Join The Gift Card Program

We’ve taken everything we learned from creating and running the industry’s largest gift card program at and have brought it back even better to bnbfinder! Cards will no longer be sold through Costco (or any discount channels) thereby removing the incentive for existing guests to purchase gift cards to cover their already-booked stay to save money. This program will solely be to drive NEW guests to your property that you can turn into your own repeat customers.

The Top reasons to sign up for the program:

  1. It’s the largest B&B gift certificate/gift card program throughout North America with hundreds of participating properties and growing.
  2. It doesn’t cost anything to sign-up. You only pay when you get a reservation.
  3. Has a low effective commission rate. When you redeem a certificate/card you only pay the commission on the face value of the redeemed certificate/card, not on the total reservation. The average stay at a B&B costs $350 (2 nights at $175 according to the PAII study of 2017). The average certificate/card purchase is $150. Therefore, on an average $350 reservation, paying commission on the certificate/card would equate to only just over 6% ($22.50 which is 15% of the $150 certificate/card, for a $350 reservation).
  4. Your property gets much more exposure on the bnbfinder website:
    1. Your property will get featured on the bnbfinder home page in rotation.
    2. Your property will come up in the search results when someone is searching for properties that accept bnbfinder certificates/cards.
    3. Your listing on the city pages will have the gift icon showing you participate in the program.
    4. Your detailed listing will have the gift icon showing you participate in the program.
  5. You have the chance of being featured in our social channels promoting the program.
  6. bnbfinder does all the work of designing, emailing and promoting the certificates/cards. Innkeepers simply need to sign up and accept them.
  7. bnbfinder gift cards are an ideal way to attract new guests to your inn or B&B. Once they’ve visited once, you know they’ll return over and over again.

Easy sign up for innkeepers!

It’s simple to sign up to participate in bnbfinder’s gift certificate/gift card program. Simply complete the form below and submit it. Once you’ve signed up, a member of the bnbfinder team will contact you to confirm your participation in the program. Then, sit back and wait for new guests to discover your property.

Get paid for stays within 10 days

bnbfinder will reimburse participating properties at 85 percent of the face amount of the gift certificate/gift card via a check sent by mail within ten days after receiving the gift certificate from the innkeeper. bnbfinder will retain 15 percent of the face value of the certificate to help cover the marketing and promotion of the bnbfinder gift card program.

The fine print

Click here to learn about all the terms, conditions and all the legal aspects of the gift cards. Here are a few things you need to know.

  1. Only one gift certificate/gift card may be used per stay.
  2. Advance reservations are required and guests must state they are paying with a bnbfinder gift certificate/gift card.
  3. All of your deposit, minimum stay and cancellation policies apply to stays booked with a bnbfinder gift certificate/gift card.
  4. Participating properties are not responsible for redeeming any unused portion of a bnbfinder gift certificate/gift card.
  5. bnbfinder clearly states to travelers that their gift certificates/gift card may not be used in conjunction with other special promotions, group bookings, weddings or with third party (OTA) bookings.

To participate in the program, simply complete the form below and you’re on your way to finding new guests through the bnbfinder gift card program.

Gift Card Sign Up