Bed and Breakfast Fairhope Al

The sheer quaintness of the small town makes the bed & breakfast in Fairhope Al the quintessential lodging option when visiting the unique area.

Bed and Breakfast Fairhope Al

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Explore Bed & Breakfasts in Fairhope Al

In a place so historically, biologically and culturally special that it truly embodies the spirit of southern hospitality, it only makes sense to stay where you can enjoy the hospitable nature of the locals in all of its welcoming glory.

Known for its beautiful beaches along Mobile Bay and its numerous nature preserves, Fairhope Al is the perfect place to get away to relax and unwind.  Whether you choose a bed & breakfast in Fairhope Al that is characterized by the long history of the town, or one that  welcomes you with an ocean breeze, you’re sure to find exactly what you  need to recharge your energy.  Spend your time taking in the sights,  getting in touch with nature, shopping, exploring history and dining on  some of that good old fashioned southern coastal cuisine and you’ll know  exactly why Fairhope has become an iconic destination for those seeking peace, quiet and solitude.  Find your bed & breakfast in Fairhope Al and let your one-of-a-kind, relaxing getaway begin.

    Natural Features

  • Nature is Fairhope Alabama’s  number one asset when it comes to reasons for visiting this whimsical  little town, and there is no shortage of ways to enjoy its most loved  characteristic.  Places like the Village Point Park Preserve, Gator  Alley Boardwalk and Weeks Bay Reserve give visitors the unique  opportunity to discover the diverse wildlife and ecosystem that this  area of Alabama is known for.  Or explore the natural scenery a different way, by  spending the day at the beach or enjoy a round of golf at Rock Creek  Golf Club.  One thing is for sure, spending time outdoors is the best  way to enjoy the town when you’re not resting at your bed &  breakfast in Fairhope Al.

  • History

  • Since its discovery in 1894, Fairhope Alabama has always been a vacation destination where people come from far and  wide to enjoy the picturesque scenery and the mild climate.  In the  early days, the idea behind the city was for it to be built on a single  tax philosophy that was the concept of a popular movement at the time.   The name of the town came from that idea that the tax plan would bring  the people a “fair hope” of being successful in its development.  In  1908, Fairhope was established as a city, with roughly 500 citizens calling it home at  the time.  Explore the history of this great city at the Fairhope Museum of History, Tolstoy Park and at the Marietta Johnson Museum.

  • Food & Drink

  • The dining options in Fairhope are as unique as the city itself, whether you are looking for something  simple or prefer a fine dining experience.  Of course, you will find  multiple seafood options offering all of the local flavors, many with  waterfront dining, but you will also find delightful Italian  restaurants, small family-owned restaurants and everything in between.   From breakfast to lunch, for coffee to cocktails there is a special  place to experience the many types of cuisine in Fairhope Alabama.  Mary Ann’s Deli, Fairhope Brewing Company, Grand Hall and Gambino’s Italian Grill are just a few of your options during your stay at a bed and breakfast in Fairhope Al and a dining experience at any if sure to not disappoint.

  • Activities

  • Although this little town in Baldwin County may not be big on size, you wouldn’t be able to tell by the large  number of activities there are to participate in.  There is as much to  explore in Fairhope as there is in many larger tourist destinations.  From Mobile Bay to downtown Fairhope, there is plenty to keep you busy during your visit and wherever you choose to stay everything will be within a short walking distance from your guesthouse accommodations.

    The downtown Fairhope area is full of restaurants, shops, art galleries and museums to  explore.  You’ll find everything from Italian to coastal seafood  options, as well as some small breweries and wine bistros.  Spend a  romantic evening taking in the sights or bring home something unique to  remind you of your Fairhope getaway.  Whatever your reason for visiting Fairhope, the downtown area is a must-see during your stay.

