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Melbourne Beach Bed and Breakfast

The beautiful beach community of Melbourne Beach, Florida lies on a barrier island with long, sweeping shorelines along the Atlantic Ocean. The town is separated from the mainland by the Indian River which offers additional recreational opportunities and stunning scenery.

Melbourne Beach Bed and Breakfast

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Melbourne Beach

Melbourne Beach sits just south of the community of Indialantic and is within easy reach of Orlando,  so day trips are possible. However, you’ll find it to be a much quieter  place to vacation than the bustling metropolis. A number of Melbourne Beach Bed and Breakfasts are located right along Ocean Avenue and offer their guests easy access to the beach. Melbourne Beach is a magical place to take a getaway. Sea Turtles and dolphins can often be spotted offshore, the historic downtown  offers local shopping and dining opportunities, and the sunsets are  simply phenomenal.

Bed and Breakfasts in Melbourne Beach offer visitors the chance to experience the area like a local. Each  morning, you’ll start your day with a carefully crafted, homemade  breakfast, and you’ll sink into luxury bedding as you drift off to sleep  in a uniquely decorated private room. Staying at a bed and breakfast is truly the best way to experience everything that Melbourne Beach has to offer - history, scenery, and of course, miles and miles of unspoiled sandy beaches.

    Natural Features

  • Melbourne, Florida is located on a strip of barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River. This means that opportunities to see and enjoy the water are seemingly endless.
    When visiting Melbourne Beach, you’ll obviously want to visit the beach.  The beaches south of town, like those at Juan Ponce de Leon Landing and Coconut Point Park are a bit quieter and are nice for relaxing away from the crowds. If  you drive all the way down to Patrick Air Force Base you’ll find even  more secluded options. On the other hand, the beaches at Spessard  Holland and Paradise Park both have a bit more to offer in the way of  services and amenities with options like playgrounds, volleyball courts  and food stands.

  • History

  • It is thought by some that Juan Ponce de Leon became the first European to set foot in America at a site near Melbourne Beach, although this is contested by some historians. Either way, Melbourne Beach is the oldest beach community in Florida’s  Brevard County. In 1879, the first hotel, the Oak Lodge was built to  support naturalists and researchers who were coming to the area. Later, a  town was established by a retired Union general. The Melbourne Causeway  was built in 1921 which connected the town to the mainland and helped  the population to grow and made the island more accessible to tourists.  Downtown Melbourne still has many interesting historic homes and  buildings where you can get a glimpse into the town’s history.

  • Activities

  • Melbourne Beach and the surrounding areas along the Space Coast of Florida have a wide variety of activities to keep you busy. Of course, with its proximity to the ocean and the Indian River, there are many water activities available. Fishing is popular, with the Melbourne Beach Pier, the beach at the Indian River Lagoon and Sebastian Inlet State Park all being great places to cast a line. Of course, you could also  charter a boat to take you offshore either on a fishing excursion, or  simply to enjoy the scenery and perhaps spot a sea turtle or two.
    Getting  out on the water in a kayak or canoe provides a chance to see the area  from a different point of view. Birdwatching is popular as many exotic  species call the area home. Of course, you can simply choose to relax in  the sun on one of the area’s fabulous beaches.
    You’ll find a  variety of shops and restaurants in the historic downtown area of  Melbourne, and in other nearby communities. Make sure to try some  freshly caught seafood while you are there.

    Melbourne Beach is just a short drive away from the Kennedy Space Center and is less than two hours away from Orlando. So, there are many opportunities to explore areas further afield.

  • Things to do

  • As it is a seaside town, many of the things to do in Melbourne Beach center around the ocean. Visiting the Melbourne Beach Pier is a must. The historic pier is a great place to view the sunset  and is a nice place to walk any time of day. You can often spot  dolphins. Ryckman Park is another beautiful place to watch the sunset,  and there’s a playground for the kids. Orlando Park offers families with little kids a fun place to play and relax as  it has a lovely gazebo and a playground for the little ones. Coconut  Point Park is a beachside park with a quiet beach that tends to be less  busy than some others in the area.
    After spending the day  enjoying the beach and river, visit downtown Melbourne for a delicious  meal at a local restaurant, or stroll the streets and do some shopping.  Afterwards, you can return to the beach for a moonlit stroll in the cool  night air.

