Bed and Breakfast Lititz PA

Welcome to Lititz Pennsylvania in the heart of Lancaster County. Founded by immigrants from Saxony, Germany way back in the 18th century, Lititz is an incredible place to shack up in a b&b while you relax and explore the area.

Bed and Breakfast Lititz PA

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Lititz PA

Today, the town is vibrant with craft breweries, charming little  antique shops, and chock full of well preserved historical areas for  your viewing pleasure.

Bed and Breakfasts in Lititz are cozy while offering all of the modern amenities you’d expect out of  a hotel. Wake up in the morning to a mouthwatering full course breakfast cooked lovingly by your local innkeepers. Litiz is the closest thing to a throwback to the old days that there is! There’s nowhere better to kick back and relax.

Fun Fact: Pretzels came from Lititz. The Julius Sturgis pretzel factory is the oldest pretzel bakery in America and remains active today!


  • Much like the rest of PA, Lititz has warm summers that are really pleasant, and a great time to come visit Pennsylvania Dutch Country.  Bring a light jacket in case it gets cool at night (it often does), and  definitely bring a rain jacket since the rain comes randomly at all  times.

    Winter’s are really cold but also a beautiful time to explore Lititz and Amish country, often with a lot less tourists around. Definitely bundle up because the winter mornings can be cold! Your bed and breakfast will be heated & will be more than happy to keep you cozy in the winter months!

  • Natural Features

  • There’s a reason the original settlers came to this area way back in  the day. Fertile soil, rolling hills, gorgeous valleys, what’s not to  like? Pennsylvania has beautiful wooded areas that reminded European immigrants of Germany & Holland, hence “Pennsylvania Dutch Country”.

    When you visit, you’ll be blown away by Speedwell Forge, and the general beauty of the area as you explore Lititiz and Lancaster County.  We recommend renting a car so you can fully discover all of the  wonderful pockets of the area and the best Dutch Country has to offer!

  • Food and Drink

  • There are some amazing options when it comes to food & drinks in Lititz. For some amazing craft brews, check out Appalachian Brewing Company for amazing local beers and gastropub food. Rooster Street Butcher is the spot for the best sandwiches and burgers around town, and even  more local brews! On top of beautiful burgers, pastrami sandwiches, and  prime cuts of steak, there’s a full butcher shop if you want to cook  back in your b&b!

    Nino’s New York Style Pizza is the best place in town to grab a slice if you’re on the go, or trying to soak up some of that delicious Lititz beer you might have splurged on.

    These are just a few of the fan favorites but be sure to explore and find your own hidden gems.

  • History

  • Lititz is a borough of Lancaster County with a long & proud history dating way, way back in American  history. The town originally began as a community for the Moravian  Church, one of the oldest sects of Protestantism in the world. The area  is famous for being founded by old Morovian Germans, and you’ll see that  history reflected in the German style buildings and the culture around  the town!

  • Activities

  • Exploring Lititz is relatively straightforward if you’re staying in one of the delightful b&b’s around town! Pretty much everything is walking distance so whether you’re exploring Main Street in the heart of the Moravian Historic District or Broad Street with its collection of restaurants and shops, convenience is the name of the game around town!

    As mentioned numerous times, you’re in Pennsylvania Dutch Country! That means exploring farms around Lancaster Country, exploring downtown Lancaster, and discovering how the Amish used to live back in the day.

    Speedwell Forge is well worth a trip with its acres of pristine land to relax on, as well as a wolf sanctuary as well.

  • Things to do

  • There’s so much to do in Lititz that it’s hard to find a place to start. Hershey is famous for Hershey Chocolate Factory, and the factory often does tours and has a mini  amusement park inside the grounds. You can either get tickets online or  your b&b innkeeper will be more than happy to arrange a visit for you.

    Downtown Lititz has charming restaurants and little artisan shops to explore if you’re  trying to have a lazy day around the town. For the more outdoor oriented  day, visit Speedwell Forge Lake and bike around trails or check out Hammer Creek.

Bed and Breakfast Lititz PA FAQ

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  • How can I get around Lititz PA?

    Lititz’s  amazing location means that several large airports are within a couple  of hours drive. You’ve got Philadelphia International (PHL), Baltimore  (BWI), and Ronald Reagen International in Washington D.C. to choose  from. Once you land, you’ll want to rent a car so that you can fully  explore Pennsylvania and Lititz, and maximize your time. Pennsylvania Dutch Country has magical attractions you’ll want to see, and it makes it a lot harder if you don’t have a car handy!

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Bed and Breakfast Lititz PA?

    The gorgeous b&b’s in Lititz offer all of the modern amenities you’d expect in a great hotel, but in a quaint and unmatchable setting. Fast wifi, spacious guest rooms, cable tv, air conditioning and a queen bed are usually standard when you stay in a Lititz b&b. Some of the properties even have whirlpool tubs or hot tubs on offer!

    Of course, with the latest Covid outbreak, check-in can be contactless if you’re trying to avoid exposure of any kind! Your innkeepers will be more than happy to accommodate any special requests or needs ahead of your stay. If you need a larger size bed, every single b&b can upgrade you to a more spacious room.

  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Lititz PA?

    Lititz is an amazing place to stay for a bunch of different reasons. Whether you’re coming to experience Amish Country or exploring Hershey, or simply popping around downtown Lititz, there are so many things to do that you’ll be spoiled with choices for how to spend your time here.

    Many folks come to Lititz just to slow down and relax, and the b&b’s in the area are  wonderful sanctuaries to unwind. If you’re into the outdoors there are  numerous biking trails along with Hammer Creek, where you can grab a rod and try your luck at fishing.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Lititz PA?

    Lititz has some amazing options when you’re narrowing down which bed and breakfast you want to stay at. We highly recommend Swiss Woods, set on 35 acres of pristine land in Lititz. Serving up a full course breakfast in the dining room each day, walking through Swiss Wood’s luxurious and relaxing gardens, and being close to all of Pennsylvania’s wonderful history are just a few of the reasons that this place is a winner.

    Speedwell Forge might be one of the most unique bed and breakfast destinations in Pennsylvania, if not in the U.S. Right smack in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Speedwell Forge is also home to wolves! The wolf sanctuary is within the property limits, and there is also Speedwell Forge Lake to play around during the day. Before you book a PA in Lititz PA, consider Speedwell Forge.

    A pet friendly bed and breakfast Lititz PA might be a little harder to find, so explore your full range of  resources if you’re determined to bring your furry companion with you.

    Whether you’re looking for a romantic bed and breakfast Lititz PA has on offer, or just a family getaway, there are tons of options on! What are you waiting for! Come visit Lititz.