Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast

Finding your way to a bed and breakfast in Eureka Springs, Arkansas,  may seem challenging. But it is oh-so-worth the journey. On the  contrary, the discerning traveler sees it is hidden, quite in plain  sight. All the more attractive!

Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

There are no less than five, count ‘em, five major metropolitan cities within a four-hour drive of Eureka Springs, tucked away in Arkansas’ northwest corner. Centrally located between Oklahoma City, Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis, and Little Rock in the Ozark Mountains, this small town makes a huge impression on anyone who visits.

Stunning Victorian homes populate the area, architecture, design, and character, all clamoring for attention. Indeed, the downtown Eureka Springs area was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. As if that’s not enough, many of the beautiful homes are  perched atop stately cliffs providing exceptional views of the  surrounding mountains and nearby Beaver Lake.

Leaving behind the trappings of the big city for a scenic drive to this restorative corner of Arkansas and ensconced in Eureka Springs’ historic district, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get here in the first place.

    Things to Do

  • One spot not to be missed is the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge TCWR), the top-rated big cat sanctuary in the state. Rare, exotic, and  endangered species all find a home at this outstanding facility. The Ozark Natural Science Center is another educational stop where visitors can better understand the Ozark Mountains and their influence on the region, both past and present.

    Speaking of the past, Civil War enthusiasts will want to see the 4300-acre Pea Ridge National Military Park where in March 1862, twenty-three thousand soldiers battled ferociously  to hold the state of Missouri for the North. It was the most critical  battle west of the Mississippi River and remains one of the most intact  Civil War battlefields in the US.

    Whether you drive Spring Street yourself or take a trolley tour, you’ll be delighted by the sights  along this “main street.” From the tightly-packed buildings clinging to  the gravity-defying slopes to the northern part of the route where you  can feast your eyes on a variety of Victorian elegance, this is one piece of pavement not to miss.

    If you see nothing else during your time in Eureka Springs, Thorncrown Chapel is the one. This is a stunning piece of design and architecture  inspired by one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s students. Functioning as a  non-denominational worship center that is also a spectacular wedding  venue, it has been named to Budget Travel’s list of “12 Most Beautiful Churches in America” and Bored Panda’s list of “50 Most Extraordinary Churches in the World”.

    Looking for something to feed the spirit? Come and lift a prayer at the 7-story Christ of the Ozarks monument, a landmark seen for miles around that overlooks downtown. Not to be missed is The Great Passion Play,  renowned for its moving re-telling of Christ’s last week. Supported by  live animals and 150 trained actors, these destinations will surely  bring some light to your soul.

    Back in town, you’ll want to spend  some time getting to know it. The entire downtown is listed on the  National Register of Historic Places. Bring your walking shoes because  it can be a workout - with streets at all angles and elevations, curving  hither and yon, you made need an extended stay in one of the  rejuvenating springs after your tour around town!

  • History

  • At the risk of being overly cliché, Eureka! truly sums up the joyous  exclamation of visitors to this small enclave in northwestern Arkansas.  The expression is attributed to the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes  after discovering the formula for detecting the amount of gold in the  king of Syracuse’s crown.

    Founded on July 4th,  1879, the town quickly became known across the immediate region for its  nearby springs' healing powers. 1882 saw the arrival of the railroad,  and within a few years, its reputation had grown as a vacation resort  town. Hundreds of homes and commercial buildings sprung up; all centered  around providing hospitality for the influx of visitors eager to  experience the wealthy lifestyle, gracious living, and healing waters.

    Also  known as the “Stairstep City” for its steep streets and winding roads,  many buildings have ground floor entrances on two levels. There’s nary a  straight street nor a 90° intersection, and still no stoplights!

  • Food & Drink

  • Eureka Springs has naturally drawn visitors to its healing waters for centuries. That  people of different nationalities would choose to settle here is no  surprise. And with them come their culinary habits. The result is an  eclectic amalgam of menus, tastes, and treats across a broad spectrum of  offerings versus a more consistent regional style of food.

    Strolling  the vibrant downtown historic area, local residents and visitors alike  will have challenging choices between Tex-Mex, Bavarian, Chinese,  classic Southern cooking, Cajun, Indian, and gourmet pizza. Specialty  shops entice their sweet delectables as hors d’oeuvres rather than  dessert!