    When you wake each morning at your bed & breakfast in Fairhope Al you will have plenty to do. Enjoy the fresh air biking through the town or along the beaches at Gulf Beach State Park or Orange Beach.  Catch a glimpse of marine life while you kayak along the bay.  Stroll along the Fairhope Municipal Pier to take in the eye-catching scenery of the surrounding area.  Or smell the sweet floral scent of the roses in the Rose Garden.  With all of these options and more, it won’t take you long o see why so many see Fairhope as their eastern shore vacation destination.

  • Things to Do

  • There is much to do in and around Baldwin County, making Fairhope an ideal destination for those looking for a lot of opportunities.  Many tourists love visiting Fairhope Municipal Pier and taking a kayak out on the water to explore the scenic landscape.  Others prefer to stroll through the well-maintained rose garden or biking through downtown Fairhope, where there are numerous top-notch restaurants and charming little shops within walking distance from each other.  With everything so close to Mobile Bay, and likely to your guesthouse as well, you can choose to enjoy all that this eastern shore destination has to offer without having to ever go very far.

  • Weather

  • In Fairhope you will find your typical southern mild climate, with more than 200  days of sunshine every year.  Temperatures even during the winter remain  somewhat mild most of the time, making it a great place to visit  anytime of the year, depending on the purpose of your visit of course.   While in the winter months you won’t be able to enjoy long, lazy beach  days, many visitors find it preferrable to the cold winter climate of  the north.  Regardless of whether you are escaping the winter or  visiting in the summer months so you can enjoy more tropical nature of  the beach, the weather in Fairhope is something you can almost always enjoy.

Bed and Breakfast Fairhope Al FAQ

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  • Why stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Fairhope Al?

    There are many accommodation options in Fairhope, ranging from a guesthouse suite to various types of vacation rentals but a bed & breakfast  offers a truly unique experience.  Not only are the bed & breakfast  establishments in Fairhope close to the best attractions, such as the Gulf coast, Fairhope Municipal Pier, Mobile Bay, downtown Fairhope, and the Rose Garden but at a B&B you have the luxury of a more personalized experience  and unparalleled hospitality.  Enjoy the charming architecture, bay views, the friendly hosts and the quiet setting that is characteristic of the B&B experience. When you check-in for your romantic getaway in this quaint Baldwin County city on the eastern shore you will be glad that you decided on one of these special Gulf Shores locations as your destination.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Bed & Breakfast Fairhope Al?

    The amenities you will find at a vacation rental at a bed and breakfast are slightly different than those you find in typical lodging options.  You’ll have access to WIFI and have air conditioning like you would in a hotel but the similarities stop there.  When you book a getaway at a bed & breakfast in Fairhope Al you will also be treated to a friendly one-on-one check-in  experience, a full breakfast every morning and a charming property to  explore.

  • What are the different types of B&Bs in Fairhope AL?

    The great thing about saying in a B&B in Fairhope Al is that they offer a little something for everyone and the innkeepers offer a more personal touch for their guests.  If you’re looking for a pet friendly bed & breakfast Fairhope Al has something for you.  If you’re looking for a romantic bed & breakfast Fairhope Al will not leave you disappointed.  Whether you are taking a family vacation or looking to attend specific special events, Fairhope has something for you.  Emma’s Bay House offers breathtaking views of Mobile Bay, while Bay Breeze Guest House if characterized by beautifully landscaped gardens.  And at both Bay House and Emma’s bed & breakfast Fairhope Al hospitality will leave you wanting to stay even longer.  Whichever bed & breakfast in Fairhope Al you choose you will be treated to a one-of-a-kind experience with  all the southern charm you would expect from a southern B&B.

  • How can I get around Fairhope Al?

    Many things in Fairhope are in walking or biking distance so most of the great attractions in the small city are easily  accessible.  Bikes can be rented from various bike rental services but  if you’re staying at a bed & breakfast in Fairhope Al, they may have bikes on hand for you to use.  The closest airport,  Mobile Regional, is only 23 miles away and there are car rental agencies  for those flying in.  For those arriving by car or renting a car upon  arrival there are many more sights to see only a short distance from the  city, so day trips may be something you want to consider.