Monterey CA Bed and Breakfast

Monterey is one of the most  naturally beautiful places in the world. Located on the Monterey Bay this California Coast town features the Monterey Bay Aquarium,  Steinbeck’s famed Cannery Row, easy access to Pebble Beach, Carmel and  the Big Sur Coast.

Monterey CA Bed and Breakfast

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Monterey CA

Presently, it is the hub of a myriad of commercial activities, ranging from gift item trading to food and hospitality services.

Monterey CA is also the home of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which had a multitude of marine plants and animals on living and interacting within it's bowel.

You can already tell that Monterey CA will be a good getaway destination. Residents at Monterey also know that, which is why there  are several Beds and Breakfasts in Monterey C.A. From Monterey Oceanside  Inn, to Rhodeway Inn, Monterey Pines Inn to Merritt House Inn. These monterey bed & breakfast open up the warmth of California in several ways. With a cozy historic beds and love filled breakfasts, Monterey bed and breakfasts are awesome hospitality options. Monterey B&B bring you round a  moderate family of guests whom you bond with on round tables of  breakfast. There are several BnBs in Monterey. BnB finder is here to  help you find the right one.


  • Before the Spanish began to explore Monterey, it was the habitation  of the Rumsen Ohlone tribe. They mostly lived as hunters and fishermen  even though some of them used to move around to gather food.

    The  Spanish however had their first contact with Monterey on December 16  1602. Sebastian Vizcaino had anchored somewhere in the bay (which is  presently the habor). He decided to name it after Conde de Monterey, who  had just become the Viceroy of New Spain. Since it was a port, it  became Puerto de Monterey. The city of Monterey was therefore named  after Monterey Bay.

  • Activities

  • As a visitor in Monterey CA, you'll definitely look out for fun  activities in the city. One thing you might want to try is a real life  experience of the movies you watch. This time, you just might be the one  who is walking through an aquarium packer up with various water  creatures!

    The monterey bay aquarium is one the must-visit sites in Monterey. If you're going to a city that  sits just by the bay, what else is more predictable than an ocean view?  You should take your time to sit by the ocean if you can and enjoy the  bliss that the waters bring. Speaking of water, one beach you don't want  to miss is the pebble beach. The Carmel beach is also a sight to behold. These are some of the most awesome natural features in the city.

    You can also move slide into Pacific grove and take a tour round it. Visit the museum and scan through the victorian houses in the city as well. Mind you, some if those houses are now awesome bed and breakfast inns. Your visit is not complete if you don't see the butterfly sanctuary, the golf course and the famous lovers point. Furthermore, you could get some gift items in Cannery row for your loved ones. Since the cannery shopping center is now in Fisherman's Wharf, you might as well see it too. Other popular places to visit include Monterey Peninsula and Moss landing. You should also try biking around the city.

  • Natural Features

  • Monterey CA is quite rich in biodiversity. This is why a lot of it's  recreational sites are strongly affiliated to nature. There are the  aquatic creatures of Monterey Bay Aquarium, the water and wind of Carmel River State Beach and Asilomar State Beach, the not-so-large rocks of Point Lobos, the hiking trails  of Garland Ranch Regional Park, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary,  Monterey Bay Coastal Recreational Trail, Bird Rick Vista Points, Scenic  Road Walkway, Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail and many more sites that highlight nature in all it's magnificence.

  • Things to do

  • The first thing that comes to mind when you're a visiting a city is tourism. Yes, tour Monterey! But this time, do it by biking through the city. You can do the Monterey half-day electric scooter rental. You can tour the seaside houses in the fisherman's wharf.  If you are visiting with your lover, or seeking to find one in  Monterey, then the magic of love is what you want to experience. There's  no better place to find it but at the lovers point.

    If you'll rather be alone, then you can sit, or take a short walk along pebble beach, drive through 17-mile drive or carmel beach as you enjoy the ocean view. Monterey is a very aquatic environment, and the Monterey Bay aquarium highlights that part. If you're the retro kind of person, then the victorian houses in pacific grove will interest you. Other parts of Monterey that are worth visiting are cannery row,salinas san carlos monterey peninsula, carmel-by-the-sea and moss landing. Expedia also gives awesome tour guides you might want to check out.

