Hot Springs Arkansas Bed and Breakfast

For those looking considering a destination a bit out of the ordinary, you won’t go wrong by booking several days at a Hot Springs Arkansas bed and breakfast. Out of the ordinary doesn’t always mean out of the way, but in this case, it’s part of the charm.

Hot Springs Arkansas Bed and Breakfast

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Explore Bed and Breakfast Hot Springs Arkansas Options

No big-city lights, noise, congestion, or crowds, Hot Springs possesses those unique off the beaten path qualities but is still close  enough to major metropolitan centers that you truly do have the best of  both worlds.

Natural features unique to few other spots on the globe in the form of magic springs that burble up from the earth’s depths make this a world-class  destination that draws thousands of visitors all year round. Combined  with ancient mountains nearby, a river that’s more like a lake, and a national forest just north, there are various scenic wonders that play host to myriad B&B choices.

Looking for some silence and solitude on endless hiking trails to calm the nerves and lower the blood pressure? Try a waterfront retreat on the shores of the Ouachita River, just east of the historic hot springs.  Time to get the girl-gang together for a long-overdue chick-flick &  pajama party marathon? Have at it when you rent out the whole house.

Perhaps a family reunion is on the horizon, or you need that special place for an intimate wedding. Choosing just one bed and breakfast Hot Springs Arkansas-style could be the most challenging part of your adventure!


  • Located in the state's cental part, weather is typically  uncomfortable due to the heat and humidity. Summers are long and hot as  moisture from the Gulf of Mexico continually flows north, keeping the air sticky. Hot Springs has elevated dew points because of the proximity of the Ouachita River to the east and Lake Hamilton bordering the south side of the city.

    The  numerous lakes and rivers add to the air's overall moisture content  across the area, resulting in sweltering days and sultry nights. With  the resident humidity and hot summer temperatures, keep an eye out for  those afternoon thunderstorms that can swoop up from the Gulf or pop up  for a surprise.

    Winters are short and typically  mild to cool. With the humidity and dew points maintaining consistently  high levels, dampness prevails throughout much of the year. Visitors  who live in other parts of the Southeast US won’t notice anything  different. But those traveling from drier regions will want to make sure  their B&B air conditioning is in good working order!

    This doesn’t mean the weather in Hot Springs can’t be delightful. Warm spring days spent sunning on the lake or out  taking in the local attractions as the landscape wakes from its short  winter nap make for a memorable weekend getaway. Fall colors every bit  as captivating as New England’s garner attention along some of the  scenic byways.

  • Things to Do

  • In addition to the long list of outdoor adventures available in and around Hot Springs, thoroughbred horse racing at Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort is a major attraction and the home of The Racing Festival of the South. And if an Arkansas racetrack doesn’t seem up to snuff in some equine elitists’ view, it  was ranked fifth among thoroughbred racetracks in the US according to  the Horseplayers Association of North America in 2017.

    And about that name Ouachita (pronounced wash-ee-tah). The mystery surrounding it stems even from its origin. The Native American Choctaw tribe states it means “Big Hunting Ground,” while others claim it means  “Silver Water.” Regardless, while the ancients made their living  hunting and fishing on, in, and around Lake Ouachita, today’s activities have expanded to include boating, swimming, water, and jet skiing as well. Biking and hiking trails are another feature of the lake that has become very popular in recent  years as the well-groomed paths grow ever longer and more creative.

    Back in town, the Convention Center hosts meetings of all sizes. Smaller groups will be comfortable in the  private rooms available, and there is the Bank of Oz arena capable of  handling thousands. Art galleries and museums display contemporary offerings of artists from across the  country. Detailed period pieces from the region’s early dwellers such as  the Quapaw Nation illustrate the area's fascinating history.

  • Activities

  • If you don’t see anything else while in Hot Springs, a visit to Bathhouse Row in the Historic Downtown area is it. Eight bathhouses, associated buildings, and gardens  arranged over and around a collection of underground springs are part of  one of the few national parks to exist within a US city’s limits.

