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Bed and Breakfast Burlington VT

Burlington, Vermont is an ideal getaway location with a thriving art scene, ample shipping opportunities, outdoor adventure, great dining, three colleges such as the University of Vermont, and numerous festivals. Staging at a bed and breakfast in Burlington VT places you in the heart of the excitement.

Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Burlington VT

You can take pictures in front of the city’s fountains, stroll the  brick-paved pedestrian mall, explore historical buildings, and shop at  the Church Street Marketplace in downtown Burlington.

Festivals happen throughout the year. Two of the main ones that attract visitors are the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival and the New Years First Night Celebration.

Pick a Burlington Bed and Breakfast that is located near Burlington Waterfront Park if you love the water. You can take an excursion boat, enjoy lovely views of Lake Champlain, bicycle, sail, or kayak on the lake.

  • History

    Burlington’s history goes back to the mid-1800s when the thriving city was categorized as the third largest lumber port in the United States.  The waterfront town was a lively and exciting place. Sadly, the lumber  industry started to decline in the 1900s and the railroad moved into the  city with tracks being laid and a rail yard constructed. However, the  time of the rail declined quickly, but Burlington still survived when it became a hub for the petroleum industry.  Gasoline, fuel oil, jet fuel, and diesel were all shipped on large  barges using the HudsonRiver/Champlain Canal system. Each year, millions  of gallons of fuel were shipped from the area. Up to 83 large oil tanks  liked the Burlington waterfront. Nowadays, the barge traffic has dwindled and the storage tanks are almost all gone.

  • Activities

    Burlington has become a vacation hub as people flock to the city to enjoy everything that Lake Champlain. Stay along Church Street so you can enjoy the Church Street Marketplace or opt to stay where you can enjoy the views of Lake Champlain. If you would rather stay in a historical B&B then pick a romantic Victorian beauty as your lodging retreat. History lovers will want to check to the Shelburne Museum.

    Outdoor enthusiasts will love the many state parks that dot the area. You can take a picnic, fish, hike, bike, or watch the area’s diverse wildlife. The Adirondack mountain range offers rugged adventure and unparalleled views

    Many people opt to stay at a bed and breakfast in Burlington Vermont if they are visiting the University of Vermont or the Champlain College.  Whichever school you are touring, you’ll be able to find lodging  closeby with a wide array of b&bs so why not make a weekend getaway out of the trip.

  • Natural Features

    Vermont is filled with natural wonders. Quechee Gorge State Park encompasses a large gorge that plunges downward 165 feet to the Ottauquechee River. The Burlington Burled Forest overlooks the North Beach. Within the small patch of  forestland, all of the trees boast burls in varying sizes on their  trunks. The burls are caused by the extreme winds that blow off Lake Champlain and cause the trees to twist and turn. Smugglers Cave is another  natural feature that may or may not have been used by local smugglers to  hide their treasure throughout history.

    Mount Mansfield is Vermont’s highest peak and favored for skiing and stunning views of the state.

  • Things to do

    Without a doubt, Lake Champlain has been the crowning jewel of Burlington. It has driven the town’s economy and continues to be the largest draw to the area. The news of Lake Champlain are breathtaking and make visitors automatically want to explore the area’s many state parks and Adirondack mountains where they can hike, bike, boat, fish, and picnic.

    The city’s University of Vermont and Champlain College also draw several visitors to the area every year. You can stay near Church Street Marketplace to enjoy the charming vendors and retailers. If your getaway is going to be a romantic weekend for two then why not stay in a darling Victorian B&B.

    History buffs love exploring the Shelburne Museum. After a day at the museum, they can then stroll the town’s  streets with a new appreciation for the area’s unique history.

  • Weather

    Burlington features warm summers with an average temperature of 81 degrees  Fahrenheit. On rare occasions, the mercury can increase to 89 degrees  Fahrenheit. However, typically the climate is lovely which is why  tourists flock to the area from mid-June to early September. In the  winter, the weather can become very cold and dip down to 12 degrees  Fahrenheit or even -6 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind often blows in off  the lake creating an even greater wind chill.

  • Food and Drink

    Burlington, Vermont is a great place to grab a bite to eat. Jupiter is a great breakfast choice. The menu is always changing and boasts seasonal dishes. The Pingala Cafe is a vegan hotspot that is favored for lunch. At the Burlington Farmers Market, you’ll find a variety of food vendors serving up local favorites. The Scout and Company are known for their world-class coffee.  Zero Gravity is a local brewery and hangout hot spot for the locals. The House of Fermontology offers up famous sour beers that are sure to make you pucker. The Hen of the Wood is famous for its seasonal cocktails.

Bed and Breakfast Burlington VT FAQ

  • How can I get around Burlington VT?

    You can reach Burlington, VT via car, train, plane (Burlington International Airport), or the Lake Champlain Transportation Ferry. Some buses run between Burlington and Boston or New York and Burlington. Once you are in the town, you can opt to ride a bike, use a car, or walk to explore the area.

  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Burlington VT?

    Planning a weekend getaway to de-stress and relax? Or maybe you are looking forward to a romantic getaway with your loved one. Families often flock to the Lake Champlain for family fun at a vacation rental. If you are the parents of a student at the Champlain College or the Univerity of Vermont then you might need acceptable lodging during your stay. Why not stay at a Burlington Bed and Breakfast? You can find a boutique choice in the historic district of town where you can explore the Church Street Marketplace. Maybe book a Victorian B&B where you soak up unparalleled views of Lake Champlain and then explore Shelburne. Outdoor lovers might want to stay on the outskirts of town where they can head to a local state park or drive into the Adirondack mountains.

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Burlington Bed and Breakfast?

    When you make a reservation at a Burlington Bed and Breakfast then you’ll want to know the check-in time. Also, try to find out if there are onsite parking and easy access to the establishment. Always ask to see if the guest rooms have private bathrooms or wifi. Many establishments provide free breakfast, bathrobes, and more for their guests. Some of the B&Bs even have a hot tub.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Burlington?

    Green Mountain lodging choices make you feel like you are in the heart of the countryside. You can choose a pet-friendly bed and breakfast in Burlington Vermont if you plan on taking Fido with you when you explore the great outdoors.

    Many people prefer staying at an urban-chic boutique bed and breakfast such as Made INN Vermont that features a variety of modern conveniences. The hip and historic  establishment is within walking distance to the lovely lake. Without a  doubt, it is one of the best Burlington VT bed and breakfast waterfront choices.

    If you are seeking lodging in the heart of the city then check out Hartwell Bed and Breakfast in Burlington VT. (however, check ahead with the innkeepers because the establishment was rumored to have closed during the COVID pandemic).

    The Lang House on Main Street Bed and Breakfast in Burlington VT is one of the best bed and breakfasts in Burlington VT. The lodging is located close to the University of Vermont Medical Center