Alaska Bed and Breakfast

Alaska,  the Last Frontier. Home to some of the most stunning wildlife, national  parks, and bed & breakfast locations in the United States. Year-round, Alaska draws in visitors who are looking for spectacular views and something different.

Alaska Bed and Breakfast

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Explore Alaska Bed and Breakfast

The mystical feeling of the state can be felt from downtown Anchorage to smaller towns like Kenai or Wasilla. Alaskeners will treat you like family. Alaskan hospitality is famous within the state and tourism is a major driver.

Bed & Breakfasts in Alaska offer unique experiences that truly can’t be had at any other destination in the country. From Anchorage to Denali,  there is a bed & breakfast for every type of vacationer out there.  If you’re coming to get a taste of the great outdoors or just a romantic  getaway, you’ve chosen a fantastic spot. Your innkeeper might serve up fresh halibut or smoked salmon for breakfast one morning or a hearty winter breakfast with a hot cup of coffee the next.

There’s no better state in America to stay in a bed and breakfast. The great outdoors is on full display in Alaska, combine that with friendly innkeepers & gorgeous inns and you’ve got a winning combination.


  • Alaska was admitted to the United States in 1959, and is the largest state in America. Here’s a fun fact: Alaska was purchased by the U.S. Secretary of State William Seward for around $7.2 million way back in 1867. Seems like a pretty good deal now, doesn’t it?

    The discovery of gold in the 19th century was a big reason that Alaska had any sizable population at all, as many thought it would end up being wasted land.

    Today, Alaska is kept afloat by the energy sector, tourism, and military bases around Kodiak, Anchorage, and Fairbanks. Many cruises travel around Alaska to witness the icebergs and incredible wildlife native to the region.

  • Activities

  • Looking for something unique to Alaska to conquer? How about dog sledding? You can take a tour that leaves from Juneau, Fairbanks, Girdwood, or Denali! Get pulled by some truly amazing dogs and see why dog sledding is a state obsession.

    Sea  Kayaking is another super fun activity if you’ve got kids or even if  you’re with your partner. You’ll see otters, puffins, and if you’re  lucky...maybe even a whale...up close and personal! The peacefulness of  the kayak compared to a motor boat ensures the wildlife won’t be spooked  & you’ll get an in depth look at Alaska’s majestic ecosystem.

    Like beer? The state has 32 breweries and some are even accessible only by boat or plane. How wild is that? Check out Big Swig Tours  out of Anchorage.    

  • Natural Features

  • It goes without saying, but Alaska is world famous for its incredible beauty and sheer size & scope. Fun Fact: Alaska is larger than Texas, California, and Montana combined in land area. That’s massive!

    Within Alaska are locations like the Aleutian Islands, renowned for being comprised of over 300 volcanic islands (many active). Alaska also has over three million lakes. Denali National Park and Preserve is located near Fairbanks, and shows off tons of different breeds of wildlife & fauna.

  • Things to do

  • Depending on what time of year you come to Alaska, there are a whole menu of activities available for your vacation or getaway. Anchorage offers wildlife tours that leave from the city, and Denali mountain has everything from hiking to biking (if it’s summer).

    Fairbanks has Northern Lights tours and Juneau’s got whale watching tours! Designing your activities  around your interests is always a good decision, but don’t be afraid to  get outside your comfort zone. TripAdvisor is a great site for seeing the top activities in the area, even if you’re somewhere remote like Matanuska!

  • Weather

  • Alaska is cold, but you already knew that. Many vacationers use an Alaska b&b as their home base to plot adventures and weather the cold, or enjoy the incredible summers that Alaska has! Be sure to pack warm clothes if you’re coming during the winter as the temperatures can drop to legendary lows.

    In  the summer, the weather is much more moderate and there are thousands  of hiking trails, bike paths, and rocks to climb around the state. Check  out Denali and the surrounding area for loads of amazing activities.

  • Food and Drink

  • Alaska has tons of interesting dishes that you might expect from such a  wildlife heavy state. If you’re looking for something different, try reindeer sausage! It works for any meal of the day, breakfast, lunch or dinner!

    The  state is well known for incredible salmon and there are so many ways to  enjoy this delicious fish. Baked, smoked, fresh, or thrown onto a bagel  with cream cheese. If you come to Alaska and don’t try the Salmon, you’re doing it wrong!

    King  Crab legs are another delicacy that you’ve got to munch on before you  leave. Hard to get and even harder to catch in the wild, the King Crab  is best eaten when dunked in garlic butter.

Alaska Bed and Breakfast FAQ

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  • Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Alaska?

    There’s no question that Alaska is one of the most majestic places on Earth, with incredible national  forests like Tongass, the largest national forest in America. From Denali to Fairbanks to Anchorage to the Aleutian Islands, Alaska has so much to witness for adventure going travelers who are looking for a different kind of getaway.

    Mountain views are typical at bed & breakfasts across the state, and if you’re  lucky you might even get a glimpse of the miracle that is the Northern Lights. It’s hard to beat the cozy feeling of staying in a log cabin style b&b in Alaska while it’s freezing outside, or experiencing wildlife while you trek around Denali. Some Alaska b&bs offer a hot tub or an outdoor whirlpool so you can enjoy the outdoors while soaking in hot water. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

  • What type of amenities can I expect when booking a Alaska Bed and Breakfast?

    When you think of Alaska’s bed and breakfast scene, rugged and remote might come to mind. Fear not! Your bed and breakfast will be stocked with all of the modern amenities you’d expect from a more metro b&b. A cozy living room with a fireplace is offered in some locations, so be sure to check out the amenities before you book.

    Guest rooms come with fast wifi, private baths, private bathroom, and of course, the famous continental breakfast served up in the dining room! If you opt for a deluxe, you might even have a kitchenette or full kitchen for more convenience. Explore the surrounding area and use your b&b as a home base!

    As  in most other places, if accessibility is an issue feel free to reach  out to the b&b and they’ll do their utmost to make sure your stay is  comfortable & convenient.

  • How can I get around Alaska?

    Traveling around Alaska isn’t as tricky as you might assume for such an isolated state. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) is a major hub for transporting goods and  many airlines offer convenient routes in and out of ANC. That’s probably  the airport you’ll fly into, although regional flights do go through Fairbanks as well.

    Renting  an SUV is a great way to travel around the massive state and ensures  you’ll have freedom to check out all of the national parks along with  cities like Anchorage, Homer, and Palmer.

  • What Are the Different Types of B&Bs in Alaska?

    There are loads of different b&b options throughout the state in Alaska that’ll keep you cozy when it’s cold outside! One of the best bed and breakfast Anchorage Alaska options is Big Bear Bed and Breakfast. A hot breakfast and good old “Alaskan Hospitality” are on offer at this Anchorage joint.

    Looking for a great bed and breakfast in Fairbanks Alaska? Visit the Heritage House Bed and Breakfast. A homey feel and blazing fast wifi along with modern amenities you’d expect in a big city are just some of the highlights of Heritage House.

    Itching to try out a Homer Alaska bed and breakfast? The Bay Avenue Bed and Breakfast is a great choice. Located right on the edge of the scenic Kachemak  Bay, this is a great spot to hunker down for a night or two & enjoy Homer.

    For a real treat and our selection for the best Palmer Alaska bed and breakfast, consider Knotty Pine B&B. 3  terraces with forest views, picnic areas, and rooms with whirlpool tubs  & more! It’s a hidden gem that’ll keep you coming back to Palmer and has lovely innkeepers that you’ll absolutely love!

    Visit for the best bed and breakfast in Alaska no matter what you’re looking for!