    In  1832 the federal government set aside four parcels of land containing  47 springs free of the sulfurous odor common to many naturally occurring  springs. Recognizing their value because of their therapeutic  properties, they were officially designated Hot Springs National Park.

    As if Ouachita River isn’t close enough for convenience, Lake Hamilton might as well be the southern suburb of Hots Springs. One of the most  popular recreation sites in the state, you will find everything you want  or need at the multitude of restaurants, shops, boutiques, and  galleries. Boating, fishing, swimming, and jet skiing are all on the  menu as well. A true recreation mecca minutes from downtown Hot Springs and less than an hour from Little Rock.

  • Natural Features

  • Arkansas, the Natural State. It might be a toss-up between two of Hot Springs’ most famous claims to fame – BBQ and its effervescent springs. While mouth-watering Arkansas BBQ can be found just about anywhere across the state, we’re talking  about another kind of water – not the type you drink, but arguably does  as much good for the body and attracts thousands of visitors from around  the world each year.

    These naturally-heated, mineralized waters that flow from deep within the earth are what many people associate with Arkansas in general and have made Hot Springs the world-class destination it is today, and with good reason.  Subterranean streams that reach the surface provide welcome succor to  those who place faith in these effervescent waters' healing properties.

    There  are more caves, caverns, mountains, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls than  you can explore in a lifetime. The soft limestone that comprises much of  the region’s bedrock has been eroded over time by these sub-surface  alluvial channels. There are seemingly endless natural water features  that make for exciting exploration and fascinating discoveries with so  much going on underground.

  • Food and Drink

  • Hot Springs has drawn visitors to its healing waters for centuries. That people of  different nationalities would choose to settle here is no surprise. And  with them come their culinary habits. The result is an eclectic amalgam  of menus, tastes, and treats across a broad spectrum of offerings versus  a more consistent regional style of food.

    Strolling  the vibrant downtown historic areas of towns and cities across the  state, local residents and visitors alike will have challenging choices  between Tex-Mex, Bavarian, Chinese, classic Southern cooking, Cajun,  Indian, and gourmet pizza. Specialty shops benignly seduce passersby  with their sweet delicacies, offering treats as hors d’oeuvres rather  than dessert!

    A sandwich of locally-sourced Arkansas BBQ washed down with an excellent craft beer at one of the breweries is  a lunchtime favorite. And there are several wineries close by where you  can sample the local grape and intriguing wine accessories.

  • History

  • Hot Springs has a fascinating history. Because the Native American tribes in the  area valued the boiling springs so highly, upon meeting at these  locations, warring tribes would actually put aside their enmity toward  one another. Termed the “Valley of Vapors,” even the hardened warriors acknowledged the peaceful qualities imbued by these natural mysteries.

    The  first Europeans arrived in the mid-1500s with French and Spanish  soldiers and frontiersmen making use of the healing waters. Three  hundred years later, US President Andrew Jackson was so enamored of the  springs that he designated it as the first federal reservation, a  precursor of the first official national park at Yellowstone by 40  years!

    Due to its remote location and scenic  beauty, it wasn’t long before a more nefarious element began to surface.  Famous gangsters fleeing federal and state authorities began to move to  the area. Al Capone, Bugsy Moran, Lucky Luciano, and others all set up  resort “operations” when things got too hot in New York or Chicago.

    And  speaking of Chicago, not all was crime capers and silk stocking  whodunits. Years before the criminal gangs moved into the area,  baseball’s Chicago White Stockings (now the White Sox) hit on the idea  to bring their pre-season training camps south to escape the long,  brutal winters by Lake Michigan. With a recent past dating back 500  years or more, there is much history and many stories to be explored and  discovered in Hot Springs.

Hot Springs Arkansas Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Hot Springs, Arkansas?

