Many of you have asked about the B&B in Borat.  It was recently discovered the quaint bed and breakfast that Borat and his producer, Azamat stay at in the movie is actually the Four Seasons Kosher Bed & Breakfast in Newton, Massachusetts.

However, in a brief conversation with B&B owner Miriam Behar, was told that the bed and breakfast, which is located just outside of Boston, is no longer accepting reservations.

5 thoughts on “Is the Bed & Breakfast in "Borat" a Real B&B?

  1. One has to wonder if the movie put her out of business or was the curtailment of reservations due to other reasons not related to the movie. We heard that she and her husband are related to Borat. But we did not get verificaton of that. Wonder how the public views the whole episode at the B&B?

  2. wow.. kudos to the investigative journalists at BnBFinder for looking into this! I think its really neat. I wish the best for that couple. They seemed REALLY sweet in the movie.

  3. I hope the reason they aren’t taking any more reservations is that they’re booked. They were so cute and unaware of what was going on.

  4. I live 1200 feet or so from the behars former bnb establishment, and can say there is no sign on the lawn, nor reservations accepted.

    it is a lovely house though! (and it is pretty weird to drive by it on the way home from work every day!)

  5. Phil- is there anyway to send a message to the Behars? I just saw the movie “Borat” and jumped on the web to look it up. I discovered that the Behars were upset and that their neighbors think that they have cockroaches. I’d really like them to know that we thought the movie was hilarious and that never once did it occur to us that they actually had cockroaches. Clearly it was a spoof. We thought the Behars were wonderful and that their B&B was delightful. We’d happily stay there. If it hurt there business in any way it is a sad state of affairs that some folks have no sense of humor. Heck. I think they should advertise “As seen in Borat”. They might get more business that way! The place looked really cozy.


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