    A sandwich of locally-grown Arkansas BBQ washed down with an excellent craft beer at one of the breweries is  a lunchtime favorite. And there are several wineries close by where you  can sample the local grape and intriguing wine accessories.

  • Activities

  • here aren’t too many towns anywhere the size of Eureka Springs that have this much going on. From a quiet stroll around town to take in the Victorian architecture to underground tours in the caves and caverns such as Onyx Cave Park that abound throughout the region, there is plenty to see and do for all ages.

    Mountain biking athletes and casual cyclists from all over Mid-America come to Eureka Springs to test themselves on the many mountain bike trails that snake through the area. The Oz Trails system of Northwest Arkansas is famous for its variety to riders of all levels, from an easy spin to  check out the scenery or those who want to challenge the courses  designed for professional riders on the Eureka Springs Downhill.

    Renowned trail builder Tony Boone and his crew have recently completed the first 5-mile segment of what  will be an 18-mile system of loop trails for bikers and hikers. An added  attraction is it’s located on the grounds of the Great Passion Play 700-acre complex.

    Lake Leatherwood City Park may be your one-stop-shop for recreation resources. Full-size baseball  and soccer fields complement the water sports scene where visitors can  boat, kayak, and canoe and then come home to their cabin, campsite, or  BBQ pavilion to re-energize. There’s also a marina, a shower house, and a  swimming beach available.

    Black Bass Lake is a recent addition to the activity scene and has a two-mile trail for  strolls around the lake and features a half-mile handicapped accessible  trail. The nearby cliffs give hikers a backcountry feel just minutes  from downtown! And the lake itself is excellent for fishing or some  solitude by the water due to its “no motor” designation.

  • Natural Features

  • Many people associate natural springs with Arkansas,  and with good reason. The soft limestone that comprises much of the  region’s bedrock has been eroded over time by the rivers and sub-surface  alluvial channels. Hidden springs in other areas of the region are known for heated pools, and healing  properties owe their formation to similar natural processes.

    Eureka Springs’  got its start and its claim to fame from the spring waters naturally  rising to the surface at what is now known as Basin Park in downtown.  One of many such locations throughout the Ozark Mountains region, natural springs, underground caverns and caves, and scenic  trails and highways are all part of what makes this area of the  south-central part of the US so attractive. Redolent woodlands carpeting  the nearby Ozark National Forest, and Roaring River State Park just across the Missouri border provide solitude and peaceful places to observe wildlife.

    Buffalo National River to the southeast is the first federally designated National River in  the US. Fascinating geology can be explored while canoeing or kayaking  the river’s calm waters. Cosmic Caverns just east of Eureka Springs is an awe-inspiring set of caves eroded from the limestone that comprises much of the bedrock in this region.

  • Weather

  • Located in the western part of the American South, the weather in Arkansas is no different from the rest of the region. Summers are long, hot, and  humid as moisture from the Gulf of Mexico continually flows north,  keeping the air sticky. Nearby Beaver Lake adds to the air's overall moisture content, resulting in sweltering  summer days and sultry nights. With the resident humidity and hot summer  temperatures, keep an eye out for those afternoon thunderstorms that  can swoop in over the mountain ranges for a surprise.

    Winters  are short and typically mild to cool. With the humidity and dew points  maintaining consistently high levels, dampness prevails throughout the  year. Visitors who live in other parts of the Southeast US won’t notice  anything different. But those traveling from the drier parts of the  western US will want to make sure their air conditioning is in good  order.

    This is not to say the weather in Eureka Springs can’t be delightful. Warm spring days spent sunning on the lake or out  taking in the local attractions as the landscape wakes from its short  winter nap make for a memorable weekend getaway. Fall colors every bit as captivating as New England’s garner attention along some of the scenic byways leading to and from Eureka Springs. After all, you are in the Ozark Mountains!

Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • What are the different types of B&Bs in Eureka Springs?

    Locating the best bed and breakfast in Eureka Springs will depend on knowing what you’re seeking and having a good idea of  where to find it. Looking for something deep in the woods to immerse  yourself in silence? A lakeside cottage with an outdoor fireplace to  listen for the call of an evening loon? Perhaps a Victorian retreat close to town for the convenience of walking. You’ll find these  and more in this delightfully small town with a fabulous assortment of  inns from which to choose.

