  You’ll instantly recognize the green and yellow sign. It’s known for  its specialty stuffed sandwiches and famous crinkle-cut fries.

    The Rueben sandwich is world-renowned, but its origins come from Omaha, NE. Nebraska gives you a chance to taste the best Rueben in the world. The delicious  sandwich has corned beef, pastrami, and horseradish on rye bread.

    Dorothy Lynch dressing is a brand widely distributed in Nebraska.  You can find it in the local grocery stores and carried by many  restaurants. It’s official a salad dressing, but the locals love it so  much that they use it for toppings and dipping.

    Red Beer is a unique drink to try in Nebraska. It’s inspired by the ‘Big Red’ Cornhuskers of the University of Nebraska. It’s made with your choice of beer and a few shots of tomato juice for color and flavor.

  • Activities

  • Nebraska is an excellent place to spend a relaxing vacation in a bed and breakfast.  It’s a relatively large state with lots of activities for all types of  travelers. Whether you’re looking for leisure, adventure, or discovering  the local history, you’ll find a bit of everything in Nebraska.

    Nebraska isn’t just all cornfields like most people tend to think. There are  several major cities with lots of popular tourist attractions in each.  Visit Lincoln to tour the state capital and visit the University of Nebraska Campus. Explore the landmarks around Omaha, the biggest city.

    There are some smaller towns that make popular day trips during your stay. Stop by Nebraska City to tour inside Victorian-era mansions. Or check out some of the historical farms and museums in Plattsmouth.

    Nebraska lets you experience many outdoor attractions. The historical Oregon Trail was used by early settlers. Drive along Interstate 80 to follow the  trail past unique rock formations and learn about its history. The Nebraska Arboretum is full of scenic nature like ponds, flora, and a water garden.

  • Natural Features

  • Nebraska gets its nickname as the ‘Corn Husker’ state thanks to its position on  the United States’ Corn Belt. It’s a series of states in the Midwest  where corn is predominantly grown. There are thousands of corn farmers  across Nebraska, which is why many people think about endless cornfields when driving through. It’s the largest crop grown in the state.

    Nebraska has more than just flatland. One of the best ways to see the unique rock formations is along the Oregon Trail. Scotts Bluff National Monument is an 800-ft tall landmark used by settlers when migrating West.  Chimney Rock another landmark used for reference. It rises 300-ft tall  and resembles a chimney.

    There are major river systems crossing Nebraska. The Missouri River is the longest river in the US. There are many cities established on the riverbanks, such as Omaha. The Oregon Trail follows alongside the North Platte River that provided resources for  settlers. It’s used for recreational boating like canoeing and kayaking.

  • Things to Do

  • Stay in a Nebraska bed and breakfast near the popular tourist destinations to explore the fun attractions in each city. As you drive through Nebraska, the cornfields transition into modern cities full of things to do during your trip.

    Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska and famous for the University of Nebraska.  You’ll find fans of the ‘Big Red’ everywhere. Join more than 85,000 Big  Ten football fans in Memorial Stadium to cheer on the Corn Huskers. Lincoln also has several museums dedicated to art, history, and quilting. There are green spaces like the Sunken Gardens or walk the nature trails in Pioneers Park Nature Center.

    Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska,  located along the Missouri River. Spend some leisure time relaxing in  the many public parks and riverside attractions. There are world-class  museums and lots of unique architecture to see, such as the Desert Dome and the Santa Cecilia Cathedral.

    Travel in the footsteps of early pioneers by traveling along the Oregon Trail.  The historical trail led hundreds of thousands of settlers west. It  starts in Oregon and runs adjacent to the Platte River – it passes  directly through Omaha. You see famous natural landmarks like Scotts Bluff and Chimney Rock.

    There are some smaller cities in Nebraska nearby bed and breakfasts that are worth checking out. Nebraska City is a town full of historical attractions. You’ll discover homes from the Victorian era like the Arbor Lodge Mansion and Morton Mansion. Walk the grounds and tour the inside of the large houses.

