Bed and Breakfast Hannibal MO

Experience one of the most famous destinations in Missouri when you visit Hannibal. Hannibal MO bed and breakfast stays offer an incredible trip to discover the town made famous by Mark  Twain. You’ll get a chance to see many of the historical landmarks  influenced by the author and the characters that made him famous.

Bed and Breakfast Hannibal MO

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Hannibal MO

Enjoy a stay at one of the local bed and breakfasts in Hannibal, MO. From Victorian homes like the Garth Woodside Mansion to the scenic Rockcliffe Mansion,  you’ll have plenty of options for where you can stay. You’ll have cozy,  luxurious rooms featuring all of your favorite amenities to stay  connected. You’ll also have the convenience of exploring the famous  local attractions.

Tour around Hannibal to learn about Mark Twain and his novel characters at sites including the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum or seeing the statue of Tom Sawyer and Huck. Walk around the Historic Downtown or hop on a riverboat to cruise along the Mississippi River.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your stay in Hannibal. Whether you arrive at the Quincy Regional airport or taking a road trip, it will be the perfect place to visit for vacation.


  • There are a lot of fun activities for all ages when visiting Hannibal. Explore nearby your Hannibal bed and breakfast to discover the unique attractions in town.

    Many of the attractions showcase the life and works of Mark Twain, but he isn’t the only notable person from Hannibal.  Molly Brown was a survivor of the Titanic, who is considered an  American hero. You can visit the Molly Brown Birthplace Museum to learn  about her humble beginnings.

    Mark Twain drew local influence for many of his iconic novels. Visit the Becky Thatcher House to see the home of the girl who inspired the character in the  Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Also, Jim’s Journey is an African American  museum dedicated to the real-life person who inspired Jim’s character in  the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

    Visit the  Big River Train Town if you’re visiting with children. You’ll see an  extensive collection of vintage toy trains and other collectibles. There  are some engaging activities for kids to keep them entertained.

    You  can take advantage of the sleepy town by visiting Riverview Park. It’s a  historic park for leisure and relaxation. Go for a picnic or let the  kids run around in the open space. You’ll have sweeping views of the  Mississippi River and also see the famous Mark Twain statue.

  • History

  • Hannibal,  MO, was incorporated as a city in 1845. It’s located on the banks of  the Mississippi River, which was instrumental in developing the city. It  experienced significant population booms thanks to river exploration  and passage along the river.

    The most famous historical fact in Hannibal is that it’s the childhood city of Mark Twain. He lived in Hannibal from age four until a teenager. His youthful years led to the town  becoming the setting and inspiration of his most famous novels, The  Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

    Walk around the Historic Downtown district lined with old-fashioned architecture. Tourists can visit the Hannibal History Museum to learn about Hannibal’s  city origins and the famous people that lived there. There are also  many sites around town listed on the National Register of Historic  Places.

  • Natural Features

  • Hannibal,  MO is a river community established along the Mississippi River. The  river is the highlight natural attractions among others that you’ll be  able to enjoy during your stay at a Hannibal bed and breakfast.

    The Mississippi River is the second-longest river in the United States, which passes through 10 states. Hannibal is one of many towns established on the riverbanks to take full  advantage of its resources and transportation. One of the popular  pastimes in Hannibal is taking a river cruise on a steamboat.

    Visit Lover’s Leap for the best viewpoint of Hannibal.  It’s located across the river, so you’ll have perfect views of the city  and the Mississippi River in the foreground. You can even spot Illinois  not too far in the distance.

    There are many natural features around Hannibal named after Mark Twain and his characters. The Mark Twain Cave and  Campground has operated tours since 1886, making it the oldest show cave  in Missouri. Tourists can enter and explore the dark cave maze. It’s recognized as a National Natural Landmark.

    Sawyer’s  Creek is a natural attraction for outdoor recreation. It’s perfect for  kids with lots of activities, including bumper boats in the creek,  mini-golf, and feeding fish.

  • Things to do

  • The great thing about staying in a Hannibal bed and breakfast is proximity to the best local things to do. You’ll stay near the  iconic Mark Twain Historic District, which features lots of attractions  dedicated to the famed author.

    Take a leisure  stroll around the district or take a guided tour of the area to learn  more about the author. You can go sightseeing at the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum to see an insight into how he grew up.

    The  Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse is located atop Cardiff Hill that offers  scenic views of the Mississippi River. You’ll also come across the Tom  Sawyer and Huck Finn Statues, the first statue in the US dedicated to fictional characters.

    Many other plaques around town are dedicated to important sites in his lifetime or settings in his novels.

