After our post of a few days ago, inquiring about the best way to make thick cookies, one reader was so impressed with the overwhelming response from innkeepers she brought us a question of her own.

How can I make my scrambled eggs fluffy?’

That’s a mystery to us, and making fluffy eggs is what separates the guests from the innkeepers. Is it a matter of physics, or the touch of a master chef? It isn’t easy! If anyone is able to give a good answer to this question, it would be the inn keeping community. Diner owners may be the only other group on the planet with as much experience cooking perfect eggs as innkeepers.

The best eggs I’ve had were at the Short Stop Diner somewhere in the wilds of New Jersey. They were famous for serving ‘Eggs in the Skillet’, which is a wonderful novelty to a child. Just don’t grab the handle! They had fluffy eggs, and I think their secret was the 2-3 pounds of butter per egg in each skillet.

What are the most popular ways that guests at B&Bs enjoy them? Is it regional? Here in NYC, a scrambled egg sandwich comes standard with salt, pepper and ketchup, but I know in other parts of the country it’s hot sauce. Until receiving this question, we had never really pondered the breadth, depth and usefulness of eggs, especially to innkeepers.

Please leave us a comment below to help out a fellow innkeeper, and lets talk about eggs. Goo goo g’joob.

14 thoughts on “Fluffy Scrambled Eggs: A Mystery

  1. I think my grandmother use to add milk. I think I’ll try it tomorrow and let you know.

    One Love!

  2. Thanks Monie! I asked a friend this question and they suggested mixing a bit of milk in when you scramble the eggs was one way to make them more fluffy.

  3. Hey there Scrambled Egg lovers…. secret to fluffy eggs? Use half and half or cream is even better rather than milk. 2% is a no go. Use minimal cream or 1/2 & 1/2 and more egg. You want a nice yellow “fluff!” Also use Butter only. Do not use any salt during process of cooking only pepper. Salt lightly with Sea Salt (healthier) before serving. Wa la! Fluffy, scrumptious eggs! Same applies to making Omelets. Offer additives like diced green onions or cooked chili peppers, grated cheddar cheese and only fresh bacon bits (them ones in the jar are a no no). Chopped tomatoes and anything else that comes to mind to spruce up the eggs. I lovem plain! Offers these as “sides” for minimal costs Like 25cents with the exception of like Smoked Salmon. Oh goodness am I gettin hungry!

    Fresh Eggs are best… so for you B & B owners if you have the place and the space and want to create something extra. Why not a cute little chicken house all dressed up with a small garden and add a Rooster. Fencing should be all encompassing so no buzzards and critters and get in. The garden can be filled with anything like yummy fresh herbs. Chicken doodies some of the best fertilizer in the world. Never a pesky pest cause the chicens eatem! Ah, protein in the eggs! Chickens are low maintenance creature with high return! The best eggs are home grown and from Free Rangers. A cooped up chicken makes for some unhappy hens. Chicken scratch works on the ground, but provide a bit with some Flax oil sprinkled over the top (not flax seed) or ground up (coffee mill does the trick) and sprinkle over the scratch. Healthy chickens and eggs for your guest! Served with my special potatoes and homemade Pumpkin Bread and that is a breakfast!


  4. Forget the milk….just add 2 tablespoons of water per egg and beat with a whisk. I use butter in the pan and when it froths it is time to add the eggs. About half way thru add chives and cream cheese pieces, or goat cheese with herbs. Do not over cook. Remove from the pan when they are still soft and they will finsh the cooking on the plate. Garnish with more choped chives or other fresh herbs. Also delicious served in split popovers. Enjoy!

  5. I use half and half or milk with the eggs. As mentioned above, no salt! My trick is to cover the pan after the eggs firm up and steam them. I causes the eggs to rise. Sticking the pan in a preheated oven to finish them works as well. the cover is a good way to melt cheese too.

  6. For scrambled eggs I use a dash of cream and season with pepper. I use butter to cook. My secret is not to overcook take off the gas as soon as they start to set (over cooked eggs go rubbery – but do take care with pregnant guests) – they keep on cooking even after you’ve taken them off the heat. They are rich and creamy and my guests love them. I serve with Sweet italian sausage and oven baked tomatoes with a pesto topping..yummy!

