Holualoa Bed and Breakfast

The Holualoa village in Hawaii is located in the heart of coffee country. It is a place where Kona coffee trees thrive in the rich volcanic soil of the region. The environment has given rise to the famous Kona coffee bean. Imagine staying at a Holualoa Bed and Breakfast in the heart of the tropical and exotic paradise. You can sit on the lanai of a b&b while sipping a cup of the Hawaiian coffee.

Holualoa Bed and Breakfast
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Our Big Island bed and breakfast is located 1,400 feet above sea level on the lush slopes of Mount Hualalai, effortlessly fusing elegant luxury with upcountry Hawaiian charm. Roam our vibrant grounds to experience the sites and sensations of exotic flora and fauna, or explore e the surrounding village of Holualoa, a small town rich in Hawaiian history and culture. From the stunning ocean views, 30 flourishing acres of well-tended tropical fruit and flower gardens, 4,100 Kona Coffee trees, custom-tiled mosaic pool, hot tub, exquisite guestrooms, exceptional service, elegant gazebos, and an abundance of Aloha Spirit, we welcome you to the Holualoa Inn. Open air lanais capture fragrant garden aromas and soft tropical breezes. Abundant windows filter cool tradewinds through the Inn to provide panoramic views of the Kona sunset. Here, you will find rest and respite surrounded by effortless natural beauty. The design of the Inn, its traditional plantation-style architecture and natural surroundings, are reminiscent of Old Hawai'i. The interior features beautifully restored, indigenous eucalyptus floors and woven Lauhala matting embellished ceilings. Designed for our tropical climate, which graciously allows for indoor-outdoor living, the Great Room features select works from local artists, a player piano, traditional Polynesian furniture, stunning sculptural accents and sweeping garden views. The dining room is set for a healthy and delicious garden-to-table breakfast with its immaculate views of the Kona Coastline. Facing the gardens and rows of Kona Coffee trees, the covered lanai, complete with rockers and a daybed, suggests an afternoon nap. The perfect perch, our rooftop gazebo is a favorite for morning coffee, evening sunsets and private yoga lessons. View a video of our property. Journey away from the Inn and discover the unexpected pleasures of our magical Hawaiian Village. Stroll a palm-fringed path through the celebrated artist’s village of Holualoa and explore the galleries, shops and eateries. Holualoa boasts unique store fronts, including artist studios, ukulele makers and boutiques featuring handcrafted island gifts. Located along the Kona Coffee Belt, this Old Hawai’i town also features a bounty of original coffee farms and is full of stories of her first farms.

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Holualoa

The region is dotted with numerous bed and breakfasts in Holualoa which are alive with the aloha spirit. The Kailua-Kona area is also very artsy. Every November, they hold the annual Holualoa Village Coffee & Art Stroll. You can also explore the Hualalai volcano. Whether you are seeking a romantic getaway or a family (ohana for ‘family’) vacation, then you’ll want to consider staying at a Holualoa bed and breakfast

    Food and Drink

  • Holualoa is a multiethnic population and it is reflected in its cuisine.  You’ll find a melting pot of all different kinds of foods. Many  consider the area to be a foodie’s wonderland. Local favorites include  kimchi, hot dog chow and macaroni salad. A juicy steak from locally  raised beef is also a must-have for any meat-eater. If you have a sweet  tooth, then you’ll want to try out the Waialua chocolate. Locally grown  hearts of palm are also tasty choices. You’ll encounter a wide array of  local Asian restaurants that reflect diverse ethnic cuisine choices. A  variety of fish and fresh seafood are also popular food choices.

  • History

  • Holualoa sits on the west side of Hawaii Island. It is a charming small community that sits about three miles uphill from Kailua-Kona and Keauhou.  It is a rural community that has a certain ambience that is hard to  pinpoint. Maybe it’s just its small town, tropical charm. The homes in  the area are classic tin-roof houses that have old stone walls. You can  automatically feel that the locals enjoy a slower pace of life. The name  Holualoa means ‘long slide’ and refers to the trail that runs from the  village down to the site where logs were once gathered to fashion into  canoes and onward to a complex of royal buildings that took centuries to  build.  The royal complex was home to Keakamahana who was the mother of  Keakealaniwahine. The area is now on the National Register of Historic  Places.

    Coffee started to dominate  the region when it was first planted in 1828 and is now the leading  industry. Small farms dot the countryside and slopes.

  • Activities

  • The area around Holualoa is home to all thing’s coffee, art, and  farming. One of the must-do activities when visiting the area is to  explore a genuine coffee farm. Mauka Meadows is a leading coffee farm that welcomes visitors for tours. You can not only see how coffee is  made but also enjoy a piping hot cup of the brew during your visit.  You’ll also want to take the time to explore the farm’s lush flower gardens and take a few pictures.

    The Kona Coast on the Island of Hawaii is also an artist hub. Check out the Glyph Art Gallery which is home to a variety of artwork such as jewelry, wood carving,  painting and photography. You’ll view a variety of contemporary Hawaiian artist creations that depict Polynesian life on the Big Island with scenes of horses, marine life, palm trees, the Pacific Ocean, and the surrounding volcanic countryside.

    Keauhou is home to the Historic Kailua Village which is a seaside town. It was once the retreat of the Hawaiian royal family but is now a major tourist destination. You can stroll  down Alii Drive and peruse the many shops and restaurants. Take a tour  of the Hulihee Palace or check out the Ahuena Heiau temple. When the sun sets, the place comes alive with live music and a bustling nightlife. In the area around Keauhou,  you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. If you stay out  at night, you’ll see a wide array of manta rays which come in close to  shore to feed on the microscopic plankton.