  • Weather

  • Melbourne Beach has a temperate climate with relatively warm weather most of the year.  The hottest months are August, July and September, when temperatures can  be unpleasant for many travelers. March, April and November are the  driest months. The Spring Break month of March is the busiest time for  travelers to visit Melbourne Beach,  followed by the summer months, with the summer months. Hurricane season  runs from June to November with the months of August and September  seeing the most Hurricanes and the most rainfall. Therefore, visitors  may want to avoid these months, although they can be a good time to get a  good price on hotels.

  • Food and Drink

  • Due to its location, restaurants in Melbourne Beach have ample access to a variety of fresh seafood. Therefore, you’ll find many restaurants specializing in fish and seafood. Florida’s  close ties to Cuba and the large number of ethnic Cuban people living  in the area also means that delicious Cuban food is easy to find. Make  sure to try some Cuban coffee, Cuban sandwiches or ropa vieja during  your visit. Immigrants from the Caribbean islands have brought their own  cuisines with them as they've settled in Florida. Therefore, Melbourne Beach and nearby communities are a good place to try a number of different varieties of Caribbean food.

Melbourne Beach Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Melbourne Beach Bed and Breakfast?

    Staying at a Melbourne Beach Bed and Breakfast offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a number of amenities designed to make your getaway relaxing and enjoyable, from check-in to check-out. Just because you are staying at a B&B doesn’t mean  you’ll have to forego technology. Most properties will offer free wifi throughout, including in the guest rooms. Flat-screen televisions are also commonly found in guest rooms.. Free parking is standard as is free breakfast. Most Bed and Breakfasts in Melbourne Beach are oceanfront. Many of them have outdoor pools and some have fitness centers to give guests additional opportunities to relax and unwind.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Melbourne Beach?

    Bed and Breakfasts in Melbourne Beach run the gamut from laid-back beachside bungalows to high-end luxury properties. The Port D’Hiver Bed and Breakfast is one of the best bed and breakfasts in Melbourne Beach. This unique, romantic property with 12 rooms spread across three luxurious buildings, just 200 feet from the Atlantic Ocean.
    The Seaglass Inn Bed and Breakfast is perfect for travelers looking for a unique and personal experience.  The historic property features thoughtfully-appointed rooms, including  one with a private view of the sunset over the river from the balcony.  Another waterfront property, Cane Creek Inn,  offers guests a more laid-back experience with five comfortable and  clean rooms set in an easy-going atmosphere with all the comforts of  home.
    The oceanfront bed and breakfast, Windermere Inn By The Sea is the perfect place to enjoy a Caribbean-style tropical getaway. It’s located just north of Melbourne Beach in Indialantic.  The pink paint job will remind you of the islands, and the on-site pool  is the perfect place to relax. They also offer in-house private  massages and a delicious gourmet breakfast.

  • How can I get around Melbourne Beach?

    Melbourne Beach has its own international airport (MLB) but it is quite small and  offers only a few connections. Many travelers may prefer to fly to Orlando (MCO) as it offers a much larger number of flights. Rental cars are  available at both airports, again, with a larger number of companies  offering rentals out of Orlando.  Once you’ve arrived at your hotel, Space Coast Area Transit offers a  bus service which serves most sites and places of interest in the Melbourne Beach area. The historic downtown area is quite walkable with a number of interesting shops and restaurants in close proximity.

  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Melbourne Beach?

    Staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Melbourne Beach offers many benefits over staying in a larger, chain hotel. B&Bs  offer a personal touch that is impossible to find at a large hotel. The  properties are usually smaller and the innkeepers have a personal interest in the business. Innkeepers are passionate about hosting guests and showing them their hometown. Most of the bed and breakfasts in Melbourne Beach offer sea view rooms, concierge service, private porches, and even some ocean view swimming pools. Guests will enjoy a gourmet breakfast,  often made in-house and crafted from locally-sourced ingredients. The  properties have charming interiors and unique rooms with well thought  out decor designed to provide a one-of-a-kind getaway.