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Aldrich Guest House

Galena Bed and Breakfast

Aldrich Guest House hosted by Robert & Douglas Mahan

Robert & Douglas Mahan
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About The Inn

**Just a quick note regarding Covid-19. Being immaculately clean is nothing new to us. We continue to do so with even more focus on common touch points so you'll probably see us disinfecting railings, doorknobs, light switches, etc. more than normal. Additionally, being such a large house, we're able to accommodate social distancing when necessary. For meals and evening drinks, we'll be able to space people throughout the parlor, the dining room, the library, the screened in porch, and we're even happy to offer in-room breakfast if that makes you feel more comfortable! Lastly, out of consideration for our guests, you'll see us wearing masks while preparing/serving food and drinks, as well as when interactions prohibit us from maintaining the recommended personal distance. Being a big house in a small town surrounded by loads of outdoor activities and no crowds, Aldrich Guest House and Galena are a perfect pairing for you to relax and take a breath of fresh air. Let us be your happy place!**

So you’ve been searching around for some lodging in Galena.  You’ve checked out hotels, motels, AirBNBs, and traditional B&Bs.  You’ve looked at websites and photos, you’ve read reviews, and compared prices.  

Here you are.  On our listing, thinking about making us part of your visit to Galena.  Well, we’re flattered and thrilled to have you here! Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Aldrich Guest House was built in 1845 and has been a bed and breakfast since 1984.  Abraham Lincoln hung out here in 1856. Ulysses Grant came to dinner quite often in the late 1800s. Between the two of us, we’ve been in hospitality for over half a century.  We’ve won awards for our home cooked breakfasts, our gardens, and our service.

You work hard in real life.  Work, family, volunteering. Come stay with us and relax in an unpretentious, laid-back environment.  Be yourself and let your guard down. Enjoy tasty food that you don’t have to make yourself. Have drinks on us every evening.  Make us your homebase for exploring outdoor activities, shopping, or the history Galena is so well-known for. Let us take care of you.

We could tell you that Aldrich Guest House is the best place to stay in Galena.  We could use all the typical worn out and empty words and phrases that you see on every B&B website…”we’re luxurious”, “we’re elegant”, “we’re the best”, “cozy”, “charming”.  Instead, we think you should just come and experience us yourself. Afterall - if you have to say that you’re cool, you probably aren’t.  

Come relax with us.


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Accepts Gift Cards
Breakfast Included
Daily Housekeeping
Free Parking
Free Wi-Fi
Full Breakfast Included
In-Room Breakfast Available
Smoking - Prohibited
Private Bathroom(s)
Smoking - In Designated Areas Only
Gardens - On-site
Hair dryer - In-Room(s)
Robert & Douglas Mahan

Robert & Douglas Mahan

We could tell you about our combined 50+ years in the hospitality/service industry.  We could go on and on about how much we love taking care of our guests.  But you probably already gathered all those things.  Plus, anyone can say those things - we can prove it to you. So, in place of the regular resume that are so often placed here, enjoy 20 Questions With The Innkeepers! How do you spend your ‘down time’? Robert: Knitting, for sure knitting! We take walks every day regardless of the weather.  And skiing - we both love the winter and that’s a great way to enjoy it! Douglas: In my downtime I like to be outside in nature, sewing and watching movies. Outside of Galena, what is your favorite thing you’ve done within driving distance? R: For the summer, tubing down the Grant River in Wisconsin, for winter skiing in Wausau, WI. D: Skiing at Granite Peak Best part of being an innkeeper? R: Love being able to spend so much time together with Douglas.  That was a big reason we decided to open our own business. Also, it’s great knowing that our guests have chosen us to be part of their story and allow us to become part of theirs. D: Getting to create an escape for people and make them feel taken care of. What is your favorite color? R: Usually blue, something in the darker blue variety.   D: Purple, has been since I was a kid Favorite TV show? R: Black Mirror D: Hands down, the Golden Girls! What do you want to learn more about? R: Eastern philosophy D: I would love to learn the art of making stained glass Hang gliding or white water rafting? R: Do I have to choose?  For a solo activity: Hang gliding.  For a group: white water rafting. D: Hang gliding, seems so much more peaceful and free What is a little thing that makes your day better? R: The coffee and toast that Douglas always has ready for me when I come down in the morning. D: The humor I find in our cats. Favorite piece of clothing - past or present? R: Anything handmade! D: I've had many but most of them are handmade items by people I love. I currently can't wait to wear my new sweater Robert has made me all winter long! What is the best book you’ve read? R: Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins D: All of the Harry Potter series. I have read them all multiple times and take away something new each time. What is your ‘go-to’ music? R: That’s always changing!  Right now, Late Night People by Goldfish D: Music wit happy good vibes, right now its Cuz I Love You by Lizzo or Labrinth, Sia & Diplo presents LSD Who inspires you to be better? R: Douglas does.  He’s one of the few people I admire, respect, and look up to. D: Robert! he is so in tuned with everything and never settles for less than the best in everything he does! If your childhood had a smell, what would it be? R: My grandma’s house, specifically her kitchen or the way the sheets smelled when I would stay the night in the summertime. D: Snicker-doodles in all of their vanilla & cinnamon-y goodness Would you rather ride around on a giraffe or a donkey? R: Giraffe D: Never thought of riding one, but would love to meet a giraffe. I've always found a kinship to them because of their height! Would you rather be telepathic or telekinetic? R: Telekinetic D: Telekinetic, too scary to really know what people are thinking Would you rather be a reverse-centaur or a reverse-merman? R: That’s a tough one, but I’ll go for reverse-centaur. D: Centaur, gills out of water seem rough. Would you rather be a bowling champ or a curling champ? R: Curling.  Without a doubt. D: Bowling because I still don't understand what curling is... What is your favorite season? R: Winter by far although I enjoy all the seasons when they stay in their place on the calendar. D: Winter is best but they all have their own beauty. Would you rather never have a papercut again or never have a popcorn hull stuck in your teeth again? R: Since I’m not very prone to papercuts, I’d say no more popcorn hulls! D: NO MORE PAPERCUTS! What did you want to be when you were young? R: A butler, a garbage man, an astronaut, and a guess which one(s) actually materialized! D: An artist or a homemaker... check and check!

900 3rd Street, Galena, Illinois 61036

Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence (2014-Present)
2018 TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Award
Best Breakfast - First Runner Up -
Green Leader Founding Member - 2017-Present
10.0 Score
2020 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award
Best Romantic Getaway - River Travel Magazine
TripAdvisor 2022 Travelers Choice Award # 1 B&B/Inn in USA
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