Bed and Breakfast Calistoga CA

Did you know that Calistoga is a low-key and cozy place located at the northern end of the famous Napa Valley? Note that Calistoga, CA, is a bit wilder and certainly more laid back compared to the many other towns close to San Francisco.

Bed and Breakfast Calistoga CA
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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Calistoga, CA

Calistoga, CA, is a walkable small town of around 5,000 people.  Note that Calistoga's small-town unique ambiance and sophisticated dining, as well as shopping, certainly make it one of the favorites among most wine country visitors.

The  town is certainly a breath of fresh air and has a cozy and laid-back  vibe that is a huge and welcoming contrast with many other parts of California’s famous wine country. People have long touted Calistoga,  CA, as an excellent place for relaxation and rest, and visitors come  here looking for rejuvenation as well as relaxing mud baths at many of  its natural and comforting hot springs.

If you are visiting Calistoga, CA, you will find many incredible and fun things to do here, from cool wines to hot springs. If you are into hiking, note that Bothe-Napa Valley State Park offers beautiful and breathtaking views and excellent hiking trails that you will love.

You can also visit Castello di Amorosa.  Note that this remarkable Tuscan-style winery and castle were built in  the thirteenth century.  The place offers you various tour options, like  Reserve wine tours and an excellent wine and cheese tour that you will  like.

Another favorite tourist spot is the  Huge Bear Winery. Note that the winery is fully dedicated to celebrating  and honoring the spirit of California. However, more importantly, it brings the rich history of both Knights Valley and Sonoma County to life through its unique and delectable wines.

If you are looking for comfortable and relaxing accommodation, bed and breakfast, Calistoga, CA is the best option for you. For a long-term stay with your partner, an abundance of fantastic bed and breakfast options exist in Calistoga, CA, for various needs and preferences. It is worth noting that bed and breakfast near Calistoga, CA, usually have an element of historical class and luxury.

For example, bed and breakfast inns, such as Craftsman Inn and Cottage Grove Inn,  have beautiful hardwood floors, amazing vaulted ceilings, and  wood-burning fireplaces. You will also find other amenities, such as  2-person Jacuzzi tubs.


  • From hot springs to mud baths, Calistoga has an array of amazing and fun activities. Robert Louis Stevenson State Park in Sonoma and Napa counties offers magnificent and stunning views of both the Sierra  Nevada and the Pacific. And that is not all; the park also boasts  evergreen forests, rough terrain, and a 5-mile hiking trail that takes  you to the peak of Mount St. Helena.

    You  can also visit Johnny’s for some tasty food. It is a quaint and casual  restaurant near the famous Mount View Hotel located on Lincoln Avenue. Sterling Vineyards is located in Calistoga and is among Napa Valley's best and most beloved wineries.

    You  should take the amazing Sterling Silver tour along with a fun gondola  ride in order to admire the unique Greek-style architecture as well as  rolling hills.

    Note that Calistoga Pottery is another amazing tourist destination on Foothill Blvd. It specializes in valuable, durable, and everyday shapes in various food-safe glazes.

    You  can visit Chateau Ste. Shirts and find casual clothing, pretty  swimwear, and quality footwear at the popular clothing store in the  heart of downtown Calistoga. Calistoga is quite famous for its natural beauty as well as opulent and relaxing spa treatments. You can pamper yourself with a spa treatment.

  • Weather

  • Did you know that Calistoga weather tends to benefit considerably from a dry Mediterranean climate,  offering the ideal environment for grapes and other fruits to grow?   Keep in mind that the weather is dry and warm in the summer months. And  it’s cool and rainy during the winter.

    The summer  season in the city lasts for four months, from June to October. Note  that the daily high temperature (average) is above 81°F. It is likely  that whenever you decide to visit Calistoga,  CA, you will find comfortable and nice weather in the city. However,  keep in mind that the best time for a visit is perhaps in the fall. This  is when you will be able to visit all the wineries in the city in full  production mode, which is excellent.

    Also, it is worth noting that the busiest months for tourism in Calistoga are July, August, and June. As a result, prices for hotels, resorts,  and flights will likely be the most expensive during these three months.

  • History

  • Calistoga was initially home to the people of Wappo and called the Hot Springs of the West. This was because of the natural and unique volcanic hot springs that are located here. Did you know that the city’s famous Old Faithful Geyser is intriguing and erupts frequently every thirty minutes? It can shoot  hot water about sixty feet into the air. It is worth noting that the  first American settlers started arriving in Calistoga in the early 1840’s.

    Did  you know that Sam Brannan was among the few first millionaires to  arrive in the area? Note that he purchased about 2,000 acres in the city  in order to build a unique spa that was inspired by Saratoga Springs in  New York. Also, keep in mind that the first church that was erected in Calistoga was a Methodist Church.

  • Natural Features

  • If you are a nature lover, you will find many places to visit in the city. For example, Petrified Forest in Calistoga,  CA, has some of the largest and most unique petrified trees. You will  get a chance to get closer to nature, and you will also see many scenic  views. You can also visit Pioneer Park. The park is perfect for various  passive recreational activities.