  • Weather

  • Hannibal is located in Northeast Missouri with hot summers and cold winters. It experiences all four seasons.

    The most popular time to visit Hannibal is during the warmer climate, typically from late spring to the end of  the summer. Summers average in the 80s, which makes it perfect to enjoy  the attractions around the Mississippi River or explore downtown.

    Summer is the busiest time so check availability for Hannibal bed and breakfasts before making your reservations. Reserve early to guarantee a spot in your favorite accommodation.

    The  winters have an average in the 30s and get lots of snowfall. Many  seasonal activities close during the winter, such as the river cruises.

  • Food and Drink

  • You’ll eat well during your entire stay in your Hannibal bed and breakfast.  You can enjoy the best breakfast right at your accommodation and  venture out to town to find unique restaurants for lunch and dinner. As  you could imagine, the restaurants also maintain a theme based on Mark  Twain.

    The Mark Twain Dinette has been a local  staple since 1942. The family-owned restaurant features a traditional  diner setting. It’s famous for its ground beef sandwich called the  Maid-Rite. You can also choose from delicious milkshakes or root beer.

    Finn’s  Food & Spirits is located downtown, where you can enjoy a tasty  meal on the outdoor patio. It serves All-American classic dishes and  even includes a kid’s meal. It’s an excellent place to stop by for a  drink with a full bar open until 1:30 AM on select nights.

    One of  the unique places to eat is the Mark Twain Riverboat Dinner Cruise.  Climb aboard the multi-level boat and enjoy a scenic cruise along the  river before dining buffet-style. It has the perfect ambiance with live  music entertainment every night.

Bed and Breakfast Hannibal MO FAQ

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  • How can I get around Hannibal?

    Hannibal is located in Missouri’s  northeast corner, with the nearest major city approximately 100 miles  away. It’s located right on the Mississippi River with Illinois directly  on the opposite bank. While river transportation was a past trend to  bring visitors to the town, there are more modern ways to get around Hannibal.

    The closest commercial airport is the Quincy Regional Airport. It’s located in Illinois but less than 20-miles from  town. You can rent a car at the airport and drive to arrive at your bed and breakfast.

    The good news is that most of the attractions are within walking distance of each other. You can easily walk around downtown when the weather is nice or use a rental/taxi to explore surrounding areas.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Hannibal Bed and Breakfast?

    Each of the Hannibal bed and breakfast accommodations have breakfast included. You’ll have a delicious  homestyle meal or continental breakfast to start the day. Additionally,  the vacation rentals provide many excellent amenities to enjoy your stay.

    Rooms feature modern amenities such as free wifi, TVs, and air conditioning. Some of the rooms offer full kitchens complete with coffee maker and other utilities; also, a jacuzzi (or jetted tub), hair dryer, and toiletries in the en suite bathroom. You can even have views of the Mississippi River. If you’re nearby the Historic Downtown district, most of the attractions are nearby. Take advantage of free parking and explore the town up close by walking.

    Make your reservations with no hassle, thanks to free cancellation and special offers.

  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Hannibal Missouri?

    A stay in a local bed and breakfast is the best way to discover the historic town of Hannibal. Whether you’re looking for a vacation getaway or a leisure trip for sightseeing, it has everything you’re looking for.

    You’ll have a quality selection from the best Hannibal bed and breakfast accommodations. From old Victorian houses to mansions, each vacation rental offers something different to enjoy. And all bed and breakfasts are run by innkeepers that will ensure you have a delightful stay from the moment you arrive and check-in.

    Many of the accommodations are within walking distance to the Historic Downtown, so you’ll be nearby the best tourist attractions.

  • What are the different types of B&Bs in Hannibal MO?

    Hannibal MO has a wide range of bed and breakfast accommodation options suitable for all kinds of travelers. You’ll have a  warm welcome to the intimate river town to explore its history and  friendly atmosphere for visitors.

    The Garth Woodside Inn is one of the most famous bed and breakfasts that even Mark Twain had the pleasure of staying in. It’s established in an old Victorian mansion that showcases vintage furniture alongside modern amenities. It has some of the best suites Hannibal has to offer.

    The Rockcliffe Mansion is one of the most scenic rentals. It’s a large mansion perched atop a cliff along Bird Street with one of the best views of the Mississippi River in Hannibal.

    You can have easy access to downtown and the Mississippi River when staying at The Belvedere Inn, Garden House bed and breakfast, or Main Street bed & breakfast. You’ll be within walking distance to the main attractions and can retreat to a cozy room after exploring the town.