A close up of a flower garden in front of a building at Scandinavian Inn.

Scandinavian Inn

About The Inn

The Scandinavian Inn is well-regarded for a wonderful breakfast found nowhere else. We put our heart and soul into our breakfast preparation, and we are highly selective about what we serve. Persian omelet. Rommegrot. Shirred eggs. Tomato basil pie. Real food made from scratch. Nothing artificial. Produce available at our local Farmers Market usually determines what is on our breakfast menu, plus what can be harvested from our own garden. We insure that our meats and eggs are genuinely free-range (we know our farmers) and that our fresh produce is organic or locally-grown.

Normally a 5-room Victorian, we have downsized to create 3 suites during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each suite has its own bedroom, bath, sitting area, and outdoor porch. Breakfast is delivered directly to the rooms.

701 Kenilworth Avenue South, Lanesboro, Minnesota 55949