Bed and Breakfast Bardstown KY

Welcome to Bardstown, KY, Kentucky’s  second oldest city that was settled all the way back in 1780 by  European Settlers. This bourbon crazy town has been dubbed the “Bourbon Capital of the World”, and hosts the annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival drawing in enthusiasts and drinkers from far & wide.

Bed and Breakfast Bardstown KY

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Explore Bed and Breakfasts in Bardstown KY

Kentucky is famous for its bourbon, and Bardstown is at the very epicenter of bourbon country, with a bourbon bar almost everywhere you look. The distillery is almost as common as the water fountain here, and the people are as charming as they come.

When you stay at a bed and breakfast in Bardstown KY, you’re in for some fantastic southern hospitality whether you’re staying in downtown Bardstown or out in a more natural area of the town. Located in driving range to Louisville, and smack dab in the middle of the “Bourbon Trail”, Bardstown is a perfect place for a fun little romantic getaway or a trip with friends.

The bed and breakfasts in Bardstown KY feature incredible meals, warm innkeepers, and a rich history that goes back hundreds of years to simpler times. Modern amenities combined with old fashioned Southern hospitality is a winning combination that can’t be beat!

Wherever you choose to stay in Bardstown, you’ll have a blast.

    Things to do

  • There are tons of things to do in Bardstown as previously mentioned, but if you want to see more of Kentucky then Lexington is a fantastic place to visit. With several fantastic  b&b options, and amazing horse museums and functioning horse farms  that are still producing Champions to this day, Lexington is a whole  ‘nother bag of fun.

    The University of Kentucky also happens to be in Lexington, and Louisville is also another one of Kentucky’s  treasures. The Bluegrass state has so much to see that you might want  to block off a serious amount of time for this vacation!

  • Weather

  • Bardstown typically has hot, humid summers and cool-really cold winters. We  always recommend packing a light rain jacket and a few layers to make  sure you’re ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

    If  you’re coming in the summer, you’ll love the warmth as you’re downing a  bourbon and experiencing all of the fantastic sites around Bardstown.

    Winter is great in its own way, however. Many of the distilleries have special offerings closer to the Holidays, and horse farms around Kentucky usually put on stunning light shows and other fun events.

    Whenever you choose to come, rest assured you’ll be taken care of in Bardstown.

  • History

  • Bardstown is an old, Kentucky town with a rich past. Settlers came from over the Blue Ridge Mountains  immediately after the Revolutionary War to try their luck in new lands,  and Bardstown came into being.

    Over time, bourbon and whisky making became the trade of the land, and all of that leads to Bardstown current standing as the “Bourbon Capital of the World”.

    In 2012, Bardstown was named “The Most Beautiful Small Town in America”.

  • Natural Features

  • Bardstown is a pretty little town that isn’t very large (around 7 square miles),  and has a beautiful downtown area along with some beautiful parks.

    As with the rest of Kentucky, the landscape is beautiful and there’s a reason Bardstown was named America’s Most Beautiful Small Town in 2012!

    If you want to see more of Kentucky’s famous horse farms, as well as  hiking trails, ponds, and more, then you might want to travel outside of Bardstown to places like Lexington where that natural scenery is a bit more prevalent.

  • Activities

  • For some good times and fun things to do around Bardstown, check out the My Old Kentucky Home State Park. The Park features Federal Hill, a massive mansion that belonged to Judge Rowan. The State of Kentucky now owns the Park, and it’s rich with history about America’s past, and  how we’ve moved forward to the present. Definitely worth checking out!

    For all things whiskey, visit the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey.  This place is any bourbon lovers dream, and provides 50 years worth of  artifacts, collections, and trinkets related to whiskey.

    The Civil War Museum is also extremely memorable, and one of the largest civil war museums in the country. You’ll see important pieces of America’s history, and stunning exhibits in this gem of a museum.

    Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center is another great place to learn more about Kentucky’s bourbon history and discover why bourbon is so important to Kentucky, and Bardstown specifically.

    And of course, if you’re renting a car there is so much to explore throughout the Bluegrass state. Louisville, Lexington, and other amazing places are all driving distance from Bardstown.

  • Food and Drink

  • Bardstown has some incredible options if you’re a foodie looking for your next  victim, or just love dining & drinking at the best local dives.  Check out this page for some of Bardstown’s best.

    Bardstown Bourbon Company has eats like the classic Fried Chicken Sandwich, and a great offering of local bourbons, meats, and cheeses.

    Around Kentucky you’ll find a blend of “Southern Food” along with more upscale dishes,

    Of course, Bourbon is the theme of Bardstown and Kentucky in general. You’ll find dozens of fantastic bars and bourbon spots to  visit. Check out the Blind Pig, Bourbon Manor bar, or Xavier’s Pub for a  fun time.

Bed and Breakfast Bardstown KY FAQ

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  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Bardstown KY Bed and Breakfast?

    A Bardstown Bed and Breakfast features all of the modern amenities you’d expect, with all of the classic charm that Kentucky offers. That means an authentic, unique, Kentucky experience that incorporates Kentucky’s beautiful rural nature with free wifi, flat-screen tv, hair-dryer, free parking, king bed, and obviously a private bath.

    Some b&b’s (like Bourbon Manor) even feature a day spa where you can get a couple's massage, facials, pedicures, or whatever other treatment you’re hankering for.

    Your getaway will usually include luxury toiletries provided by the innkeepers, as well as an incredible gourmet breakfast. A homemade breakfast is a big part of the reason you chose a b&b, right?

    You’ll feel right at home at any Bardstown bed and breakfast you end up booking!

  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Bardstown KY?

    The best part about staying at a bed and breakfast is almost always the innkeepers that are there to make your stay magical & memorable. Bardstown innkeepers know the town inside and out, and will be able to make unique  recommendations and offer insights that chain hotels simply won’t.

    Expect a speedy check-in (contactless during Covid) and a luxurious guest room with crisp sheets, a beautiful private bath, and free wifi.

    Don’t forget breakfast. Your innkeepers will love serving up sizzling goodness like eggs benedict, fresh  muffins & pastries, and a steamy cup of joe to kickstart your day.  Most b&b serve in a central dining room, although breakfast can  usually be brought straight up to your room! How’s that for service?

  • How can I get around Bardstown KY?

    If you’re traveling around Bardstown, and plan to visit other nearby towns or travel through Kentucky, renting a car is definitely the right move. Since Bardstown isn’t a major metro or city, it can obviously lack some public infrastructure for your use.

    Never fear! If you’re planning on hopping around distilleries with a group of people or even just your special someone, Bardstown has plenty of tour operators or private cars that are available with  one simple phone call. Pegasus Distilled, Coppertop Tours, and Mint  Julep Tours are three of the top operators in the area.

    Uber and Lyft are less common and might incur longer wait times, but still available in the area.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Bardstown?

    Bardstown features some lovely bed & breakfast options for all occasions, whether that’s sipping bourbon and touring distilleries, or relaxed days of exploring Kentucky, or whatever you’re scheming up.

    The best bed and breakfast in Bardstown KY has to be the Bourbon Manor Bed & Breakfast Inn. The Inn offers customized trips and packages so you can explore the Bourbon Trail, features an on-site spa for some pampering after a long day of exploring, and also offers an on-site Bourbon bar, The Bunghole Bourbon Bar,  with over 150 varieties of Bourbon, Beer, and Wine! The Inn cooks up a  delicious homemade breakfast each morning to get your day off on the  right note. It’s a must stay sort of place.

    Other great options are Maple Hill Manor and Jailer’s Inn Bed and Breakfast.