    For omlettes and fritattas I add a dash cold water. When the egg/water mix hits the pan the water turns to steam and “puffs” the eggs up making them fluffy. Top with a little grated cheese and finish off under a hot broiler and they puff up like a souffle.

  7. Heat up pan with a little oil
    1 egg
    1 Tablespoon cold water
    no salt and/or pepper
    beat with electric beater on very! high
    Get the beaters moving in the bowl
    Pour into pan and DO NOT stir until it is set a little.
    Pour chopped parsley, chives, green onions, or crumbled bacon in
    Now stir very careful
    The air you added to the eggs while beating it is what makes a fluffy scrambled egg.
    You may also add a tip of knife baking powder to the egg before beating.
    Good luck!

  8. I took a course on cooking with eggs from Michel Roux, who authored the cookbook “Eggs.” His technique, which always works for me and our guests love, is to use a whisk: Whisk the eggs thoroughly before adding to the pan, and then stir or scramble with the whisk while in the pan, adding a tablespoon or so per serving of heavy cream (it really does make a difference) just before the eggs have finished cooking.

  9. Believe it or not, the secret is to add water or skim milk, not heavy cream. Also, remove the eggs from the cooktop and transfer immediately while there is a slight bit of moisture left. The eggs will continue to cook the final amount after they are transferred to the serving dish.

  10. I learned, from watching Julia Child, to use water (never milk) and to whisk the eggs a lot just before adding to a slightly-preheated skillet! You also need to use a wooden spoon and make sure you get all the whites which may tend to settle around the edge of the skillet. When they are about half cooked, put a lid on top and remove from the heat to keep them nice and hot and to finish cooking. We add cheddar cheese to our scrambled eggs in very small chunks at the very beginning. We sprinkle FRESH chives (cut into 1/2 inch lengths) all over the top of the eggs and around the plate. Break apart FRESH basil (preferably green and red basil) and toss pieces on top of eggs. Serve with fresh flowers on the plate.

  11. I don’t add milk or water to my scrambled eggs, but I stir in some cubed cream cheese. I also do not salt them, but I do grind pepper over them when they are done. The trick for fluffy scrambled eggs is to generously butter the skillet and make sure it is good and hot before adding the eggs. Don’t over beat the eggs, just use a wire wisk to mix them up. Let the eggs cook until the bottom is set and then gently lift the eggs so the uncooked part runs down to the bottom of the pan. Do this a couple of times being careful not to break up the eggs too much, then when the eggs are almost done, carefully turn them over in the pan and remove from heat and let set a couple of minutes until they are set. Be sure you don’t over cook them. Our guests always comment on how good and fluffy they are.

  12. I believe the chef has a bit to do with the awesome result, as well as the recipe…my husband and I use the same recipe…Always cook in a pat of butter, add just a drop or two of half and half to the eggs…we do like to add two shakes of salt and pepper for each egg to bring out the flavor and a bit of cubed cheddar cheese. Turn off the heat as they start firming up, and keep stirring! Our guests claim they’ve never had better…but my boys still think their Dad’s eggs beat Mom’s…must be the left hand wrist action! That’s OK…if Dad does the eggs, I can keep my attention on my french toast!

  13. 6-27-08

    Forget the milk and the butter.

    Beat your eggs with a hand mixer until light & fluffy. Add a dash of minced onion.

    Get your frying pan hot (put on high until the butter, margarine or vegetable oil is sizzling. Add the egg mixture and cook only until eggs are cooked and not hard, remember light and fluffy.

    My scrambled eggs get rave reviews.

    Kathleen K. Curtis

  14. My secret is simple:
    1.Fresh eggs (not store bought)
    2.Heavy Cream
    3.Butter (Unsalted,European style)
    4.A metal bowl
    5.A whisk
    6.A hot pan ( Not non stick)

    I have found that ingredients of similar temperature blended well and whisked to increase air volume then placed in a hot pan and depending on what egg dish allowed to set then removed from the heat and covered in the pan will puff nicely and if you wish a browning to your egg dish a quick hit under a broiler will do nicely.

    This is what we do at Simple Pleasures Lodging and with our firm Chef on Call 4u and to date they have been received well. They are creamy, attractive and will take additions and garnish well.

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