    Talk about pampering. The Bridgeford House checks in guests in their beauty parlor. Located downtown, this 5-room  snuggle of a B&B has rooms on four floors, a stone garden patio, and  a relaxing water feature. Named as the sixth most romantic inn in the  South, the Cliff Cottage Inn is perched atop one of Arkansas’ many rocky ledges. Not to worry, being located in the heart of the Historic District, there’s a trolley stop at street level to whisk you around town.

    A favorite of locals, Rock Cottage Gardens B&B has five private cottages, each with their own 2-person private Jacuzzi and fireplace. An on-site wedding chapel that seats up to fifteen guests and provides all the nuptial essentials. Red Bud Manor Inn has been elegantly restored to maintain its classic ambiance yet  provides the latest modern amenities and close to shops, restaurants,  and spas.

    Heart of the Hills Inn offers three 19th-century cottages on the Historic Loop just three blocks from the heart of the Historic District's action. Private entrances and decks make this a unique lodging experience.

    A “top-25 B&B in the US” listing by Trip Advisor Travelers Choice in 2016, Heartstone Inn and Cottages has every option a B&B enthusiast could want. Also listed on the  National Register of Historic Places, they offer rooms, suites, and  private cottages. Not to be outdone, the 5 Ojo Inn Bed and Breakfast is a multi-award winning sanctuary located on the highest peak in the  city limits. Boasting nine rooms and suites, two cottages, and two Victorian homes, the wooded lot is home to a relaxing garden and wildlife.

    This small, quiet corner of Northwest Arkansas is a bed & breakfast aficionado’s delight. Its out-of-the-way  location set amidst several of Mid-America’s large urban centers makes  it all the more enchanting. Options abound whether you’re looking for a  wedding venue, a family reunion home base, a girls’ getaway, or simply a retreat for respite.

    Take  in the fresh mountain air, get your heart rate up stalking the town’s  undulating streets, and revel in the nearby lakes, caverns, and forests.  Archimedes’ timeless exclamation truly sums up all that you will discover when you find your way to Eureka Springs!

  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Eureka Springs?

    Pamper versus pragmatic. B&B luxury versus hotel efficiency. Bed and breakfast inns have a way of winning their guests over like that. Host-friendliness, coupled with a romantic getaway and aesthetically pleasing Victorian architecture common throughout Eureka Springs rounds out the sensory delight.

    Eureka Springs bed and breakfast inns work hard to please their guests and with good reason. Innkeepers are passionate about the service they provide. Additionally, while  comfort and extravagance are at the forefront of the guest’s experience,  the hosts are extremely safety-conscious to ensure all rooms and  facilities are safe and clean.

    This includes precautions about the current state of affairs with Covid-19. Speak with your hosts at check-in to address any questions you may have regarding their health and safety protocols.

  • How can I get around Eureka Springs?

    As stated earlier, there are many large metropolitan cities within a four-hour drive of Eureka Springs. Other closer options may require connecting through the state capital Little Rock or even Ft. Smith.  Either way, your choice of scenic routes from several of these cities  makes the drive through the Ozarks, around the lakes, or through the  state and national forests most enjoyable.

    For B&Bs located near the historic district,  a walk is a great way to get some exercise, especially considering the  streets' ups and downs. You will have easy access to desired attractions  including shops, restaurants, galleries, and museums, many of which are  within easy walking distance of each other. Trolleys make for a different way of getting around and a fun way to make new  friends. For ventures farther afield, the convenience of a cab or your  rental car.

  • What types of amenities can I expect when booking a Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast?

    Amenities at your favorite bed and breakfast inn can range from the expected to the luxuriant. Free wifi, luxury bed with baby-soft linens, the option of a Jacuzzi or hot tub,  and organic bath products are often staples today in all guest rooms.  Other basics can include free private parking and bicycles for  about-town touring. Free cancellation is the norm as well, provided you give your hosts plenty of advance notice.

    Many  inns will offer a private bath or whirlpool tubs. The height of luxury  is a fireplace nearby for added ambiance, especially when booking a  guest house with a private entrance. Farm-to-table freshness can be counted on with any gourmet breakfast enjoyed in the dining room or the comfort of your room to enhance the beautiful view from your window.