    Pamper versus pragmatic. B&B luxury versus hotel efficiency. Log cabin luxury surrounded by a breathtaking mountain view. A bed and breakfast getaway has a way of winning their guests over like that. Host-friendliness, coupled with a romantic getaway and aesthetically pleasing Victorian architecture, is found in many  locations across the state and rounds out the sensory delight.

    Hot Springs bed and breakfast inns work hard to please their guests and with good reason. Innkeepers are passionate about the service they provide. Additionally, while  comfort and extravagance are at the forefront of the guest’s experience  while visiting the inn, the hosts are extremely safety-conscious to  ensure all rooms and facilities are safe and clean.

    This includes precautions about the current state of affairs with Covid-19. Speak with your hosts at check-in or phone ahead to address any questions you may have regarding their health and safety protocols.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Hot Springs?

    Hot Springs is a haven for luxury B&Bs. Since 1905 The Gables Inn is close to shops, restaurants, galleries, spas, and antique shops. Its  wrap-around porch is the perfect perch for R&R or just plain old  people-watching.

    The Hilltop Manor Bed and Breakfast hosted some fast company in Jesse James and Al Capone. Recently  restored to magnificence, it features five suites and stone fireplaces.  If you’re seeking a variety of room types, look no further than 1890 Williams House Inn. They offer rooms, suites, and a private cottage, all within five blocks of Bathhouse Row and the Historic District.

    Lookout Point Lakeside Inn is a highly-rated retreat that offers the best of several worlds. Panoramic views of the Ouachita Mountains, a soft breeze off the lake at sunset joins you like an old  friend, knowing there are more geological mysteries to uncover.  Tomorrow. Another top-class sanctuary is 1884 Wildwood Bed and Breakfast Inn, located just a ½ mile from Bathhouse Row. After your 4-course breakfast, enjoy a tour of the manor, complete with fables and facts about the home and its history.

    Spring Street Inn was voted the best B&B for couples as recently as 2018. Within walking distance of Hot Springs National Park in downtown, you have the city at your front door. Prospect Place Bed  & Breakfast, under new management, is just four blocks from the  historic district and has an intimate wedding venue.

    Options  abound across this well-kept secret of Middle America, and you’ll make  the right choice whether you’re looking for a wedding venue, a family  reunion home base, a girls’ getaway, or simply a retreat for respite.  And rumor has it that a modern-day Choctaw translation for Hot Springs could be interpreted as “Top Shelf.”

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Hot Springs Bed and Breakfast?

    Amenities at your favorite bed and breakfast inn can range from the expected to the exquisite. Free wifi, luxury bed with baby-soft linens, the option of a Jacuzzi or hot tub, and organic bath products are often staples today in all guest rooms.  Other basics can include free private parking and bicycles for  about-town touring. Free cancellation is the norm as well, provided you  give your hosts plenty of advance notice.

    Many  inns will offer a private bath or whirlpool tubs. The height of luxury  is a fireplace nearby for added ambiance, especially when booking a carriage house with a private entrance. Farm-to-table freshness can be counted on with any gourmet breakfast enjoyed in the dining room or the comfort of your guest room to enhance the beautiful view of a great location.

  • How can I get around Hot Springs?

    The most convenient large city providing major carrier air service is Little Rock. Located smack in the middle of the state, you are only a few hours' drive from any point on the map. Aside from Little Rock, consider Dallas/Ft. Worth or Oklahoma City as alternative arrival points for Hot Springs.  It just depends on flight times and airfare that best suits you. Upon  airport departure, enjoy a relaxing drive to your destination while  catching the scenic beauty of the passing landscapes.

    For  B&Bs located near the historic districts, a walk or a bike ride is a  great way to stretch the legs after traveling. You will have easy  access to desired attractions including shops, restaurants, galleries,  and museums, many of which are within a short distance of each other.  Flirt with an old-fashioned “bus” and hop a trolley.

    You  can make new friends onboard as you check out the town’s attractions  and learn more about the area from the knowledgeable drivers. For  ventures farther afield, the convenience of a cab or your rental car is  best.