Leicester MA Bed and Breakfast

Leicester, Massachusetts might not be a tourist hub, but it had an appeal. Staying at a Bed and breakfast in Leicester MA might be the perfect peaceful getaway if you want to rest and rejuvenate.

Leicester MA Bed and Breakfast

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Leicester MA

The town sits only minutes from the Worcester Regional Airport and a  lovely rural location. You can venture out to explore nearby Brookfield or other close New England places of interest. You can shop on Main St or simply retreat to one of the Leicester MA bed and breakfast establishments for a personal respite.


  • The roots of Leicester span back to 1686 when it was founded by a group of businessmen. The  town would eventually be incorporated in February of 1713. It was first  referred to as Towtaid and then later called Strawberry Hill because  wild strawberries grew in abundance throughout the region. The name Leicester was given because Leicester, England was the hometown of a townsman known as Thomas Green.

    At  first, the town was agricultural by but in the 1780s it shifted to a  strong focus on manufacturing tools and hand cards. The area’s abundant  rivers allowed mills to thrive, so sawmills, fulling, and grist mills  all become commonplace and helped make the economy of the town thrive.

    Eventually,  as the industrial era died out, the town started to shrink. Nowadays,  the population sits at around 11,000. Work in the region is scarce and  most of the local’s commute to bigger cities and towns for employment.

  • Activities

  • The attraction of Leicester is that it is a rural community in the United States. Extraordinarily little has changed in the community in decades which is part of its charm. You can still drive to the local Leicester Drive-In Theater to watch a movie as townspeople have done since its opening in 1967.

    If  you want to explore a rumored haunted location then you’ll want to  check out the town’s secret Quaker cemetery which was featured in the  book “Weird Massachusetts”.

    Disc golfers will want to play a round of golf at the local Maple Hill which  hosts the Vibram Open and is known for its disc golf store. The 18-hole  golf course features five configurations. Pyramids is another course  that is located at 103 Marshall St, Leicester, MA 01524, and is a favorite for many locals.  If you adore golfing then be sure to check out the Marshall Street Disc Golf Shop for a full supply of disc golf supplies.

  • Natural Features

  • Local Burncoat Pond is a great place to try your hand at fishing. You  can also catch sight of birds and possible wildlife from the location.  Birdwatchers love the trails throughout the Mass Audubon Burncoat Wildlife Sanctuary. Depending on the season, you can view various migratory birds.

    Nearby Boyton Park has  a history that traces back to the 1700s and is home to a training  ground for the militia, an old burial site, and the remains of the  settlers’ meetinghouse. Visitors can walk their dogs or hike through the  lush forestland and view creeks with rushing whitewater. In the autumn,  they can watch the changing colors of the foliage.

    Leicester is well known for its lakes and reservoirs where fishermen regularly  flock. Boating and hiking are also outdoor activities in the area.

  • Things to do

  • Visit Moore State Park which covers 400 acres. From the 19th to 29th centuries the park was  home to a variety of sawmills and grist mills. Nowadays, visitors can  see the picturesque waterfalls and seasonal fields of flowers. The stone  mill foundations also still exist and there is even a restored sawmill  that lets visitors step back in time to learn about the area’s bygone  era. There is a diverse network of heavily wooded trails to explore.

    Visit  the Cooper Hilltop Farm located on  515 Henshaw St, Rochdale, MA 01542  to learn more about an operational dairy farm. The family-owned farm has  been in operation for over a century.

    If you love bowling, stop by the Bayberry Bowling Center for a round of bowling or to play a game of pool. Kids will adore the onsite arcade.

  • Weather

  • Visitors to Leicester,  MA adore the summer months when the weather averages a lovely 79  degrees Fahrenheit. It rarely tops 87 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter,  the weather is cold, wet, and snowy. The mercury can plummet to 4  degrees Fahrenheit but typically holds at around 18 degrees. You’ll want  to bundle up if you decide to visit. The most popular time for tourists  to descend on Leicester is from June through September. Although, some people do come to the  area in the autumn to view the changing colors of the leaves.

  • Food and Drink

  • No trip to Leicester is complete without dining at the iconic Castle. The establishment was opened in 1949 in a stone replica of a  16th-century castle that boasts towers, turrets, and even a real moat.  The Castle is located on Route 9 in the city of Leicester.  It is a fine dining establishment with two dining rooms - the Crusader  which is casual dining in a family atmosphere and the Camelot Room which  is classic upscale dining. There is also a bar and lounge. Be sure to  call ahead for reservations, especially on the weekend when both  restaurants tend to be remarkably busy.

    You’ll find additional dining choices in Leicester such as the Barbers Crossing which is famous for its prime rib. You can choose from indoor or outdoor dining.

Leicester MA Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Leicester Bed and Breakfast?

    If you decide to book a room at Leicester Bed and Breakfast, ask about the amenities that the establishment offers. Located close to Sturbridge many will boast private baths, but others might have shared facilities.  Ask about a fireplace in the room which is ideal on a cold winter’s  night. Most b&bs provide a full morning breakfast to start the day.

    Most bed and breakfasts in Leicester provide free Wi-Fi, free parking, and other standard amenities.

    If you are planning a family vacation then be sure to ask if the establishment is set up for children.

  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Leicester MA?

    There is something charming about staying at Leicester Bed and Breakfast. You can also investigate local vacation rentals which are ideal for a family vacation. Wherever you decide to stay when you check-in, ask the guest services about local attractions, festivals, and things to do in Leicester.

    Most lodging choices offer free parking and free Wi-Fi.  Many establishments have onsite restaurants and others are located near  stores and dining choices. Always call ahead to check about their  current COVID-19 policies. Also, ask about free cancellation. Typically, those working at the front desk will be able to answer your questions.

    If a bed and breakfast is not for your then you can check out other lodging choices like the La Quinta Inn, Comfort Inn Auburn-Worcester, Hampton Inn Auburn, and other Leicester hotels. Many offer a clean room and ac hotel options. You might also want to call around for the lowest prices for a night stay or a week's lodging at a place like a Residence Inn. Depending on the season, many have special offers at select hotels.

  • How can I get around Leicester?

    Ideally, you should rent a car to get around Leicester. Although Leicester is a small rural community, it is not set up well for walking so you  will want an auto. Also, you cannot depend on rideshare services like  Uber in the area so renting a car is ideal in most circumstances. Having  your own auto at your disposal also makes traveling to the outlying New England areas to explore easier.  You can also easily visit Sturbridge Village.

    If you are traveling from Boston to Leicester,  MA then you can take a bus, (line 33) or a bus/train combo (33). Both  take about two hours and forty minutes.. You can rent a car and drive  from Boston to Leicester in about an hour if the traffic is not bad.  You also aren't far to travel in from Westborough, Southbridge, Shrewsbury, Marlborough and Grafton.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Leicester MA?

    The General Rufus Putnam Bed and Breakfast is located in a fully restored 1750 Federal Colonial Home that is  listed on the National Register of Historic Homes. It was a former  museum and home of local General Rufus Putnam. The B&B sits on 7.5  acres of pine forests and rolling meadows. If you are seeking gracious  hospitality in a quiet atmosphere then you’ll enjoy your stay at the  splendid establishment.

    The Jenkins Inn located in nearby Barr is another bed and breakfast option. All the rooms have private baths and a full complimentary  breakfast. You can stroll the gardens during the summer months. There is  also a full bar and lounge with a large fireplace for cold evenings.