    Plattsmouth is another small town to find some fun things to do. It’s located near the Nebraska-Iowa border. Explore nature in the Schilling Wildlife Management Area or see the historical artifacts exhibited in the Cass County Historical Museum.

  • Weather

  • Nebraska is located in the central region of the US. Overall, it has a mild  climate for each season, but the weather is very unpredictable. Due to  its location, the weather can quickly change from warm and sunny one day  to cold and snow the next. Be sure to bring layers of clothing during  your trip to adjust to the temperatures.

    Fall is the best time to visit Nebraska.  September and October are popular months, with temperatures averaging  in the 70s and a relatively low chance of precipitation. It’s also  football season to cheer on the Cornhuskers!

    Summer is the hottest  season, with temperatures reaching highs of the 80s and 90s. The winter  gets a lot of snow and is the down season for traveling. Many of the  seasonal activities are shut down during the winter months.

Nebraska Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Nebraska?

    Nebraska is an excellent vacation destination to stay in a bed and breakfast. From check-in to check out, you’ll be welcomed into the friendly Nebraskan atmosphere with stylish accommodations and exceptional services.

    You can find vacation rentals in many of the top cities in Nebraska. Stay in a bed and breakfast in Lincoln, Omaha, Nebraska City, Plattsmouth, and more. There are accommodations of all styles. Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast offers a cozy stay in a Victorian home. The Burchell White Hill Farmhouse Inn is a traditional farmhouse with modern amenities.

    You’ll be nearby popular attractions – explore Scotts Bluff on the Oregon Trail, take a leisure stroll through the water garden in the Nebraska Arboretum, or cheer on the Cornhuskers in Memorial Stadium.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Bed and Breakfast in Nebraska?

    Nebraska bed and breakfast accommodations offer amenities for modern conveniences. As soon as you check-in,  you’ll have everything you need until it’s time to leave. The vacation  rentals feature decorative furnishings and nearby many of the top local  attractions.

    Plan out your getaway in one of the top bed and breakfasts in Nebraska. Comfortable guest rooms include air conditioning, free wifi, comfortable beds, a private bath, and more. Many of the accommodations offer free parking on site.

    You  will wake up for a delicious full breakfast every morning served in the  dining room or your room. Many accommodations provide common areas to relax and features like a hot tub.

    Be sure to check the cancellation policy before booking.

  • How can I get around Nebraska?

    Nebraska has several airports in the major cities. The Eppley Airfield (OMA) in Omaha and the Lincoln Airport (LNK) in Lincoln are the biggest airports with many connecting flights to international airports out-of-state.

    The best way to get around Nebraska is by car. Nebraska is a large state and takes approximately seven hours to drive from one  side to the other. Many popular city destinations and attractions are  spread out, so plan to spend some time driving on the major highways  like Interstate 80 and US-34.

  • What are the different types of B&Bs in Nebraska?

    Nebraska has the perfect bed and breakfast accommodation for a vacation getaway. Discover traditional-style inns for a quiet vacation or stay in modern accommodations near major cities.

    Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast is one of the best pet friendly bed and breakfast Nebraska accommodations. It’s located in Nebraska City and established in a historic Victorian home with traditional furnishing. You’ll stay in one of the themed  guest rooms with luxury amenities. It’s a secluded location by a short  drive to the local attractions.

    Burchell’s White Hill Farmhouse Inn is located in Minden in Central Nebraska. The Nebraska Association of Bed and Breakfast has approved it, making it one of the state’s top accommodations. It’s a  working farm that provides farm-to-table breakfast and meals in the  onsite restaurant.

    Stay just minutes away from the University of Nebraska campus at the Westview Bed & Breakfast. It’s located in Lincoln, so you’ll always be a short drive to the local attractions before retreating to your cozy suite.

    The Roger’s House Bed & Breakfast Inn is a favorite romantic bed and breakfast Nebraska accommodation. It offers jacuzzi suites and an in-room fireplace. It’s conveniently located near Lincoln attractions.