  • Weather

  • It's pretty much expected that Monterey will be a cold region. This is  because it is planted around Water. Between April and May, it's a little  warmer, but summers have the highest level of heat. The rains begin to  visit around October. During winter Monterey has only mind temperature  since it sits in the center of California.  The best times to visit Monterey is during spring and summer. Hotel  prices can actually be cheaper during winter, so you may consider  Monterey as a Christmas destination. Your time if visit mat also be  determined by Monterey festivals and the times they are celebrated.

  • Food and Drink

  • Seeing that Monterey is a marine environment, it's no surprise that  most of the local meals are tied around local food. Chefs in the city  say that they basically edit the Sicilian-based way of cooking, such  that it now capitalizes on fresh fish and other marine produce. The fish  and prawns come pan-fried, blackened, grilled or sautéed with lemon,  capers, and butter. There's also a lot of sandwich and very fine wine.

    LouLou's  Griddle In the Middle, Phil's Fish Market, Aubergine restaurant, Bistro  Moulin, Montrio Bistro, Sandbar & Grill, Whaling Station Steakhouse  are awesome outlets that you can order from or visit in Monterey.

Monterey CA Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • Why stay at a B&B in Monterey CA?

    More often than not, tourists and visitors come around with a hope of  feeling the culture as it is. They want to mingle with locals and do  the things they do. Nothing bridges the gap between a visitor and a  locale like bed and breakfasts in Monterey CA. Staying in a house and having breakfast on a dinning  gives you the home away from home feeling. B&Bs in Monterey are also  known for the warmth and friendliness that guests enjoy. With only few guest rooms,  It's easier to focus on a few guests and give them all your love than  hosting an ocean of guests that you can hardly reach out to.

    The  interior is also enough to take your breath at first sight. As the  colors and furniture smile at you, all you can hear is "welcome home"

    When you check-in to these B&Bs you have enough time to focus on awesome places like monterey bay aquarium pebble beach moss landing lovers point,and carmel beach. Whether you want the ocean view or victorian beds, a neighborhood in pacific grove, cannery row, fisherman's wharf or monterey peninsula, Bed and Breakfasts in Monterey meet your needs perfectly. Since Monterey bed and breakfast make you feel at home, you feel more comfortable to try biking around the city or explore other vacation rentals.

  • What Are the Different Types of Bed and Breakfasts in Monterey CA?

    This strongly depends on your preferences. By popular opinion, Jabberwock Inn, Pacific Grove Bed and Breakfast, Gosby House Inn, and a Four Sisters Inn are some of the best BnBs in Monterey CA. However, you might have some preferences. There are Victorian bed and Breakfasts for those who want a Victorian themed bed and breakfast. Best Western Plus Victorian Inn is a good option. Green Gables inn and Martime Inn are two awesome options for those who want romantic bed & breakfast Monterey CA.

    Pet-friendly bed and breakfasts in Monterey include Carmel Resort Inn, Arbor Inn, Pacific I'm and Bid-a-Wee inn and cottage.

    There are also options that offer reasonable price for bed and breakfast Monterey CA. Pacific gardens Inn, Merritt House Inn and sunset Inn are  other awesome options that some of the lowest prices available

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a bed and breakfast in Monterey California?

    Of course, you get awesome guest rooms with bathrooms ensuite and free full breakfast.  This means you get to cater for your lunch and dinner. However, other  fringe benefits are attached with staying in BnBs. The rooms come with free WiFi working air-conditioning and gourmet breakfasts, there's a check-in option. BnBs in Monterey just give you the best getaway experience.

  • How can I get around Monterey?

    While you can fly in or out of the city Through Monterey Peninsula Airport (also known as Monterey Regional airport), other destinations  are within walking distance. Apart from the scooters for shuttle, you  may also use Ubers or Lyfts to get around. You may need to rent a car if  you really want to explore the heart of Monterey at your own  convenience. You must also enjoy the bliss of walking through the  oceanfront and enjoying the feel of the breeze against your skin.