  • Natural Features

  • The beaches near Holualoa are one of the areas main natural features. Kahaluuu Beach is home to Hawaii’s green sea turtles. At the Kahalu'u Bay Education Center, you can learn about the areas reef and marine life that thrives throughout it.

    The  gentle slopes around Holualoa boast ample volcanic soil that is rich in  nutrients. The coffee trees thrive in the area. At 1400 feet above sea  level, the conditions are ideal.

    Along  the area’s north side near the bay is a lava ridge that produces a surf  break referred to as the ‘Banyans’. The hazardous waves and coral sand  make it a dangerous place but advanced surfers flock to the area every  February. On the south side of the bay sits Kamoa Point with a surf  break called Lyman’s. It is ideal for all surfers and was the subject of  the 1956 song by Lei Collins known as ‘Lamana’

  • Things to do

  • There are many things to do around Holualoa such as the Magic Sands  Beach Park which is located at La’aloa Bay. It sits south of downtown  Kon. The beach cover is home to the Disappearing Sands Beach or the  White Sands Beach. It has the reputation of being one of the best  beaches in Kona. People flock to the area to swim, boogie board,  snorkel, scuba dive, and surf.

    Honl's  Beach has a white sandy expanse bordered by rocks. It’s a popular site  to picnic or snap sunset photos. The beach sits along Alii Drive near  downtown Kona. Coconut palms shade the sandy expanse. Although not an  ideal place to swim because of the rocks, it is the location where  boogie boarding was invented in 1971 by Tom Morey.

    If  you love turtles, then you’ll enjoy visiting Kailua Bay because you are  almost guaranteed a genuine sea turtle spotting. The area is a favorite  for kite surfers. There are public bathrooms and ample shade.

    The Kona Farm is  a living history experience. You’ll learn about the area’s coffee  farming and other interesting historic facts about the region.

  • Weather

  • The average weather around Holualoa is typically hot and muggy.  September tends to be the hottest month of the year with a high of  around 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The region receives about 175 sunny days  per year. In the winter months, the temperature dips to about 65 degrees  Fahrenheit. About 78 days out of the year the area sustains rain with  an average yearly rainfall of about 19 inches. It never gets cold enough  to snow or freeze, even during the winter months.

Holualoa Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Holualoa?

    Are you planning a vacation getaway to Holualoa? Why not stay in a bed and breakfast? Check-in at one of the local favorites that boast ocean views. The innkeepers will show you to their guest rooms and you can start your getaway. Many of the area b&bs and vacation rentals have lush acres of land that you can explore lovely garden gazebos and orchards of tropical fruit. You’ll want to soak up the amazing view so try to reserve a room that has a private balcony or a rooftop gazebo where you can watch the sunset, see the ocean waves or look out across the vibrant, emerald green landscape.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Holualoa Bed and Breakfast?

    You’ll want to think about your must-have amenities when picking out the perfect guest house or Holualoa bed and breakfast. Do you require free parking? How about free cancellation just in case something happens that delays your trip? If the internet  is important to you then you’ll want to make sure they provide free Wi-Fi. Many people don’t like to share bathrooms so you should check to see if you get a private bath with your room.

    After a day of exploring the island, you might want to sink into a hot tub or take a swim in a swimming pool. If you like reading or watching the sunset them a gazebo might be the perfect palace to retreat for a few tranquil moments of  valuable ‘me’ time. You can even sit and enjoy a bowl of fresh fruit  while you catch up on the events of the day.

  • How can I get around Holualoa?

    Holualoa is very car-friendly so you’ll want to rent or borrow a car.  Some people enjoy mopeds or motorbikes as a form of transportation. Many  bed and breakfasts rent bicycles that you can use to ride around the town. If you plan on  taking a trip to the countryside, then you can book a tour on one of the  bus tours or hire a private driver to chauffeur you around the area.  The community of Holualoa is very pedestrian-friendly and you might want  to explore the streets on foot as you grab a bite to eat at a local  restaurant or peruse the area’s many shops.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Holualoa HI?

    Please make reservations at a B&B in Holualoa, HI well in advance because they do book up quickly.

    If you are looking for a pristine B&B with views of the Kona coastline then please check out Holualoa Inn which is located on 30 lush acres of land. The relaxing Inn sits on the slopes of Mount Hualalai and is in Kona Coffee country (you can practically smell the robust smell of the coffee). They offer four guest rooms and two stand-alone suites. Explore the many trails on the property. Languish in the gardens. Sit in the gazebo and appreciate the unparalleled ocean views.

    The Big Island Bed and Breakfast is the perfect island retreat. They even have a new saltwater pool for  guests. There is also an onsite fitness center with yoga space. A great  family inn, the kids will love the ping pong tables.

    At the Darrell Hill Cottage, you can enjoy the romantic charm of a true vintage cottage surrounded by lavish flower gardens.  The intimate location is home to a lovely one bedroom cottage where you  can enjoy the sunsets in a peaceful and private location. This is the  perfect spot to truly experience what it means to spend time on your own  island paradise.

    The Hale Maluhia Country Inn is home to five-bedroom suites which all boast private baths.  There are also two additional vacation cottages. You might also enjoy  the 850 sq. ft Banyan Cottage with a complete jacuzzi and shower.

    Stay in the heart of Kona coffee country at the Lilikoi Inn. All the guest rooms have private baths, private entrances, and the internet. Situated on several acres, you can enjoy the area’s peace and quiet.