A Getaway For the Mothers of the Bride and Groom

Sharon Naylor

With Mother's Day approaching, now is the perfect time to thank your Moms and Step-Moms for all the help they've devoted to your wedding plans. Whether it's a generous financial contribution for your dream wedding, a kind-hearted offer to make your wedding favors, or the nurturing emotional support you need during this stressful time, the Moms have been there for you in a big way.

Don't wait until after the wedding to say thank you and give a thoughtful gift! Mother's Day is the ideal time, no matter where it falls in your wedding planning timeframe, to show your gratitude with an unforgettable gift. Sure, flowers are pretty, but they wilt in a day or two. And chocolates probably don't fit with Mom's pre-wedding diet. This occasion calls for something special, so give her the gift of a bed and breakfast getaway. You deserve a dream vacation is the message, and unlike some parts of this wedding, you get to choose EXACTLY what you want, where you want to go, what you want to do, and when you want to do it. That will be music to the mothers' ears, especially if you haven't seen eye-to-eye on some elements of the wedding plans.

Give the gift of a BnBFinder.com gift certificate, which allows your mothers to select from literally thousands of bed and breakfasts around the country and the world. She searches for her dream destination, finds an absolutely stunning oceanside B&B or a charming Victorian cottage in wine country with a four-post bed and a fireplace, and she'll discover the many pampering amenities like whirlpool tubs and massage therapists that can come to her room to work out all that pre-wedding tension. It's her own pre-wedding recharging weekend, your gift to her as the gracious bride and groom you are.

And don't forget that the BnBFinder.com gift certificate can be used as a second honeymoon for the moms and the dads, so here's a wonderful way to thank Dad for his help with the wedding as well.

You're about to get your dream come true, the wedding of a lifetime. And as the mothers adjust to a big change in their lives (you're going to be married!), you'll show tremendous understanding and support of this emotional time for them by giving them the gift of a relaxing escape from the everyday, the pampering they deserve, the company of friendly innkeepers and fellow guests, and an amazing morning meal that they don't have to prepare. Mom gets a wonderful getaway and returns with even more love for the two of you.

So pick up a BnBFinder.com gift certificate for all of the Moms in your extended family circle, and package them with an item that they can use on their trip: comfy spa socks, a lavender eye pillow, a paperback novel, aromatherapy lotions…to show your wish that Mom has the relaxing and enjoyable getaway she deserves as the wonderful mother she is.

Sharon Naylor is the author of over 30 wedding books, including 1000 Best Wedding Bargains, 1000 Best Secrets For Your Perfect Wedding, Your Special Wedding Vows, Renewing Your Wedding Vows, Mother of the Groom, The Mother of the Bride Book, The Complete Outdoor Wedding Planner, and others as listed at www.sharonnaylor.net.

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