    Some of the  facilities at this park are a drinking fountain, kid’s playground,  restrooms, gazebo, and a gorgeous picnic area. The Palisades trail in Calistoga is an excellent way to explore the beautiful and rustic landscape of the city.

    If you are an outdoor adventurer, you will certainly enjoy some of the best views in Napa Valley on an amazing eleven-mile trail, outfitted particularly for seasoned hikers.

  • Things to do

  • Do you love paintings and sculptures? You must go to the famous  Indian Springs Art Gallery. You will be pleased and amazed by the way  local artists managed to transform the mineral-rich and unique hot springs in the area into crystal-laden artworks.

    Another  tourist attraction in the city is called Brian Arden Wines. This  property was built in 2008 and opened in 2014. Now guests and visitors  are welcome to join for an amazing 45-minute wine tasting experience.

    Also, you should bring your kids to the Sharpsteen Museum in order to give them a valuable history lesson about the permanent  exhibits and the rich and vibrant history of the beautiful Upper Napa Valley.  Some other attractions in the city include its "Little Old Faithful" geyser. You can book a Napa Fascination Wine Tour either from San Francisco or nearby areas by a private minivan.

  • Food and Drink

  • You will be happy to know that there are many awesome restaurants in Calistoga and around Sonoma, Napa,  and the many surrounding towns. One example is Busters Original  Southern Barbeque. At this restaurant, you will get the real deal, such  as mouth-watering and tender ribs as well as southern-style sides  expertly served in an excellent dining room.

    Evangeline is  another great choice. The best thing is that twinkling and beautiful  lights and an elegant Maitre’d greet visitors warmly before they walk  through the restaurant’s front.  It is a casual and nice French-Creole  place that has an awesome patio.

Bed and Breakfast Calistoga CA FAQ

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  • Why stay at a B&B in Calistoga, CA?

    There is no doubt that staying at a comfortable bed and breakfast in Calistoga is the best option if you’re looking to have a fun and relaxing  vacation and want to escape from your hectic and busy daily life. This  provides a perfect getaway for you and your loved ones.

    Also, the cost of a Calistoga B&B is usually all-inclusive. This means that you will not need to  pay an additional amount for parking fees or extra amenities. Some BnBs  also have a convenient cancellation policy.

    You can check-in at the Brannan Cottage Inn BnB in Calistoga. You will enjoy private, in-room fireplaces and mahogany four-poster beds, making your getaway truly amazing. You can also stay at stunning chateaus in the city with private entrances that feature beautifully appointed rooms with views of Mount St. Helena and rolling vineyards.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Calistoga, CA, Bed and Breakfast?

    There are several good reasons to stay in an LA bed and breakfast.  Most bed and breakfast inns in Calistoga provide different features, amenities, and experience. For example, some bed and breakfasts in Calistoga and nearby areas have gazebos, yards, gardens, and other gorgeous outdoor features that you can enjoy during your stay.

    The innkeeper at bed and breakfast inns in Calistoga make the extra effort in order to ensure that you experience a warm  welcome and that everything is excellent during your stay. The different  preferences and personalities of innkeepers will also help make your stay in a B&B memorable, unique, and enjoyable.

    You will also enjoy these amenities:

    • Free Wi-Fi and hot tub
    • Jacuzzis
    • Clean and tidy rooms and common areas
    • Personal, attentive, and responsive service and care
  • How can I get around Calistoga?

    From private cars and rideshare apps to shuttles and trains, you will  find many options when it comes to ground transport in the beautiful  city of Calistoga.  Whether you want to arrive in style, or you need something a little  budget-friendly, there is an easy and hassle-free way for you to get  easily into wine country.

    For example, cycling will certainly help you fully explore both the countryside and urban settings of wine country.  You will likely miss these sights and sounds if you are zooming from  one winery in the city to another in a car. Did you know that many  hotels and resorts in wine country provide bicycle rentals?

    Keep in mind that the Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport is certainly the closest that you will get to landing in  these beautiful vineyards. Note that all incoming flights are properly  treated to pretty and stunning views of the valley. However, note that  only 4 commercial airlines usually service this quaint location. Also,  Uber and Lyft are ever-present in the city—particularly ideal in an area  where alcohol consumption is one of the top pastimes.

  • What are the different types of B&Bs in Calistoga?

    From country inns to lavish and vintage estates, there are many types of bed and breakfast options in Calistoga, CA. Some of the best bed and breakfast in Calistoga, CA, such as Aurora Park Cottages, provides you with privacy and quiet, a nice complement to the beautiful and sweeping views of the famous Napa Valley.

    Other  country houses have private guest cottages, horse barns, the main  house, as well as verdant gardens that you will love. Many B&Bs have  modern features such as gas fireplaces and even an iPad or tablet in  each room.

    The bnbfinder Diamond Collection is a prestigious and exclusive group of highly-rated or professionally inspected luxury bed and breakfasts and inns.

    And  all members of the bnbfinder Diamond Collection have to pass a  professional inspection performed by an industry-recognized inspection  agency. Don’t forget to inform the innkeeper you found them through the bnbfinder Diamond Collection!